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The Big Picture

A Review of Sean Carroll’s 2016 book


It is not without some trepidation that one contemplates criticizing a “rocket scientist.” After all, it is believed that they are so far beyond the rest of us that we cannot hope to follow much less comprehend what they say; even to question them is pretentious. 3,485 more words


On Reducing God into abstract metaphysical categories: The Problem of ontotheology


What is wrong with this ontotheological picture? Heidegger charges metaphysics with so focusing on its system of beings (including God as Highest Being) that it forgets the more basic question, and mystery, of Being. 252 more words

From "Melancholy: Between Gods and Monsters."

“…In short, sexual desire for female beauty was intimately linked, in our mythological unconscious, with an initial ac of sundering and separation. Without castration there could be no sense of that lack, difference or otherness which is so indispensable to the workings of eros. 527 more words


Skirting around love

This is why at this point we are faced with a severe expository problem: the correlation of the heterogeneous cannot be schematised. It can barely even be expressed.

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Love and Commun[icat]ion

I open onto a new world in you, with you, through you — poetically, I dwell in your earth, tied now to myself and then to you, gathering and twining in a shared life, a life same because ripe with the same intent: to live, to defy, and to follow the words of another’s world, to have Word become world within you. 705 more words


Winds have changed

Reading Heidegger today. It’s tangible; the winds have changed. Just a few years ago, you could work on Heidegger without thinking about his politics. That is completely impossible today. 154 more words

Research In Progress

The Exit of Brexit

A series of short essays in which a word, concept, or subject examines itself. Inspired by the title of C.K. Ogden and I.A. Richards’s The Meaning of Meaning. 658 more words