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Normalcy Bias, Cognitive Dissonance...

…and the Hegelian Dialectic.

Further reflections by Mitch Santell

The reason that the media is in such trouble is that there are very few in charge. 113 more words


Mass Shootings - Mass Media PSYOP

Problem – Reaction – Solution

The media’s psychological warfare operation is now in full swing. Since last Wednesday, we have seen nothing but a barrage of crying parents, crying children, bloodied kids, and endless replays of the carnage that took place in Parkland, Florida. 1,821 more words


This is a message to millennials: WAKE UP, WE HAVE BEEN HAD. As many of you have discovered, the future that we have been promised growing up is not the reality that we live in today. 2,546 more words

How the Narrative Holds Everyone Back - By Jacko

Adopting a world view, a weltanshauung, because others do it and recommend it is a core problem in our Western world. For many things like ethical behaviour it used to work yet the super criticality of immorality and poorly considered models has tipped that point so it is behind us as we descend towards collapse, Balkanization, and genocide. 524 more words

Free Speech


Over the past year and some I’ve been collecting and reading the Icon book series ‘Introducing’ (sometimes advertised as ‘A Graphic Guide’ series). They first appeared on my radar as I started to look for books that I could use in class to introduce students in our history debating team to the ‘big thinkers’ of history, ethics and philosophy. 705 more words


Petty please

How morbid did they make it

Did you Like it

Did you fake it

Did Your consciousness

start to break yet

Twisting the tail up… 163 more words


Obamacare repeal-only bill fails in the Senate

  Yesterday, by a razor-thin margin with Mike Pence breaking the stalemate, the Senate voted to advance Obamacare repeal and replace legislation. This opened up the bill for debate and amendments. 299 more words