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I just found out i am very inconsistent and that nothing exciting happens in my life.

All that’s happened is some drama breakups and a new couple oh and my friend moved class i was so sad but hate showing when I’m depressed. 20 more words

I dig

Sharp moves sharper grooves
Your shape like smoke is dancing

Hard swallow can’t help but follow

In places tucked its shape I wonder

Trace the edges a million times… 17 more words


Just Peachy

It sounds so tempting forbidden fruit, a sound so sickly sweet. I wish to taste this out of bounds desire. She’s off limits I tell myself. 90 more words


The good

Reactions arise the only good thing in life.

An island can’t be entertained, only through sharing can something be gained.

Seeking the absurd it fills me with delight, seeing your face react to my sight. 66 more words



“Fandom discourse,” Carl Edwards, 2017


i’m terrified of sounding mean on the internet so i always add too many exclamation marks and smiley faces but i think it makes me sound like a primary school teacher