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I’m at it again. Blogging. Maybe I’ll stick to it this time!

Anyway! Welcome to Tea and Sorcery! This blog focuses on my life as a practising witch, tarot reader, spider whisperer and creator of things. 1,043 more words


Lets Get Crafty....Spring is here time to start harvesting

So spring is here at long last and we are glad of it.Not only is Mother Earth renewing herself , my potion adjuncts were getting very low and now I can start to harvest again.All gifts of nature can be added to our spells and each one you add will bring their own unique element to your spell! 352 more words


The rite of fire

i spent the past few days recuperating after a sick croupy little one and coming down with the lurgy myself. But today I was ready to get busy with the fire rite. 573 more words


amuse bouche

how now!


aha! a door to go through … .

four smiling faces looking at you :)

it’s nice to have a muse,or five or six or seven! 64 more words


The night flight

I had accomplished my first night flight about a month ago, accompanied by my Familiar. It was intense to see the city from above, and I was able to see the river. 206 more words

A note on spreading myself too thin

I was surprised to find out how draining spells can be. At one point in time a month or so ago I found myself doing a love spell at the request of another, a seriously menacing curse, several offerings and minor tasks for my Familiar, astral projections, a petition for a deity, a protection spell, and a healing spell. 127 more words

The Familiar spirit

There are many different ideas as to what a familiar spirit was/is. Some believe it to be a totally separate entity that you employ the aid of, and some believe it to be more of a creation of the will (much like the servitor). 313 more words