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Onderhuidse taal (Michel Faber, Onderhuids)

Onderhuids gaat over een buitenaardse mogendheid die op aarde een vleesverwerkingsindustrie met mensen bestiert. Gespierde mannelijke lifters in de Schotse hooglanden worden door een tot vrouw omgebouwd buitenaards wezen opgepikt en verdoofd, van haren en tanden ontdaan en gecastreerd, om ten slotte vetgemest te worden in een vleesboerderij naar het model van onze bio-industrie. 506 more words


The Absurdity That Isn't

I’m not a philosopher despite the fact that it is my belief that everyone with a thinking brain, and especially those without, is one, whether it be as a witting one or not. 971 more words


The Material of Memory

“Westchester Summer” by Diane Arbus

photograph by Cindy Sherman

photograph “Illusions” by Francesca Woodman

One of my favorite Mad Men episodes was the one in which Don pitches “the Carousel,” a slide projector, for Kodak. 786 more words

A View on Life and Death

A while back, I saw that it was a friend’s birthday on Facebook. I had not talked with this friend in years, having lost touch after moving to a different city. 594 more words


Heidegger and Quantum Mechanics

Most people likely don’t connect Heideggarian philosophy with quantum physics…but you’re going to! 

Watch the trailer for the film, “The Quantum Activist” below. In it, physicist Amit Goswami is discussing implications of quantum scientific concepts. 49 more words


On the Concept of Nature Today

Looking back at the class on the philosophy of the environment I’ve just concluded, it seems to me — in good Hegelian fashion — that only now am I in a place to talk about the course’s methodology. 1,846 more words

Nodes Against Humanity

It’s the twenty-first century; people are born into an army of standing-reserves through joining a vast collection of human and non-human objects. Heidegger (1889-1976) was a German philosopher who studied… 317 more words