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Fall Is Just Around The Corner! 

So earlier today I went to Michael’s to get some supplies for a project. On my way out, I got distracted by all the Fall decor! 131 more words


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[Listen] LOL Is Totes Out-Dated, How Do You Laugh Out Loud?

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Apparently if you’re still using LOL to show you’re laughing…you’re old school. 35 more words


Haha and emoji killed LOL, says Facebook

SAN FRANCISCO (CNNMoney) — LOL had a good run.

According to new research by Facebook, LOL’s dominance is coming to an end. The classic Internet slang term, which stands for “laugh out loud,” has been replaced by “haha,” laughing emojis, and “hehe” as popular ways to indicate something is funny online. 343 more words


FACEBOOK STUDY: If You're Still Using 'LOL' - You're Behind The Times.

According to a new Facebook study, no one is really using ‘LOL’ to symbolize laughing anymore. The study shows that ‘haha’ is the most commonly used representation of laughing, followed by emoji’s, and ‘hehe.’ 74 more words


RIP 'LOL': online laughter is now all 'haha', 'hehe' and emoji

It’s official: LOL is dead. But that doesn’t mean that we’re no longer laughing out loud — we’re just finding other ways to express hilarity online. 392 more words

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...Laugh Out Loud

It’s official, no one is laughing out loud anymore, at least not on Facebook. The social site revealed recently no one is using “LOL” anymore, and that “haha” (51.4 percent),”hehe”(13.1 percent), and emoji (33.7 percent) have replaced the dated acronym. 76 more words