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i used to play basketball, you know

the restaurant i visited today was interesting. they had board games, brain teasers, and sit-down basketball to occupy our time while the food was being prepared. 435 more words


badminton and cats >:))

this weekend we had a badminton tournament at our club and i did pretty well?? i played men’s singles instead of women’s singles because the people participating in women’s singles are all people who i have/i can beat. 500 more words


Introducing you to Apple Pear Emotions: perfectly programmed to serve your most pressing needs at all times. They never get in your way!

Completely Random!!

Teal + double stamping

Un vert canard, opaque en 1/2 couches Surfin USA a teal polish, opaque in 1/2 coats. 
Dry-brush: Sephora Moody Woman used here, here, … 82 more words


The Fruit of the Spirit (KIHEHE: Bible NT)


Galatians (Avagalatiya) 5:22-23

22 Neke isihumaga mukulongoswa na Umuhe we uwende, uluhekelelo, uwikalakunoga, uwukangalisi, uwunofu, ulusungu, uwufuuwa,

23 uwulele na ukwitanila, ukwimila iso sisukuli indagilo isihwanite ukubesa iso.


Happy Pagan Christian Martyrs' Day

Hello, joyous couples and desperate and/or depressed single persons!

Happy day to commemorate Christian martyrdom and sacrifice of one (or two? This is a controversial number) Saint Valentine(s) from the 1400s around Rome who was/were beheaded by Claudius II for helping Christian couples get married. 253 more words

Completely Random!!