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The language of attraction 

Yesterdays work centred again on intention setting but focussed more on the language I am using when I am not actively setting intentions.

By that I mean even when I’m not meditating or focussing on asking the universe, clearly, what it is I want I am still communicating. 355 more words


skunk cabbage::black and white # 4

I find myself turning to skunk cabbage for today’s pictures, she holds potent medicine for me yet, along with a smell seductive to the flies that heed her call to pollinate.  478 more words


Set your intentions

I always mean to do some intention setting and ask for what I want but I never quite get around to doing it thoroughly.

Today I started reading my Hedgewitch book which is kind of a step by step beginners book to the craft. 268 more words


Ballando con gli antenati

vi traduco un bellissimo testo sugli antenati preso da: walkingthehedge.net

Mi scuso se alcune parti possono non essere scorrevoli ma alcuni termini dall’inglese all’italiano sono difficili da trovare! 689 more words


surface deep:: black and white # 2

All eyes on the pond for a look at the forecast:: hmm, cloudy.  Though if you shift a little and look past the mirror there’s a whole world underneath that’s elusive and slippery, like the fish spawning so deceptively still in their love making huddle . 340 more words


spiders in my eyes

Perhaps they are simply trying to get your attention.

That was Morgan’s suggestion when I spoke of the three bluebirds and three blue herons I’d seen lately. 300 more words

Spirit Work

Nowrooz Felicitations

Today is Nowrooz, where light and dark are present equally.  It is the one consistent celebration that has traveled with me from place to place, the one constant that traveled with my migratory family from place to place.  502 more words