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Sage Wand

This wand is made with Sage, Magnetite, and Clear Quartz.

Sage is associated with the planet Jupiter and the elements Air and Earth. Sage is a wonderful herb for cleansing, purification, wisdom, healing, protection, longevity and immortality. 107 more words

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Lavender Wands

It’s Lavender harvesting time again! I have been locked away in the garden cutting, drying, and making Lavender Wands; all while smelling absolutely delightful. This is my Zen. 168 more words

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Inspiration from Mugwort

Today I felt the Soulflower Plant Spirit Art “Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck” calling to me…. and wondered what Medicine it would bring me today. 432 more words

Earth Medicine


Sometimes I feel
as if my mother’s story
got lost

She was
an only child
and that singularity
is a two-sided beast

Of course it allowed her… 40 more words


The Cup of May

May is a most beautiful month in the south of England. All the trees are in leaf and all vegetation is fresh and new. There is plenty of rainfall so there is not the parched and tired look of high summer. 252 more words


Beltane Eve 2018

It is so cold today, like winter. I read back in last year’s journal and it was a very cold May. I don’t know if the climate is changing or we are just having a few years of low sun spot activity. 389 more words


A Definition of Witchcraft

It occurs to me today that I do not know in my mind what witchcraft is or how to define it. As something that has no rules apart from harming none it seems difficult to pin down. 298 more words