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So you want to be taxidermist?!

So you have decided to take the plunge and become a taxidermist.  Wonderful, I hope you get as much satisfaction and enjoyment as I do. 380 more words


Your first taxidermy.

First of all I want you to know that I will not be posting images that show graphic incisions and inside body parts. I will adding drawn images for that information. 37 more words


Flower Magick - Witchy Uses for Carnations

For the better part of my life, I associated carnations with cheap tokens of gas station romance. But their use by witches throughout history actually tells a much different story. 101 more words


A taxidermist tool kit

In the following pics I will shown you my taxidermy kit. I’ll go through the objects and what they do. If you are planning to train in taxidermy, you do not need all of the stuff I have. 512 more words


Rue (Plant Of) The Day

Yesterday, we talked about rue as a cat repellent for your altar and today we are going to talk about it even more practically. Known as “the herb of grace,” the usage and history behind rue¬†is varied. 335 more words


Brimming with Emerald

This time of year is always an odd transitional period for me. My mother and many of my friends who refer to me as Greenman do not do so lightly. 1,003 more words

Born Of Lightning


Bridges are sacred.

As a child, anytime we crossed a bridge on foot, and I mean anything that spanned water, my mother insisted on mindfulness. She talked of bridges being representatives of the three pathways. 1,363 more words

Born Of Lightning