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My phone stopped working because of an issue with the battery and the charger (an issue I fixed cx).

But after the first day of being without my phone my first thought wasn t “HOW WILL I TALK TO MY FRIENDS?!!” or “HOW WILL I GET ON SOCIAL MEDIA?” or something else phones are used for. 171 more words


The Thoughts Of An Confused Apple

Worn out. Tired. Confused. Exhausted. Wondering.

One way or another, I always end up in that cycle. Why? Me? Why….me..? What did I do? Was I born this way? 153 more words


A Bad Idea 69

The Golden Man took a drag off the pipe, cherrying the weed, getting the smoke in his lungs. He coughed as it came out.

“So you have lungs,” Anne said. 198 more words

A Bad Idea

chewie makeover

heh. =P

Because I'm worth it . . . #StarWars pic.twitter.com/YyMqk8v1NB

— My Wookiee Book (@MyWookieeBook) July 24, 2015

Saturday Star Wars


READY FOR HILLARY?: David Brock, a Clinton enemy from the ’90s, is now integral to Hillary’s run

Brock guides a network of pro-Clinton “super PACs,” mega-donors and opposition researchers that operates outside the confines of federal restrictions on campaign spending.

146 more words

I did not see Aidan at all yesterday except as he was pulling out of the driveway to get some late night snacks and I was coming home from a night out. 186 more words