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Sugar Plum's Gift

Sugar Plum went inside her house, hand in hand with Whispering Wind.

“I believe you lost someone Wind”, she said leading him into her cozy parlour. 533 more words


rehmat's tale::karo kari

Rehmat had been a blackened one, as black as her jet colored hair and coal dark eyes which she could flash, fly sparks from, and sizzle at will.  1,430 more words


sugar plum begins rehmat's story

When he got to Sugar Plum’s cottage he saw that she was sitting on her porch with his mother, Rose, Belinda, Sally and Suzie.  They were drinking her famous ‘eyeball’ drink, and were listening intently to what she was saying.  495 more words


whispering wind picks blueberries

The next day as soon as he was done feeding the chickens and gathering the eggs, he thought, he’d ask Willow if they could use the still together. 1,589 more words


Whispering Wind meets the blue imp

Sitting on the stump Whispering Wind took a look in the sack and drew out a number of magazines addressed to Sally and Suzie Sullivan’s mother, Belinda. 1,199 more words


whispering wind and the green imp

Whispering Wind was digging leaves out of the creek when he heard a cry for help. He jumped to his feet and ran to where the sound was coming from. 821 more words


Calls to me

I am a Gaelic Polytheist. Yup, this is a spirituality, religious chat. Not your cup of tea? That’s cool.

I am a hard polytheist. I believe all gods exist as their own entities. 639 more words