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Nu am să pun un titlu acestui prim articol, deoarece nu îl consider a fii un articol. (Da stiu, mindfuck).

De ce mi-am făcut un blog ? 124 more words


Wok Hey – Got Wok Hei? Zi Char Shop With Fried Rice And Ramen For Takeaway. At Bugis Junction

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Wok Hey, which is usually spelt as “Wok Hei”, literally translates to “breathe of the wok”.

It is what we as diners usually pursue in zi char dishes, and can be used to distinguish between outstanding stalls, and the not-so-impressive. 486 more words


Ærlig, åpen og sårbar

I kampen mot barnevernet har jeg møtt mange andre under samme skjebne. Foreldre, barn, de som har vokst ut av “problemet”, og ikke minst de som er på vei inn i problemet. 108 more words


I Surrender All

Find a word to focus on for the year, they said. It will be fun and easy, they said.

Except for me. I struggled. I was struggling because I did not have my “oh-so-famous” one word to focus on for 2017 prior to going to the Bible journaling retreat I was attending for the weekend. 447 more words


China, India accounted for more than half world's pollution deaths in 2015

LATEST NEWS – China and India accounted for more than half of the total number of global deaths attributable to air pollution in 2015, a study published on Tuesday said. 172 more words

Darker Than Black

এনিমেঃ Darker Than Black
প্রোডাকশনঃ Studio Bones
এপিসোডঃ 25

myanimelist : 8.25
রেটিংঃ ৭.৫/১০

কন্ট্রাক্টর হেই (Hei), খাওয়াদাওয়া ভালোবাসে। সাদাসিধে ঘরসংসার। খানিকটা অসামাজিক জীবনযাপন। সেই শান্ত পৃথিবীতে বছর দশেক আগে হঠাৎ করেই আবির্ভাব হয় গেট এর। Heaven’s Gate এবং Hell’s Gate. 215 more words