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NBA journey ending for Turkoglu, Mohammed

Two of the longest-tenured players in the NBA, a pair who played for a total of 13 teams over a combined 32 seasons, have both reached the end of the road as professional basketball players. 2,045 more words


Hedo Turkoglu's Top-3 Clutch Career Moments To Commemorate His Official Retirement

Hedo Turkoglu has announced his retirement, and although you probably haven’t thought about him for years, you’ll probably miss him. He was at his peak with Dwight Howard on the Magic team that made an unlikely trip to the NBA Finals in 2009, and one could argue he was the second-most important player on that team. 313 more words


Report: Kings have no interest in Hedo Turkoglu

Hedo Turkoglu wants to return to the NBA for another season. He’s at 997 games played, he wants to break the 1,000 game barrier. That’s understandable. 201 more words

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Report: Hedo Turkoglu wants to play anther NBA season, Kings possiblity

The fact Doc Rivers played Hedo Turkoglu 11 minutes a game last season speaks less to where Turkoglu’s game is and more to how bad the Clipper bench was — Los Angeles was 8.2 points per 100 possessions better when he was on the bench rather than on the court. 180 more words

Los Angeles Clippers

NBPA issues statement on DeAndre Jordan backing out of commitment to Mavericks

DeAndre Jordan’s last-minute decision to back out of his commitment to the Mavericks and re-sign with the Clippers has reverberated throughout the NBA. The moratorium period that allowed Jordan’s change of heart is surely going to be a topic of discussion at next week’s Board of Governors meeting, because even though no agreements from July 1-9 are legally binding, decisions that some players make are based on decisions that other players make, and a large majority of those come during the moratorium period, when everyone is counting on everyone else to hold to the agreements they made. 106 more words

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