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Save Our Hedgehogs!

Would it surprise you to know that there are probably less than a million Hedgehogs left in England? You might read that and think ‘Well, a million’s a lot!’ But that number has fallen from around about 30 million in the 1950s and the speed of this population decline keeps increasing. 606 more words


Painting Hedgehogs

Eeeeh! I got to paint a bunch of hedgehogs last week!

Usually I sketch out very basic shapes lightly with a soft pencil which I rub out later but this time I used WATERCOLOUR PENCILS!!! 198 more words


Sebastian & Maggie the hedgehogs

For those of you who adore hedgehogs this is definitely a blog for you, hedgehogs are adorable little animals that can capture even the hardest of hearts. 174 more words



As I mentioned recently, for christmas my beloved bought me a wildlife camera, with the hope that I’d get some good shots of some interesting wildlife and i’m glad to say, it has been, an unqualified success.On a limited budget we’ve managed to entice wildlife into the garden and with the aid of a donated bird table and a couple of feeders made it a tasty stop off point for all sorts of interesting wildlife. 671 more words

Life & Times

Soundtracks of a life

Last night, I went out into the dark garden and stood listening for hedgehogs.

It’s only three days since Spiky Norman returned with his new lady-friend Tigs and I hadn’t seen them – only the evidence of their messy dining at the hedgehog canteen. 729 more words

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Congrats! You’re a clever enough sausage to have a place at University! Three-∞ years(if you’re like me and never want to leave the safe-haven of education) of drinking, sex, and partying lay ahead of you! 455 more words



So today, Spiky Norman came home.

There was no bunting or fanfare, which was just as well because, quite frankly, he displayed not a jot of recognition or gratitude. 1,059 more words

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