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A Hedgehog Comes to stay!

I have been very pre-occupied wiht my new garden pet! We have a very cute, very brave hedgehog that passes through the end of our garden between the hours of 9 and 10pm! 61 more words


Hedgehog Update

Just a quick update on our garden hedgehogs. The good news is that we spotted 2 healthy looking adult hedgehogs in the garden last night as it was getting dark. 175 more words


Too Hot for Hedgehogs

It’s boiling in Malvern today as it is around much of the country. Fortunately I managed to escape work early and got home mid afternoon. And it was really lucky I did – I went out into the garden to find two baby hedgehogs sitting out in the heat on the lawn. 330 more words


Young Hedgehog and a Photo Competition

As regular readers are aware, my “relaxed” gardening style seems to have provided a favourable habitat for the UK’s best loved, but declining wild mammal – the hedgehog. 176 more words


Hedgehogs and Happy Meals


A Greek word that means hedgehog, these long lasting flowers are more commonly known as coneflowers for the conical shaped seed head of the flowers. 193 more words


Wordless Wednesday

Geranium oxonianum seedling. A good weed smothering variety. Flowers all summer. And mounds of foliage make a perfect home for hedgehogs in the winter. We often find hedgehogs rolled up in a pile of dried leaves, tucked in amongst the geraniums. 7 more words