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A Bad Idea 69

The Golden Man took a drag off the pipe, cherrying the weed, getting the smoke in his lungs. He coughed as it came out.

“So you have lungs,” Anne said. 198 more words

A Bad Idea

chewie makeover

heh. =P

Because I'm worth it . . . #StarWars pic.twitter.com/YyMqk8v1NB

— My Wookiee Book (@MyWookieeBook) July 24, 2015

Saturday Star Wars


READY FOR HILLARY?: David Brock, a Clinton enemy from the ’90s, is now integral to Hillary’s run

Brock guides a network of pro-Clinton “super PACs,” mega-donors and opposition researchers that operates outside the confines of federal restrictions on campaign spending.

146 more words

I did not see Aidan at all yesterday except as he was pulling out of the driveway to get some late night snacks and I was coming home from a night out. 186 more words

A short post from KNO

“Dek, pengen apa lagi? Mumpung masih di Medan ini”

“Nggak ada mama, semua pengen nya udah dipenuhin pas di Seoul…”

Mama diam ngeliatin aku yang senyum lebar nggak bisa dibilang gimana ingin nya pada akhirnya udah finished.

Yap. Finished.


tee hee, heehee and hahaha ; 5-May-2015

Communicating emotions through written language is not easy. It takes use of different words to convey different levels of emotions. With rampant texting, messaging, and emailing, our e-language must convey exactly how we feel. 66 more words

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