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Hog Watch - Backwards and forwards all night long

Hedgehogs are on the decline , according to a recent BBC news article , there has been a 70% drop in numbers in the past 20 years . 34 more words

1 in 5 British mammals at risk ?

The BBC are reporting that one in five of all British mammals are at risk of extinction, including the hedgehog, who’s numbers have decreased by 70% in the last 20 years. 17 more words

Hog Watch - Left a bit , right a bit...

We have moved the camera into the back garden ( yard ) to see what’s about after all the lights have gone out. No surprise to find the hedgehogs rummaging about the lawn , we have made the side gate hog friendly , mirror pond has a ramp and we now have a new hog house over by the wild meadow…… keep an eye out for the hogs friend in the background towards the end of the clip !

30 Days Wild-Day 8

These are our hedgehogs in the garden last evening on Day 8 of the 30DaysWild challenge. The only downside to the long summer days is having to stay awake longer to see our hedgehogs and take photos.

30 Days Wild

Hog Watch

Yet again another busy night at FCHQ , cats x 2 , foxes x 6 , magpie x 1 and a couple of hedgehogs. In fact last night was the first time two hedgehogs have been filmed at the same time in our garden. 25 more words

Hog Watch

You can lead a Hog to water but……