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Been There, Done That.

Over three years ago, I entered the realm of BDSM as a burgeoning Mistress. I am not ashamed about this fact. I was genuinely curious about assuming the role of a dominant as I was already a dominant in my “vanilla” relationship. 757 more words


Crowdsourcing Psychotherapy

There are moments of madness
I’m afraid. I’m afraid that we’ve begun the moderately unpleasant part of the descent into hell. Things are starting to squeeze shut. 386 more words


I get stuck. the same cycle of thoughts. the same dark spaces. the same brain-crashing questions about what is real, what is the point. what does it mean. 350 more words

Libertarian growing pains 

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Recently, I have seen a kind of pretend, lopsided libertarianism emerging. This false “libertarianism” attempts to present freedom without responsibility. Unlike true libertarianism, this false pretender is basically a combination of welfarism, hedonism, and irresponsibility. 312 more words

Problems with Hedonism: III


In this post I want to look at a common reply folk hedonists give to cases of pervasive deception, which turns on a distinction between ‘fake’ (or false) happiness and ‘real’ (or true) happiness. 1,418 more words


Water Conservation, Now More Important Than Ever

Slightly Naughty. Using Grownup Words. Use Caution.

Jimmy climbed into the roomy double headed shower stall, spray coming from both ends, so no showering buddy gets left out. 347 more words

Love And Stuff

The Secret to a Happy Life

In case you don’t already know, I am a strong advocate of the biology of human behavior. I believe that every psychological experience can be understood in physiological terms. 504 more words