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Giant Rolly Wheel Product Review

The giant rolly wheel is a wheel by Savic, but you can buy it at Pets At Home costing £17. This wheel is made for Chinchillas, Chipmunks, Degus and rats, but is suitable for hedgehogs as well. 306 more words


Wise words....

“The more that you read, the more things you know… The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go…”

Dr Seuss

Words chosen by Karen Horsfield and the Resources for Learning staff, interpreted by Busylizzie Art as a countryside scene, where a young headgehog, under the watchful eye of two wiser friends is looking intently at a book, whilst another is travelling further on his journey along life’s pathway…. 151 more words

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What you need before getting a pet hedgehog. 

If you are taking the step to buy a pet hedgehog of your own, there are some vital equipment you will need before you bring your new spiky friend home. 903 more words


The wildlife around us..

Living on the edge of woodland and in a fairly quiet village we are very blessed to have a wealth of wildlife on our doorstep, and, as every year, I have been so thankful in the first days of the year, especially as the weather begins to brighten up, to be able to watch, face upturned to the sky, as buzzards circled above – their colours catching in the light, gliding so effortlessly. 257 more words

Today's Holiday's: Hedgehog Day


Yes, I know it’s also Groundhog Day. Obviously. And I’m quite happy that we don’t have six more weeks of winter. However, I’d much rather celebrate the absolute adorableness that is the hedgehog. 111 more words

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6 Things To Know Before Getting A Hedgehog

  1. Do you have the space?

Hedgehogs are most commonly kept in a cage (ZooZone 2 Large) or a vivarium. In the wild hedgehogs like to wander around, so they will need a minimum of a 4 foot cage or vivarium. 354 more words


Finding Hedgehogs in the Dark

If you ever go to New Zealand and walk around at night, there is a good chance you’ll stumble across a spiky little brown ball at some point. 260 more words