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Since then

I had taken what could be accurately described as a “magickal break”. Which is probably not the best thing to do, but I just don’t necessarily have it in me to do daily magickal workings (except a few, which worked nicely). 84 more words

A Black Cat's Crossing

Beneath the dark moon I separated flesh and fur from the bones of a cat. My love found her washed up on the dam one morning after the flood waters began to recede. 301 more words

Spirit Work

Lets Get Crafty....Luring Dragonflies To Your Garden

I love my Dragons and this time of year they are flitting and dancing all over my yard.Why do I have so many?I have them because I cater to their needs.All species of dragonfly need access to water.I have two water gardens, one set up just for them.All species of dragonfly need access to water. 942 more words

Harobed Fidnuc

sola luna

this is the eve of a full moon with both venus and jupiter in the heavens, so close yet so far away.  these days i walk with one or the other, some days all, of the children::outside.  553 more words

Eye Spye

the witch's tree

..a forest cord for a witchling friend.. a cord of in between places and the quiet speaking of the wood.. Alder cones, tiger’s eye, and fox bones.. 391 more words


soul food . . .

long before audumla licked the salt that shaped buri, before vasilisa walked the path to and from baba yaga’s hut, before sita burned herself on a blazing pyre, before isis went in search of osiris’s chopped up body,  there was mummy jaan:: mother of my heart:: my mother’s mother who combed my hair with gentle yet firm hands, making loose braids of my curly locks while telling me stories that all began with “yekee bood, yekee na bood” and often made no sense:: farsi tales about opening doors and the breeze blowing in and solomon and elephants coming to play that would break their tusks in the arena along with mullah’s riding donkeys backwards through the bazaars:: i loved listening to her sing song voice telling them before she’d tie off the end of my braid and pat my shoulder to indicate she was done.  1,302 more words


It's been awhile

I hadn’t posted much on here for the past few months. This is mainly due to spending time on a forum to try and connect with fellow witches a bit (something I rarely do). 100 more words