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What is Hedgewytchery?

What is Hedgewytchery?

When I see the term ‘Witch’ in print and hear that certain people refer to themselves as a ‘Witch’, I tend to think ‘religion’ in my mind—though that might not be true for everyone. 1,180 more words

Hedgewytch Lynne

Garden Towers

We have a small garden space where we live. We actually reside in a one bedroom apartment with a porch at the second storey level. It has a magnificent north view of the mountains so it’s really nice. 338 more words


Witches, warlocks and wizards. Oh, NO!

I had an amusing experience awhile back.  It got me to thinking.  This one stands out because it may be an indication of not only a popular urban myth which has had legs for decades, but also of people’s learned fear of anything different from what they’re accustomed to in their own lives. 849 more words


Murder Muster and Storytelling

“A group of crows is called a flock, muster or storytelling of crows. The most widely used term is “murder.”

This is based on the (fallacious) folk tale that crows form tribunals to judge and punish the bad behavior of a member of the flock. 785 more words

Wild Woman

Teachings of the Medicine Wheel: Part Three

The Four Winds:

East: The East Wind is also known as the path of pleasure. It’s a high energy wind and the people who identify the most with it are high energy people, very creative and full of vision and intuition. 491 more words

Hedgewytch Lynne

Teachings From the Medicine Wheel: Part Two

Teachings of the Medicine Wheel


           The Medicine Wheel teaches us that there are Four different Winds or ways of viewing and responding to life. Donato Cianci calls them “four masks we can choose to wear ‘on cue’ …in any given life situation.” (Walking the Medicine Wheel Path in Daylight page 6). 1,002 more words

Hedgewytch Lynne

The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters

by V.L.Murray

I wonder how you came

To be.

Was it an accident you grew

This way?

Or did the great

Creator Mother… 444 more words

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