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A water ballet

Just given Eric a bath.  It isn’t to keep him clean, as he is quite a clean hedgehog but it is good exercise for him.  He lives in a large rabbit cage in our guest bedroom but as hedgehogs can cover a couple of miles in the night when they are roaming around in the wild for food, he needs to be able to get some exercise while he is staying with us and so he gets some paddling and a swim in the bath every day. 294 more words


The latest on Eric

Eric is doing really well now and weighed in at 674g today. Not surprising, as he devours any foods that is given him. Yesterday, he was fed with chopped mango, minced beef, hedgehog food and live mealie worms. 23 more words

Animals & Authors with Kelly Klepfer

Writing – they say – is a solitary occupation. But is it? Let’s visit with Out of the Frying Pan author Kelly Klepfer and ask her about her constant companions. 1,043 more words


Proud Hedgehog Foster Parents!

We’ve become parents! Albeit to a hedgehog and only temporarily at that. But I couldn’t be more proud of our new addition to the family. So here he is – Meadow the Hedgehog. 368 more words


Warthogs Don’t Really Have Warts

Horatio Hedgehog here. Cat has asked the staff to use our space to talk about different types of animals. I chose the warthog. I thought there was something cool about a hedge-hog writing about a wart-hog. 657 more words


Update on Eric

Well, little Eric, our foster hedgehog, is going from strength to strength. He weighed in today at 565g. When Eric first came to stay with us he weighed only 489g, that was on December 12th last year. 27 more words

Another Eric update

Eric now weighs 612g. Yay!!

He is a lot more settled and comfortable with us around him now, and I think that is why his appetite is getting better day by day. 34 more words