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Justin Bieber's dick: reflections from the limits of psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis is the discourse of the dark and distant places, whether the inner caverns of the psyche or the forbidden pit between the legs; its contention isn’t just that these places can be meaningful and significant, but that it’s in this void that meaning and significance take place. 1,780 more words


Heideggerian Anti-Mosque Protest

So apparently there was a protest against the planned building of a mosque in an Australian town today.

Actual anti-mosque chant:

What do we want?

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Giles The Cat

Our orange cat was dying. Suzanne was holding him next to her in a sling. Holly was making jewellery and Noah was playing Mine-craft. Savvy the dog came into the room. 528 more words

Mark Zlomislic

Notes on Art and Politics

My review of Ai Weiwei’s exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts focuses on Ai as a political artist. It is an obvious thing to do – Ai Weiwei is an activist artist. 607 more words


Pennies, pounds and being-in-the-world.

When people ask questions like, “Do people actually rent movies from you?”, and “How do you stay in business?”, or “Why would you show Nicolas Cage movies at a guaranteed financial loss?”, I usually answer with something about my love for film, and the joy of sharing it with others. 318 more words