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Notes towards a phenomenology of conspiracy theory

Really, what I want to talk about here is the unspoken axiom behind all epistemology: that we ought to believe statements that are propositionally true, and that we ought not to believe statements that are propositionally false. 2,348 more words

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The Birth of Love

Eddies of finitude arising ex nihilo from seas of infinite nothingness create realities. Reality is space-time coalescing around a Cartesian 0,0; approaching this simultaneously central and peripheral point… 595 more words


Within psychology, phenomenology constitutes the first step in a wider methodology called the psychophysical approach. As part of this approach, the subject is presented with a stimulus, one that produces a perceptual effect — for example, apparent movement. 545 more words


Being, and Being in the World | Open-Air Cremation in Colorado

Death rites are becoming more down-to-earth here in the West. As eco-minded baby boomers age, they’re seeking out alternatives to the trappings of  modern funerals — with all their concrete burial vaults and chemical embalming. 71 more words



We said last time that demons, as Dennett describes them, are background processes, unthinking subroutines that handle specific tasks distributed across several areas of the brain. 1,168 more words


Marco Rubio, Capitalist Logic, and the "Value" of Philosophy

In the fourth Republican presidential debate last night, Marcio Rubio said (now famously) that “Welders make more money than philosophers. We need more welders and less philosophers.” As with prior comments regarding the worthlessness of the humanities, the response to Rubio has been swift, and justifications and arguments for the value of philosophy are being provided with passion and vigor. 749 more words


Marco Rubio And The Philosophy Of Welding

Many years ago, I taught the inaugural edition of my Philosophy of Welding seminar. I began the semester by introducing some of the problems that would hold our attention during the semester: What is welding? 534 more words