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Episode 40: Romance Retreats: Ho-tel?, Mo-tel?, What’s “Inn” this Holiday?

Are you into bear-skin rugs? How about a 12 foot martini glass hot tub? Do you want more of a 70s-esque Austin Power’s 70s Shag room? 117 more words


Real Talks: Boob Jobs

HIM: A couple weeks ago, a Twitter friend put out a post seeking advice. Along with a picture of her frankly already beautiful breasts, she said that she was going for enhancement surgery and asked for suggestions regarding size.  1,933 more words

Hedonism II

Unleashing the Swinger Within

HER:  The question our readers ask us most frequently is how to help their partners become more sexually open. Usually, they want to interest them in swapping of some kind. 1,717 more words


A European Swingers' Paradise

HER:  It’s that time of year when people start making summer travel plans. For us, part of the consideration when booking a trip has become what kind of sexy fun we can add to the itinerary. 1,645 more words


Hedo Diaries: So Many Firsts

HER:  Bubbles poured in endless streams from above our heads into the giant inflatable pool below. Little clumps of iridescent foam broke off and floated up into the dancing strobe lights. 1,084 more words


What's Your Number?

HER: ‘What’s your number?’ This may be a typical pick-up line in a bar, but when the conversation is about sex, everyone knows what ‘number’ we’re talking about.   1,326 more words


Hedo Diaries: A One-Afternoon Stand

HIM: On our first few trips to Hedonism, we spent a lot of time in lounge chairs on the beach.  We’d hear loud music and laughter coming from the nude pool, but since you are a little intimidated by crowds and I don’t drink, we kept our distance. 1,263 more words