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Obamacare repeal stalls in the Congress

 One of the top priorities (so we were told) of the Republican party with a Republican President was to repeal Obamacare. I have been saying for years that Obamacare was never going to be repealed, the last chance to repeal Obamacare died alongside Mitt Romney’s candidacy. 334 more words


Red Pill Groupistan

Again I can’t post comments at CH, certainly not in a timely way, so I post here again. This is what SteveRodger42 posted as a… 473 more words

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Psychological Abuse Makes the Global Decline Go 'Round

A comment by Canadian Friend on CH’s post “Days of Rage” dated 9 February 2017 began: “One advantage the left has is they do not fight fair, they respect no rules, they cheat and then lie about what just happened.” 1,320 more words

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Top Republicans discuss a carbon tax with the White House

  We thought when Donald Trump won the election that the talk about cap and trade and carbon taxes were dead issues, but apparently they are not because according to… 395 more words


Antifa riots against Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes

The other day Antifa (or Anti-Fascists or just Communists) started a riot in Berkeley. As far as I understand the riot erupted because the “conservative” journalist Milo Yiannopoulos was supposed to give a speech there. 506 more words


Granbaka on Eric Jon Phelps, His Opinion

Here are several documents I ran across while organizing some files on my computer. I don’t see these published on the web anywhere and since I like to have links to the original source or location of documents, I’ve made these file available for reading and download if anyone is interested. 496 more words

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Trolley Problem and the Hegelian Dialectic

Did anybody ever notice that the great Trolley Problem about ethics is a Hegelian Dialectic practice to trap you into 1 result (blood on your hands) given in the form of 2 options (switch tracks or inaction)?  92 more words