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Living the Authentic Life - A Commentary on Heidegger

Understanding Heidegger means familiarising ourselves with what Heidegger’s philosophical quest was all about. And in true, twentieth century existentialist fashion, his philosophy centred around a fairly deep question – what is… 1,742 more words


Book Review The Reckless Mind by Mark Lilla (NYRB Press, re-issue 2015)

Originally released a few days before September 11, 2001, Mark Lilla’s
The Reckless Mind was re-released by NYRB roughly corresponding with
his new book of essays on reactionary political thinking, … 462 more words

Book Review

In Defense of Literary Philosophy

By Sayani Sinha

“All philosophical thinking, and precisely the most rigorous and most prosaic, is in itself poetic, and yet is never poetic art. Likewise, a poet’s work— like Hölderlin’s hymns—can be thoughtful in the highest degree, and yet is never philosophy.” – Heidegger… 2,956 more words

Some brief Notes on the Philosophy PhD Proposal

If you are thinking of applying for a PhD in philosophy at some point, then you will first of all need to put together a research project. 620 more words


Dropping In

Life – constant busyness
Or – constant business?
Always already
Right in the thick of it
Achieve! Do! React!
Experience! Imbibe! Consume!
Stop! Deny! Dream! 88 more words



Wispy lack – a “no-thing”
Not solid, no entity
A lack, a hole – privation
It is where the light does not go
Not the opposite of light… 73 more words