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the phooka

I had been seeing spirits all weekend, one in particular had just brushed against me the morning after it all.. misty and joyously child like. After all the goings on, I wondered if it had something to do with that past weekend but at the time hadn’t thought to question it.. 463 more words


Spring Weeding

The sun come out, the soil warms up, and every year I am surprised by how the weeds always seem to launch into growth ahead of my preferred flowering plants… 455 more words


Squiffy stomach

Last week I was feeling slightly under the weather, my stomach decided it was unhappy and of course, this happened in the middle of the night. 651 more words


Healing begins within

If the label fits . . . LOL. And yes, I consider myself a hedgewitch.

But on a serious note, what does healing mean to you? 469 more words


Toads and Toadstools - knowledge for the Wise

Hedgewitches, Shamen, Mystics, and Herbalists alike, are the gatekeepers to hidden knowledge that can heal or kill, reveal messages from spirit, and provide the means to manipulate a wealth of unseen forces inherent in Nature.   654 more words



Today is Imbolc, pronounced i-MOLG, and it is one of my favorite holidays and crossroads of the year.

The celebration itself is ancient and its origins are shrouded in conjecture, mystery and the whimsy of antiquity. 987 more words

Born Of Lightning

On Marching and Coming Out of the Broom Closet

I awoke yesterday morning, well before the sun, to ready myself for the day ahead. Three days a week I am on the road for an early commute and, try as I may, my exit out the door is slightly less than graceful. 799 more words