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First blog post!

Hellu! This is my very very first blog post on this strange new platform. I will be posting on a variety of things and not just in one area hence I hope that it won’t get too messy  89 more words


The radio’s playing

The motorcycle’s – from outside, raging

The room’s in low lighting

And you’re lying

On my bed

The comforter’s soft and velvety… 125 more words


Rainbow Splotches

This mani was a disaster, but a very colorful one! Ergo, rainbow day in the 31 Day Challenge. To achieve this craziness, I tested two types of polish (metallic vs jelly over silver), three ways of applying the polish (small splotches, big splotches, and stamper squish), and 5 stamps. 224 more words

Nail Art

Definition of Expansion

expansion (ex-pan’-shun) n. The action of one’s belongings growing bigger when a suitcase is being repacked.

Completely Random!!

#1: Ines & Bahasa Tionghua

Di tahun 2000an, terdapatlah seorang anak bernama Ilana Anastasia Esterita, yang dapat juga dipanggil sebagai INES. Ines ialah perempuan berkebangsaan Indonesia, seorang cino-jowo. Maksudnya, Ines ialah keturunan Cina lahir di Jawa, tepatnya di suatu kota yang lumayan kecil apabila dibandingkan dengan kota Melbourne (Ines tidak pernah ke Melbourne). 364 more words


The Universal, Copy-and-Paste-able, Soon-To-Be College Freshman Speech

Thank you!! Yes, I know it’s a great school. I’m not sure what I want to major in yet . Yeah, I am super excited to start. 62 more words

Completely Random!!

"he was number one"

Sooo…first post. Never really thought of myself as a person who writes blogs. When people say “blogger” I think of diy’s, fitness, fashion, makeup, how-to stuff. 453 more words