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Throwback to wine store hunting in London. This is a good one!



Certain things are said to be wrong. Some are just feared, some because of their consequences. Nobody should cross the imaginary line, but everyone attain the different levels of imagination. 447 more words


These City Streets

Take me down

To the streets of villainy

Let hedonism take me

Sins on moonlit abbeys

Will fill me

We could walk along

These cobbled stones… 338 more words


Salad Does Not Taste Like Victory

Perhaps the saddest day of my life was when I found out how many calories there are in cheese.  Admittedly, this was some years ago and, regardless, I have continued to eat cheese with wild abandon.  1,957 more words



Inspired by many of your blogs that I read and learn from, or just things you’ve said to me that awaken some memory of an innate knowledge. 1,147 more words