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Never too late for sowing...

Well, we’re almost into July now so it seems like a strange time for a Land/Sea/Sky sorta witch to talk about sowing.  I know.  Yet, as I was weeding my super duper weedy little amateur garden, I was doing some thinking. 530 more words

Scenes from a Witch’s Cottage (Part 2)

Well! It has been quite some time since I’ve had a chance to focus on this blog. I do apologize for not keeping up with yours; I will try to catch up soon. 626 more words


Beauty in the Dark

This is a Datura, blossoming on our back porch. Its Latin name is Datura metel and it is known by several common names, including Devil’s Trumpet, Thornapple or Horn of Plenty. 945 more words



My foxgloves are blooming and they are lovely. I have two types at the moment – Digitalis purpurea and Digiplexis. Digiplexis is a hybrid of Digitalis and a Canary Island species called Isoplexis. 931 more words


Heirloom Seeds

I grow a lot of plants from seed. There are several reasons for this. It’s cheaper, you get satisfaction from watching a seed germinate and grow into a plant, and the main reason for me, you have a much larger variety. 787 more words



As early as I can remember the woods were home. They were my safe place, they were where I played, and I knew every inch of my domain. 604 more words


A Festival of Fire

Here, on this beautiful Beltane afternoon, I am sitting, half distracted by the clouds tumbling by, the rain, bouncing on the dark leaves of the Norway maple outside my window and the sheer volume of pulsing, green energy in the world today. 896 more words

Born Of Lightning