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Terrorism, a word thoroughly abused.

If there’s one thing that’s really been getting on my tits recently it’s how the word Terrorism is wielded. In truth it always has done. Terrorism, if we take its literal meaning, and ignore its widely implied use by politicians and the current shitty vogue of news coverage masquerading as opinion in its post eleventh of September hysteria, incites ‘intense, overpowering fear’, and causes ‘panic or dread’. 655 more words


Comm. of Blessed Miguel Pro (23 November 2015)

The letter of Saint Paul to Titus is a beautiful letter, showing all the fatherly and gentle care and affection that Saint Paul had for this disciple of his whom he ordained a bishop and ultimately made him the bishop of the Catholics on the island of Crete. 469 more words

Daily Messages

A Road Map for Life - A Semi-Philosophical Discussion

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to have a GPS for life? A really good one that could tell you which way you need to turn, what decisions you should make, warn you about roadblocks and detours? 715 more words

Art Exhibition in Svidnik, Slovakia

Yesterday was the opening party of my art exhibition in Svidnik. While I’ve had paintings exhibited more recently because of winning various competitions, this is the first solo exhibition I’ve held for 3 years. 68 more words

Hedonism: The Kryptonite of Revolution

It is a mistake,” he said, “to suppose that the public wants the environment protected or their lives saved and that they will be grateful to any idealist who will fight for such ends. 1,318 more words

Boonesborough and Beyond

After Dad died I sorted through a mountain of his collected photographic slides and negatives. Initially I was on a treasure hunt, searching for hidden gems among the pile of decades-old images. 1,073 more words