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"Don't chase him, he'll come back on his own."

Sooo, we broke up for 2 hours then got back together. I was really upset, I deleted a lot of stuff off of my social networks. 209 more words


Stories My Mother Doesn't Know; Part 1

I think it was somebody’s birthday.
On any account, a big group of us had gathered at my friend’s house one summery night toward the end of a school year. 741 more words


are u ok?

take my hand


let me lead you

to pastures new

they’re not greener

nor are they

cleaner but my heart’s intent

is clear

as the blue abyss above us… 208 more words

goddess-light started following you


he began looking around just hoping no one saw how easily flustered she was. She’s been around men before and she couldn’t fathom…

90 more words

Where's the freaking tahini?

Lets talk about the youths.

I was in the grocery store the other day looking for tahini. I’m making hummus and it’s a necessary ingredient made from some sort of seeds, magic oil and eye of newt…or something. 609 more words

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doesn’t matter we’re getting married.