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crossing continents

i flew over the big water from there, literally translated *land of the pure*: black eyed turbanned men wielding scimitars while they danced in pointed slippers to a rousing drumbeat silhouetted by fire, raw, primal, a land where self-governance and common sense formed the principal law. 536 more words


wortcunnery and me

“To the Anglo-Saxons of the days of yore, the wise women and the wizards who knew the virtues of plants were known as wortcunners. Wort means “root,” “herb,” or “spice,” and cunning (from the Middle English cunnen) means “to know.” A wortcunner is not just a botanist or a knower of herbs, but one who has the occult, hidden, or secret power to see into the origin of things, to see beyond the surface. 1,173 more words


many moons

The element of emotions, instinct, and being of the heart.. this is the element of water. A somewhat great many moons ago, when I first stepped onto my path, this was the element that sung. 339 more words

Musings & Other Randomness

Hedge Witch and Hearth Craft

This Thursday I will co-hosting with guest teacher Becky. Becky is a Goddess Crone hailing from Fredericksburg & is bringing to you ways to implement hedge and hearth craft into your life. 104 more words


freeing the pieces

A hawk almost flew into our truck on the way home from my father’s.. it seemed almost like it hovered right in front of the windshield, wings spanned as we slammed the brakes. 361 more words



Da un po’ di tempo ho deciso di “mettere da parte” tutto quello che ho studiato fino ad ora e ritornare alle origini, ovvero riprendere i primissimi argomenti su cui mi ero concentrata e riguardarli con le conoscenze che ho preso nel tempo. 679 more words


No Simple Witches

Years ago, when I was a Christian studying theology, I read something C S Lewis wrote about how no one wanted to be a straightforward simple “Christian” any longer. 312 more words