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Summer outfits's good friends : heels, sandals under $100

Summer is around the conner , Are you ready for the summer. Living in the hot summer  couldn’t without a pair stylish shoes for the summer . 336 more words


WWE Breakdown: Seth Rollins!

The Return of The Architect

Current Position: Heel, Favored Son of The Authority

Current Status: Inactive due to injury

Tired of never-ending Tag Team matches? Sick of ridiculous feuds that only last two weeks? 650 more words


Other Than an Orthopedist, Alternative Care Can Relieve Heel Pain

Regular pain in your heel may make it difficult for you to walk, climb the stairs or even put on your shoes. If you have been recommended to get surgery, you may feel concerned about your recovery and potential side effects. 70 more words

Put A Spring In Your Step

With Spring just around the corner it felt necessary to treat myself to some affordable, fun shoes. Black is just my thing. No matter what season – black is my go-to color, so don’t be surprised that my spring shoe picks are mostly black. 39 more words


Freakin' Sock Eating Sneakers!

I have white sneakers that I like to wear.  I generally would prefer to wear them without socks.  We all know that sneakers without socks equals an odor strong enough to make your nose hairs curl.  160 more words

My Art

Hi. I realize that I haven’t updated in forever; sorry. I also realize that I open every entry saying this; sorry pt. 2.

Anyway, I know that the cover page of my blog says I’ll include my art frequently on here, and I haven’t been keeping that promise.😬 So I thought I’d post some of my recent drawings on here! 106 more words