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Getting closer to Mother Earth - why I forage

Foraging in the urban environment in which I live can be challenging…. but so rewarding! Besides the treats I bring home for use in the kitchen or in herbal earth medicine preparations, foraging activities bring me closer to Mother Earth and her cycles of birth, growth, death and regeneration. 262 more words

Earth Medicine

'Breaking Open'

Tsunami of chaos

Rising beneath

Layered darkness

A whirlpool of unspoken feeling

Shifts from dormancy to suffocation

Drowning in a vortex of pain


Fear spills over clouding… 57 more words


Is it time to come out of the broom closet?

Is it time to reclaim the word “witch”?

Is it time for practitioners of this ancient ancestral practice to “come out of the broom closet”? 137 more words




Among the falling stones the sundews spike and lick the air
Vortices of engorged leaves and soft-sucking things
Fan shaped, rounded with fat pimpled pips, blue and glaucous… 173 more words


I Seminario de Brujería Tradicional

I Seminario de Bruijería Tradicional: las plantas y su conocimiento oculto

Días: 18 i 19 de agosto de 2016 Lugar: Centelles

Precio: 170 euros (incluye curso, materiales, dosier; la estancia no está incluida) 80 more words

Brujería Tradicional

Dragon’s blood ink: The search for a recipe that actually works

Unsurprisingly, making Dragon’s blood ink is not as straightforward as all the online tutorials with the same copypasted (mis)information make it seem.

The recipe that can most easily be found online is a combination of alcohol, gum arabic and dragon’s blood resin. 722 more words

The surprising truth about counterfeit Dragon’s blood

The truth is you haven’t been buying Dracaena draco, and the surprise is; that’s a good thing.

Part one in a series on Dragon’s blood resin. 1,035 more words