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Silver Spell (Money Spell)

This spell relies on the use of candles and take’s about a week to perfrom. Before you begin, Believe you have prosperity and that you have no money worries. 190 more words


Tarot Card Readings Now Available (The Cross Spread)

We are now taking bookings for Tarot card readings sent via e-mail this is the Cross Spread.

Card 1 The past and the influences it still has on you. 45 more words


Removing Misfortune.

This spell uses plant magic combined with folk magic and the meaning of numbers. Burying an object binds the energy of what it represents and reciting prayers raises the vibration to the point where any negativity is mulified. 93 more words


Anti- Despression Crystal Set

A Lovely set of crystals put together to help battle depression, The set includes

Citrine- Helps to overcome depression by encouring indivuality, self confidence and the courage to face and enjoy life… 127 more words


Money Magnet Candle Spell.

I recently combined 2 candle spells to gain money and made them the one spell here’s what you will need

  • 1 Green candle
  • 1 silver coin on any currency and value…
  • 347 more words

Hedgewitch or Volva

I’m not to good with languages and words having meanings that mean so and so.

But for me I feel that Hedgewitch is just another one of the labels one likes to give oneself, because as humans we like to do that…labeling. 336 more words


Imbolc celebration ritual.

This is a very simlple ritual for imbolc taken from Pagan Magical book by Barbara Moore.

You wil need