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A Definition of Witchcraft

It occurs to me today that I do not know in my mind what witchcraft is or how to define it. As something that has no rules apart from harming none it seems difficult to pin down. 298 more words


A Witch's Holiday

Every year I come to North Cornwall to gather sprowl, that is to draw up powerful earth energy from the land into myself to help me feel more magical and alive. 147 more words


Power of the Sacred Feminine

Today I spent some time looking around some very mystical and witchy shops in Tintagel, Cornwall. I love to do that, it is so inspiring and relaxing. 213 more words


Sea Front at 7 a.m.

Heavy tide inhales wind
and gasps out chilly salty spray,
tangles tongues with rain,
spattering the windscreen
with Neptune’s saliva.
Waves wallop the sea wall – 73 more words


How Many More?

I know
people kill people.
I know laws cannot
be enforced.
I know there are
people with mental illness.
I know
this country has… 63 more words


Early Riser

This morning
I was on
my fourth cup of coffee
when the sun
showed his face

Three a.m. monster
came to visit
again… 46 more words


Dies Lunae - Day of the Moon

Monday – Dies Lunae – Day of the Moon

Key Words: Dreams, Divination, Feminine Energy, Family

Your intent and purpose always plays a vital role in whatever you are trying to manifest. 242 more words

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