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Veritas:: How to Pronounce "Unrequited" and Why I'm Wandering Through Senior Year


According to Pater, Webster’s, and Dictionary.com,

it’s pronounced





A long text was sent out last Sunday, by me, to the boy of my misplaced affection. 297 more words

Pep Talk

Animal Shelter #2

Here are today’s photos from the animal shelter! I only got photos of the hedgehogs unfortunately – my ethic is work first, take photos later, so I never take that many!  89 more words


The pain of no internet access, thermal cooking and the bread maker goes kaput

It’s amazing how we all rely so heavily on the internet. Our router went kaput earlier this week and it’s been uncomfortable not having easy access to the worldwide web. 698 more words


(green, white)

A Hundred Gourds 4.2, March 2015


Pond dipping

The children in Year One have had a wonderful time pond dipping. We found lots of spring flowers growing around the edges of the pond and lots of wildlife within it. 34 more words

Animal Shelter #1

Being one of those people who love animals, right from childhood, I try to get as much experience with animals as I possibly can. 
So I have previously volunteered at a stables, I now work at a kennels, and recently I started volunteering with a small animal charity based in the village where I live.  289 more words