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Glatton HogBlog

You can now access the new Glatton Hogblog from the website.  You will notice a new button at the top of the screen, on the right hand side, which will take you directly to the… 11 more words


Hedgehog No.7 is Back

Hedgehog No.7 has now been released back into the Wildlife Area. PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB HER. She needs to get used to her surroundings before we open the hutch. 138 more words


Meeting Corvo

On Sunday, I would have had Corvo the hedgehog for one month. We are still getting to know each other, and I still call him “Baxter” all the time, but he’s a good hedgehog buddy. 464 more words

Being a human pin cushion...

As part of my self-care to help me through the change, I have regular acupuncture appointments. When I am feeling on top of the world, I only need monthly appointments, a little like regular ‘me maintenance’. 236 more words

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H is for House - Picture Books from A to Z

Hi folks, welcome back to Paws 4 Thought after our short visit to Paws 4 Puzzles. I hope those who visited her in the last few days had fun with YASH. 204 more words

Things that are making my heart sing

  1. my foster hedgehogs waking up and putting on weight well
  2. leaf burst on the hawthorn*
  3. geese returning
  4. the birds getting all excited and flitting about in pairs…
  5. 47 more words


The 54th book in the Elementary Explorer series, Hedgehogs covers the physical characteristics,  life, habitat, behavior, and conservation of hedgehogs.

Vocabulary: anoint, burrow, declining, endangered, forage, hibernate, keratin, litter, nocturnal, nutrients, omnivore, pesticides, socialized, solitary, threatened