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Hedgehogs in Poitou-Charentes.

This year we have been blessed by the presence of some hedgehogs Erinaceus europaeus in our garden in France.

I have seen them on odd occasions several times in the past, but not that often. 292 more words

Poitou Charentes Photos

Caring For Hedgehogs In Your Garden

Recently while we have been string at RyverSystem’s parents a hedgehog has been visiting their garden which has caused problems because we can’t let Teddy out in the garden at night because he likes terrorising him/her. 390 more words


Colour Splash Snail

Recently, I have been experimenting with Colour Splash photography. For the uninitiated, this the process of basically colouring in certain parts of a black and white photo. 251 more words


Polluted Rivers and Surveys

Red Grouse – Barry Carter

Pennine Grouse Moor Survey Erroneous Say BTO!

A bird survey that was reported to have taken place on a managed grouse moor in the Pennines has been widely quoted in the media this week. 1,408 more words

L is for Logic

Ginger: All I’m saying is that ivy grows up and that means it’s a hedge and hedgehogs live in hedges and with the sailboat right there, that means a hedgehog navy is only a few more sailboats away. 132 more words


Critter Hangouts Review

If you remember a few weeks ago I got my order from Critter Hangouts, and I unboxed it on camera, which you can see in… 585 more words