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Running, Therapy and the Evolved Body

In a  recent issue of Runner’s World I read about Dynamic Running Therapy (DRT), founded by William Pullen. His website says DRT

… is fundamentally the linking of movement (walking/running) with traditional talk therapy.

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The Machine and Being: The Commons.

“We must situate what has been left out if we are ever to get anywhere beyond repeating the same old philosophical tropes.”

*note on the note: ‘They’ are those who are ‘in the commons’. 995 more words


Not historicism: Derrida's Heidegger Course, s.2

Continuing my summary of Derrida’s 1964-5 seminars on Sein und Zeit.

Derrida keeps up a continuous narrative of where he is up to in his narrative. 1,195 more words

French Philosophy

Dumit - Is It Me or My Brain?

Is It Me or My Brain? Depression and Neuroscientific Facts

by Joseph Dumit


  • Wittgenstein says that there are certain points about which we no longer ask for an explanation or a test of its truth, and explanations come to an end: …
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Identity And Subjectivity


Heidegger taught that in order to live a true and authentic life, we must keep our focus on what it would mean to not be.  To keep close to death, or to evaluate our non-existence would drive us forward to find our way to an intensity of existence, and clarify the confusions that envelope us. 217 more words

Mental Health

Dualism as a Force of Separation

Dualism as a Force of Separation Based on a Comparison of the Philosophies of Descartes and Heidegger

Early in the Twentieth Century, Martin Heidegger[1] 619 more words

Society And Civilization

Pr0tenti0n >Heidegger<

What is the “them”?

Currently it exists as a post-modern internet fueled society with cell phones, film, and television.  Every time one logs on, makes a call, sends a text, watches film, listens to a priest or pastor, one applies this “them” to its own being {dasein}. 235 more words

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