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Three days, 150 miles to go

After riding yesterday to the very tip of Florida’s Atlantic Coast beaches at the north entrance to Biscayne Bay

today I will make my way onto the Florida Keys! 143 more words

Today's Route

Twelve days, six hundred miles

I decided at about 2:00 p.m. yesterday that I needed a break, so I stopped for the day early and didn’t proceed on in to Florida as I’d originally planned.   198 more words

The Ride

And "pet friendly," too!

One of the more challenging tasks I face each morning before taking off on the bike for the day is trying to find lodging that falls close to the number of miles I project I will travel that day.   178 more words

The Ride

Today's Plans

I biked through Charleston, South Carolina yesterday.

This is one more place that I have just had to suck it up, more or less close my eyes to all the interesting things there are to see, and just ride.   111 more words

The Ride


Yeah, because God knows what rope might get itself up to if it’s left lying around loose.

I’m west of Beaufort, North Carolina flying down the coast on a nice wind out of the northeast.

The Ride

Biker Tan

Eight weeks in today.

I’ll note that I have several posts from the NYC/Hoboken area still to come, as well as numerous others that are in my notes, but are not completed yet.

The Ride