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“Ljudsko, previše ljudsko” je tročasovna BBC serija iz 1999. godine, o životu i radu  Friedrich NietzscheMartin Heidegger, i Jean-Paul Sartre. Stvaraoci su stavljali akcenat na politički i istorijski kontekst, tako da je film o Hajdegeru recimo obrađivao skoro isključivo problem veze sa nacizmom.  123 more words

Incomplete Intelligibility

‘In the language which is spoken when one expresses oneself, there lies an average intelligibility; and in accordance with this intelligibility the discourse which is communicated can be understood to a considerable extent, even if the hearer does not bring himself into such a kind of Being towards what the discourse is about as to have a primordial understanding of it. 83 more words


Oregon - His Take

“Or be a child again and play on a more or less apocalyptic soccer team.”

– Roberto Bolaño

In April of this year Laura and I traveled to Oregon to visit Laura’s brother Jim and his fiancé (now wife) Katie. 1,553 more words

North America Trips

On National Republicanism

Dasein Journal is a website on National Republicanism in the spirit of Giuseppe Mazzini, the Italian revolutionary who combined ideas of national sovereignty, pan-European cooperation and peaceful coexistence. 224 more words

Mazzinian Republicanism

Arendt a la Taminieux

Arendt’s account of politics is contaminated by its mimetic relation to her mentor Heidegger’s account of politics. When engaging with a locutor, there is always a region of underlying agreement assumed in order to form a ground on which to engage. 743 more words

Hannah Arendt

Trump and Philosophy — or STS, Robert Frodeman

Author Information: Robert Frodeman, University of North Texas, Robert.Frodeman@unt.edu

Shortlink: https://wp.me/p1Bfg0-3j1

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On Disciplinary Philosophy

The relationship between the philosopher and the community has always been fraught. 656 more words