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You Know You're a Writer When...

There are certain characteristics that define writers: these things that we have in common that make us… like… a new species :o You have little habits, little quirks, little peculiarities that make your non-writer family members and friends wonder what on earth went wrong in your mind. 373 more words

Completely Random!!

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magickal musings

I wore a new cologne to class today. The cologne is advertised for men wishing to define their own masculinity, and part of the reason I purchased it due to the resonance in the statement. 58 more words

Day 1 in Berlin, Germany

Hello family and friends!

I am back with more updates from my travels in Europe. The past five days have definitely been busy but oh so worth it. 890 more words

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rub a dub

hubbub hub
rub a dub dub on the
bubble bath tub
i don’t have time for
a bud light and flying birds
bring me frothy flighty bubbly blues… 12 more words