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A short post from KNO

“Dek, pengen apa lagi? Mumpung masih di Medan ini”

“Nggak ada mama, semua pengen nya udah dipenuhin pas di Seoul…”

Mama diam ngeliatin aku yang senyum lebar nggak bisa dibilang gimana ingin nya pada akhirnya udah finished.

Yap. Finished.


tee hee, heehee and hahaha ; 5-May-2015

Communicating emotions through written language is not easy. It takes use of different words to convey different levels of emotions. With rampant texting, messaging, and emailing, our e-language must convey exactly how we feel. 66 more words

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maybe it's me, but...

During the past week, I’ve had some seriously big, heh revealing, deja vu moments.

A number of book blurbs have rung the ‘hey, I’ve read/watched that story line before’ bell. 119 more words


The Emperor

The Emperor represents the process by which manifestation is organized into complex interacting structures. He symbolizes our force of will and the active constructive energy we bring to our worldly activities. 101 more words

they've encased him in carbonite!


BREAKING: Latest pictures of paramedics removing #HarrisonFord from crash scene pic.twitter.com/rl20KbpWez

— Mike McNally (@notoserfdom) March 6, 2015

Saturday Star Wars

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