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Two Horizons: A Discussion of the text of the DENIAL portion of Article IX of the Chicago Statement on Hermeneutics

This essay is a discussion of the DENIAL portion of Article IX of the Chicago Statement on Hermeneutics; its philosophical underpinnings and origins of what the statement is against with specific attention to Liberation Theology. 1,479 more words


5 Reasons Why (most) Philosophy Students are Wankers

It may seem odd that a philosophy student would seek to pursue this topic with such ebullience and vigour. But to be critical of the paradigm that one finds oneself in is probably in the fine old tradition of the philosophical greats—a pantheon I am unlikely to join, but one likes to aspire. 1,304 more words


Tiere die auch mal loslassen können

Peter Singer, der berühmte Australier, war ja ganz lange die Skandalnudel unter den Philosophen und wird noch immer argwöhnisch beäugt. Er ist einer, der sich schon in den 70er Jahren für die Rechte der Tiere eingesetzt hat und sich leider einen unfassbar schlechten Ruf eingehandelt hat, nachdem seine nutzenorientierte, utilitaristische Position hochgerechnet wurde und das Resultat unweigerlich feststand. 673 more words


Translating Pain

Our friend Seamus Barker sent us this post on his recent presentation at an international conference:

Translating Pain: Translating Between Science and the Humanities

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at a conference at Monash University in Australia, convened in partnership with Warwick University in the UK, entitled… 1,032 more words


Instrumentality run amok: Bostrom and Instrumentality

Narrowing our focus onto the crux of Bostrom’s argument, we can see how tightly it is bound to a much older philosophical notion of instrumental reason. 893 more words


Golub—Being in the World (of Warcraft)

Being in the World (of Warcraft): Raiding, Realism, and Knowledge Production in a Massively Multiplayer Online Game

by Alex Golub


  • an argument directly against Boellstorff, particularly on two fronts …
  • 3,091 more words

Historical Materialism is "Historicity without History" but it is not, therefore, Genealogy

Historical materialism is historicity without history. And yet it is by no means genealogy. Of course, isnofar as it is historicity without history — which is the historicity of politics as permanent excess — historical materialism as a historiographical textuality is bound to have a genealogical form. 281 more words