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Art is defined by one video as the purposeful expression of human creative skill or imagination that makes the audience feel something. German author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe proposed three questions for one to characterize a creative work as art: 1) did it have a goal, 2) did it achieve that goal, and 3) was it worth pursuing? 1,859 more words

My Spiritual Journey

Being is not beings qua beings: some textual evidence

Is teaching Heidegger fun? There is no consensus on anything, and the main point (the question of being) is something which it seems we cannot just talk  433 more words

Considering Connection and Lost Time

I woke from dreams yesterday, a bit confused, and lay in bed for a while to process the ideas and feelings mindfully, rather than hopping out of bed and forgetting them. 657 more words


A hunger, of some kind

In the concluding stanza of “Church Going,” Philip Larkin asserts that someone will forever be drawn to the churches he’s spent most of the poem gently deriding, because he “will be forever surprising / A hunger in himself to be more serious, / And gravitating with it to this ground… 718 more words

Gabriel Marcel

Graham Harman's 'Object-Oriented Ontology': Book Review

Whilst Harman’s intended audience is immediately apparent to the reader from his casual register and engaging tone, often drawing upon cultural reference points for clarity, this, we insist, ought not to deprive our criticisms of their credulity. 3,961 more words

Anomie and Postmodernism

Richard Sahn

These are not exactly happy times. Americans have fewer safeguards for their jobs, financial well-being, and, ultimately, their very lives. Uncertainty and insecurity have become more prevalent than ever I can remember. 1,072 more words

US Military


I remember being tender when I was younger. I remember there being spaces in my heart that were soft and open to the outside world, like the spaces in an infant’s skull called… 687 more words