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Images Imagine Us As We Imagine Images

Essay for the Noorderlicht blog:

“But I can’t help but connect Agee’s idea that sight “constantly formed by, and as constantly form(s)” the mind to Heidegger’s idea that language speaks us as we speak language, because now I must also conclude that images imagine us as we imagine images.”

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The Most Mysterious of Mysteries

Some will be disappointed by the realization of what I’m referring to in the title. As in, that’s not mysterious, it’s barely even interesting. But in naming it as the most mysterious mystery the double positive is itself neither positive nor negative, but both simultaneously. 952 more words


A Dance with Chance – isn’t that what life is all about

Thursday evening sitting in an exquisitely elegant and opulent 18th century inspired apartment just off Chapel Street owned by Tony Venios, I fell into conversation with two young women about philosophy. 268 more words

Alison Kennedy

Humdrum aesthetics, ambiance, and everyday affect

I’ve been off lately. Like a typist with baseball mitts on or a table with uneven legs. Finishing up coursework, graduating, moving back to my parents to prep for the next phase of life, I’ve been recalibrating my humdrum “average everydayness,” to use Heidegger’s term. 644 more words


For a friend: What is dasein?

It may be a bit hashy because I’m still in the early stages of understanding it myself but I’ll give it a go.

I won’t do a Heidegger on you and put the answer before the getting to the answer so I’ll paste here what was going to be my last paragraph: … 557 more words


The Legacy of Bultmann

Morphic fields of Western Christian collective consciousness have shown up in unpredictable ways, and somewhat ironically.  I want to have a quick look at a trajectory of field-influences (and this is not an equivocation; you could say it’s a pun, but I’m speaking of morphic fields) of applying hermeneutic methodologies to phenomena, which came out in the 20th century wash of the American Republican Christ.   759 more words


On Heidegger

I was a Heidegger fan in the very early 80s and read almost all, and I mean all, of his published, translated material in English, some more than once-over. 163 more words