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Supremely Satisfying Self Care

Last Sunday I was out doing this:  My team and I walked 10K for Terry Fox. 

Today I’m doing this: 

It’s all about balance.  And this weekend I need to just lay low and snuggle between two dogs.  703 more words


I see you;
I’ve seen that stare before.
A life a beyond the nude.
And so you’ll dance for me
until the dawn breaks the night. 121 more words



we’d been friends for a few years before we ever hooked up, and the hooking up was good; until that is, he remembered who my ex-boyfriend was. 93 more words


we met in the club and he invited me to the W for a pool party the next day, which i think was actually the 4th of july that year… he was in town for the weekend, visiting from Manhattan, where i’d later visit him a few times over the next three years. 261 more words


Ugh, this guy. he was the one-night-stand that happened in the afternoon, and kept happening on the regular for a few months. painfully dumb, but a fit and healthy former athlete with a business that allowed him a lot of free-time to roll joints and engage in marathon sex. 79 more words


GV was more performance art-piece than fuckboy, and while we never had anything like a real relationship, we did hang out and have sex every now and then… for a few years. 180 more words


i’m legit embarrassed that i don’t remember more about Peter; honestly, i can’t even remember his last name, which is why he’s getting named. if i can’t identify the fucker, i certainly don’t have to worry about anyone else doing so. 215 more words