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As much as I love all of the beautiful photos on Tumblr and WeHeartIt, it seems like the boho-hippie trend is trying to be spiritual but they’re really just being hedonistic. 178 more words

liberating yourself from leisure activities

I just came across this advert in Dublin advert. On the surface, it’s interesting on a straight forwardly chronopolitical level: with sufficient resources, it’s increasingly possible to outsource tasks for others in order to save yourself time. 133 more words

Digital Distraction, Personal Agency And The Reflexive Imperative

Chasing Naggins: A Love Letter To Bygone Days of Teenage Hedonism

The other night I joined a group of my old school friends for a night of refined catch-up, chatter and wine which quickly descended into a night of debauched over-indulgence at our local over-21s, culminating in an ever faithful Irish goodbye, a food order slurred to a weary Burger King employee and a €20 taxi home. 792 more words

Colours of Magic: Blue

The colour of play, fun, pleasure, hedonism, wealth, abundance and expansion.

One of a series I’m producing for www.kiamagic.com

Look out for more to come.



As A Dead Body Falls

When I opened my eyes, I was standing naked on the pale concrete floor of a massive, unlit and bleacher-less arena; among thousands of other naked men and women. 299 more words

Short Fiction


A little bit of history and insight into hedonism, take your pick!