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On hedonism

Today in class we discussed the concept of hedonism, and whether it is fallible. Many tried to argue against it; but upon deeper inquisition realized a failure. 226 more words


Mastering (the right) internal motivation

Are we free? Well, to say “Yes” to that question, the right internal motivation is needed. Without the right internal motivation, we are aimlessly drifting on the ocean, easily led astray by distractions. 377 more words


'Aving It Large (A Coffee That Is..)

139. Intertur Hotels

Sensing the recent sojourn to mid-Wales and the hectic all-action thrill-ride of producing such a pan-European hit blog had taken its toll on the Mugspotters HQ, our Board of Directors and Porcelain Admin Team very recently de-camped to the party island of Ibiza for a spell of warm-weather training. 253 more words


Unplug. Hike. Learn.

So, here’s how it was supposed to happen:

We were going to spend 7 days and 6 nights backpacking in the Beartooth Wilderness Area in south-central Montana.  1,728 more words


Dionysus, Can You Make Me?: A Poem

Oh, Wine Boy! Can you make me lose myself in dance?

Can you draw back your ivied harp and pull it’s strings,

Pull my limbs taut and loose in turn, 153 more words

Poetry Corner

Are you really allowing yourself to focus on your golf game - part two?

“Golf is more fun than walking naked in a strange place, but not much more.” Buddy Hackett

By Ian Hardie

At the end of the article… 1,171 more words

Ian Hardie

Another Hedonistic Soliloquy

I would write 
another excessively hedonistic

love poem,

sign it with whiskey stains
and call it my special brand of gin-and-toxic

but I’m no good at  28 more words