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Avoiding The Void

I am suspicious of hedonism: somehow it is a lie. Now I do not believe myself to be any more incapable of lying than the next person, but I do hold integrity as one of… 910 more words


Waking Up Now, Not Waiting for "It" to Be All Over

The following set of morning pages were written about hearing Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”. I’m taking out some of the more personal rigamarole to get straight to the point. 283 more words



Because she was late already, and she was deeply terrified of anything like a fuss, Mrs. Ritter took a seat on the porch and waited for the program to let out.   784 more words

What is happiness?

Its a state of mind. To different people, its different things. To a child, perhaps happiness is butter-scotch ice cream (that’s my fav too). To you, perhaps your children and then to him, a brand new car. 661 more words

meet billy, 17, a child by a New type of Labour

This is a moment in time,
a snapshot,
arm languidly dropped round the shoulders of my fair lady,
a Wendy or an Emma,
“this one’s a goer, I tell ya,” told by meat head Steve, 155 more words


The Music Lovers

One of the films that helped to establish director Ken Russell’s bad boy reputation, The Music Lovers purports to be a biopic about Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (Richard Chamberlain). 477 more words