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Beautiful Burley

Today was our date day, one day we set aside to spend together doing something we both enjoy doing. So we spent part of our day in the village of Burley, it is a small village nestled in the heart of the New Forest populated by small tea rooms, pubs and witchy shops. 400 more words




Longing for the murmurous voice that once sweetened sleep
The moss buttoned  tight across  the breast, each dusty mould
Finely crafted,  the exquisite tuning of thrumming insects… 44 more words


What's A Hedgewitch?

In my experience, a Hedgewitch is someone that isn’t “scared of the dark”. Sure, some things they experience are terrifying, but there is always an insistent call to keep on going. 320 more words

Myth Vs Reality: Part One

So while pondering what should be my next blog post, my partner came up with a fun idea of writing about where the myths that come from reality. 1,000 more words


Witch Bottle: Home Protection

Yesterday, I crafted a witch bottle.

Witch bottles are countermagickal items used to dispel negative magick, malicious intents and energy. I crafted this bottle to protect my home. 165 more words

The Hedgewitch

Having had an affinity for nature and all things universe related since a very young age, and having experienced various phenomena during my lifetime (which will be the subject of future blogs), I have always been drawn to paganism and anything to do with the natural World.   749 more words