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Witch Bottle: Home Protection

Yesterday, I crafted a witch bottle.

Witch bottles are countermagickal items used to dispel negative magick, malicious intents and energy. I crafted this bottle to protect my home. 165 more words

The Hedgewitch

Having had an affinity for nature and all things universe related since a very young age, and having experienced various phenomena during my lifetime (which will be the subject of future blogs), I have always been drawn to paganism and anything to do with the natural World.   749 more words


my thoughts were filled with Turtle Butt

Muddied tones of green and brown, earth sliding into the river, and the slight impression of the circular.. my thoughts were filled with Turtle Butt. Let me explain.. 268 more words


Ancient Tree Magic

Recently the daughter of a dear friend of mine has been struggling to sleep in her bedroom at night. She is only two, but has told her Mum that there is an old lady who comes into her bedroom while she tries to sleep and tells her off. 519 more words


Seeing Auras

My partner taught me how to read auras in early 2015. I thought I’d share that knowledge with you now.

First of all, an aura is a visualization of the energy-based field around everything, living or non-living. 308 more words

My Magical Place

I live in the New Forest, this is where I have grown up and ever since I was young, I have enjoyed being among nature. There is something so magical about the forest, if you concentrate you can feel it, like an underlying hum or vibration. 366 more words