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Division of Labor / Narrowing of Mind

Here’s an experience I had a couple years ago:

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I own a window cleaning business. At some point in time, I bought a sophisticated water purification system which — without delving into the mechanical details — significantly increased the speed at which we can clean windows. 1,336 more words

Hedonism May: Pope John XII

A hedonistic pope??? You might be thinking. Hell yes, absolutely. And perhaps not the one you would first think of. Pope Alexander VI, born Rodrigo Borgia, is the first name in crazy debauched sex popes, but Pope Rod had nothing on Pope John XII, who held the seat of St. 889 more words

Very Heaven, Indeed

In my previous post on Irish photographer Bob Carlos Clarke (see Dreams of Desire 56 (Bob Carlos Clarke), I briefly mentioned his documentary series of photographs of drunken, loved up teenagers making out at debutantes balls in London in the mid-nineties. 219 more words


HEDONISM Wines in London

If you’re dreaming of visiting London to see Big Ben. Forget it! Mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling! You must dream of visiting… 292 more words


Hedonism May: King Zhou of Shang

Imagine a ruler so hated that after his death, he becomes known to posterity by a nickname that almost literally means “shitty.” This ruler was King Zhou of Shang1, a dynasty of ancient China previously widely thought to be partly or entirely mythical until recent archaeological discoveries that proved its existence. 1,348 more words

Is Hedonism life ultimate goal ? Chase meaning or happiness ?

While reading ‘Ikigai‘ by Sebastian Marshall a thought occurred to me . What is important meaning or happiness ?

Well I think both are equally important . 205 more words


Hedonism vs. Eudaimonia - part II

Yesterday, I started writing about happiness. To be more precise the difference between Hedonism and Eudaimonia, and what role they play in my life. Yesterday, I focused on Hedonism… 417 more words

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