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Have THIS Attitude

A little inspiration for this fine Saturday, because Valentine’s Day is this Sunday and all we really need is God’s love.  Wherever you are in your life right now, be happy.   211 more words


Elohim and Ha'Elohim

I’m working on a study as to why God, Elohim in Hebrew, sometimes has the prefix “hei” meaning “the”. It isn’t necessary, and
God is usually trying to show us something deeper when these irregularities occur. 164 more words


Christmas presents!

So I decided to make a bunch of Christmas presents for my roommates, and since we all watch anime together, coming up with ideas was pretty easy. 69 more words


Chet and Hei

This is a post I made before. The chet wall and hei window is a principle I’ve learned long ago. With Hebrew you can use these principles over and over. 109 more words


Kenny is confused.

So the other day, a person went to his school’s Christian club to hear a woman speak on what it means to be a “biblical woman.” I told him to take good notes & call me after so he could relay the message to me. 1,421 more words

Biblical Woman