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No they didn't just say...did they?!? They did.


Explicit lyrics and associated thoughts may be unsuitable for the faint of heart or the prudish. Proceed with appropriate caution. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  1,972 more words

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On hedonism, I guess

It’s been a while. I almost deleted this blog. Busy with the holidays…? I guess. I think so. A lot has happened I guess. I’m also in a weird place right now in my faith… or my life in general. 369 more words


Why I don’t wish you a Happy New Year

By Merv Budd

I’ve heard it my whole life every 365 days: “Happy New Year.” For many it summarizes the goal and purpose of life—happiness. “Happiness is the truth,” croons Pharrell Williams. 415 more words

Merv Budd

Outrage in Eden

I stole and extrapolated everything I’ll say from Dr. John Piper at Passion 2017. Just go listen to his stuff and don’t come back to this post. 1,003 more words


Pedophilic Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre would have Loved the Millennial Generation’s Debauchery

Philosophy, in and of itself, cannot be the tool by which man can achieve truth. Since man’s reasoning is corrupted and flawed, the possibilities are highly likely that what emanates from it is corrupted as well. 1,027 more words



I have a sore throat and am munching blueberries like there’s no tomorrow. I forgot how yummy they were. Fried chicken and Sainsburys muffins literally wreck your tastebuds. 1,393 more words


I have become increasingly depressed and hopeless over this last year, but boy howdy the election really shoved this grrl right over the edge. No holds barred. 246 more words