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The deer heard the apple tree calling.

The littlest doe stepped out of the woods, walked toward it through the leaves . . . . crunch crunch crunch crunch. 797 more words


fairy food

ah, to be a cook for fairies

what a task indeed,

for when the wee folk come a calling

it’s specifics you will need::

like a dewdrop touched by moonlight… 105 more words


Whispering Wind and the Old Man

The old man was angry. Everywhere he turned he saw bush after red-berried bush of these weedy plants taking over the landscape! People! He shook his head in disbelief. 2,073 more words


Whispering Wind and Logan Bell

“Mum, this is Logan Bell, I hope it’s okay that I invited him back home for bread and jam?”

“How nice to meet you Logan, I’m Willow,” the young woman said smiling at him, “You’re right on time! 2,592 more words


The Antique Anatomy Tarot

I recently purchased a beautiful tarot set by Blackandthemoon

Problem is for me, I know nothing about Tarot, so I’m going to handle them similar to how I dealt with the Runes, study One at a time, and also trust my own intuition and what I feel from the Picture on the given card. 179 more words


Further Study of Hedgecraft

When I first started my study of Hedge Witches, I was somewhat confused by the two Terms Hedgewitch and Hedgerider. Only learning later on that the Term Hedgerider is mostly used to label the act of the Crossing of the Boundary, and Hedgewitch is what ( 176 more words


Hedge Riding Book review

  Hedge Riding by Harmonia Saille.

This was more of a thick pamphlet  and mainly aimed at someone that knows nothing about Hedge-Riding or for that matter Inner Travelling, but even a Beginner reading this would need more information than what was supplied. 230 more words