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The Corpse Who Takes Cream

I switched to black coffee a few days ago. I’ve wanted to do it in a small but persistent way for years, but I never could. 1,322 more words

No Exceptions

Greetings from the Bleeding Edge of Caffeine

As you probably know, I have a very passionate relationship with caffeine.  I dabble with tea (except white tea…can anyone explain that to me (is it water?)), nibble on a little bit of dark chocolate, turn up my nose at soda and energy drinks, but my caffeine of choice is espresso. 1,673 more words


Defense is superior to opulence. – Adam Smith

Christian Hedonism

I think God is taking me to a new level on the whole surrender issue–you know, that issue that I keep coming back to over and over again. 898 more words

What is true happiness?

We live a life that is solely dependent on becoming successful, having a stable job, and maybe doing something we like on the side. The problem with this lifestyle is that we often don’t realize we forget to experience each moment as one. 1,092 more words


The Ethical Egoist and Incentive

If the intellectually honest individual desires to formulate a worldview based upon the conclusions which his reason guides him to, then he must pay considerable attention at the onset of his intellectual journey to the age-old questions concerning origin, meaning, and destiny, as relating to the human experience. 1,204 more words

Intellectual Honesty

Anton LaVey and The Church of Satan ~{"Hell in a nutshell"}~

What is the Church of Satan and who is Anton LaVey? Well, I’ll tell you from my own personal perspective, these were questions I had experience in since I was 14 and shopping for the most attention seeking- shocking personality I could buy at Hot Topic novelty store. 2,053 more words