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The Emperor

The Emperor represents the process by which manifestation is organized into complex interacting structures. He symbolizes our force of will and the active constructive energy we bring to our worldly activities. 101 more words

they've encased him in carbonite!


BREAKING: Latest pictures of paramedics removing #HarrisonFord from crash scene pic.twitter.com/rl20KbpWez

— Mike McNally (@notoserfdom) March 6, 2015

Saturday Star Wars

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HEH Is Now Selling An All Wheel Drive Fatbike Kit With Some Big Motors And Even Bigger Batteries

My friends over at Human Electric Hybrids (Actually that is a gross exaggeration, I don’t really have any friends and I don’t even know them) are going to start selling a 2WD Fatbike conversion kit that might not totally suck. 543 more words






I’m 20 years old and I still can’t spell unessarcaryccery

a shirt has one Collar, two Sleeves…

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