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Anyone? Bueller??!!

If you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t blogged here in a long time. I’m in the midst of an overly-long transition to the new website, which will encompass all the ventures of the farm, not just Heedley’s Hens. 78 more words

Heedley's Hens General

My very farmy birthday.

Thursday was my birthday, and it was a big one. Let us speak no more of that.

Last night was my party with The Man’s family, and I did very well for myself. 332 more words


Snap goes the weasel. The satisfying conclusion.

We got it. (WARNING: graphic photos to follow.)

Which is to say, The Man got it, the damned weasel that killed so many of our girls. 598 more words


Let us speak of Gwynderella.

Sergeant Major has been here a little more than a week, and is settling in admirably. Is he lonely, without equine companionship for the first time in his life? 865 more words

Heedley's Hens General

The further adventures of Sergeant and Billie.

Sergeant is trying to gaslight me. I swear, it’s true.

Our set-up here is not typical: our pasture is also our yard. There is no “this is the horse area”, “this is the dog area”, “this is the chicken area”. 990 more words

Heedley's Hens General

Sergeant, meet Billie. Billie, meet Sergeant.

We have a lovely peaceable kingdom here at Heedley’s Hens, and I’m determined to keep it that way. Given that we are adding not a new species a year, as originally planned, but a new species a… 798 more words

Heedley's Hens General

A stall is born.

(I have been waiting so long to make that joke. I do so love a good pun.)

When we left to pick up Sergeant Major Friday morning, we were far from ready. 340 more words

Heedley's Hens General