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Brimming with Emerald

This time of year is always an odd transitional period for me. My mother and many of my friends who refer to me as Greenman do not do so lightly. 1,003 more words

Born Of Lightning


Bridges are sacred.

As a child, anytime we crossed a bridge on foot, and I mean anything that spanned water, my mother insisted on mindfulness. She talked of bridges being representatives of the three pathways. 1,363 more words

Born Of Lightning


11/20—– waning Gibbous

    I actually had to look up the moon phase for this evening. I didn’t have to do that before. a year and a half a go, I could have told you the moon phase, I knew what position the sun was in without having to go outside or look at a clock, I knew which plants and tree’s were blooming on time and those that would be late. 886 more words

Tara Path


I have been dreaming about my mother.

I often do at this time of year, for many reasons really, but she loved autumn and I choose to believe that is reason enough. 1,823 more words

Born Of Lightning

The Wonderful Magic of Hygge

This word seems to be everywhere at the moment, it caught my attention and spiked my curiosity. Hygge is very intriguing to me, as there is no corresponding word in the English language and to the delight of my partner (not so much), it is now something I am trying to incorporate into our everyday lives. 789 more words


Happy Halloween!

It’s October! I am squeaking this in a high pitched voice at my partner who stares back at me blankly- he doesn’t get it. October to me is one of the best months of the year, Summer is definitely over and Autumn is in full swing. 744 more words


Rachel Patterson - Seven Days of Samhain...Day 1

Greetings once again,

The seasons turn towards the winter months and we find ourselves indoors, protected from the harshest of weather. I usually spend my time reading, learning new skills and gaining knowledge, reflecting on what I have achieved this year while contemplating what I want to achieve next year and remembering those who have died; leaving this journey to start a new one. 667 more words