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Geraint - Beaten Gold

Weeks and months later – when his mind has returned to him – one vivid memory will remain of that time, impressed by repetition upon his fractured thoughts like texture beaten into softened gold. 173 more words

Tammy Labude: I Think I'll BE

Facebook isn’t always politics and kitty cats. And it wasn’t for me today. It was the mournful media that informed me of a personal loss so heartfelt it is difficult to describe. 468 more words

Heidi - Love Is...

Love is a trap she falls into again and again.

It is ever the same – a beautiful face, a kind word, confidence exuded from every inch of her beloved’s body. 98 more words

A Basset Hound Deer Chase

On the way back on the morning walk this morning, I couldn’t see Heidi but could hear her baying loudly. Out from lower elevation a deer is coming at me and Sadie. 39 more words



I walked a mile with Pleasure, she chatted all the way;
But left me none the wiser for all she had to say.
I walked a mile with Sorrow, and ne’er a word said she; 626 more words

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Heidi Prompts - Winter-Spring

Something new

They sit together in frozen silence – Pietro, Nora and Heidi, lost in dark thoughts. Toni and Bowen share an embrace to ward off the chill. 697 more words

Out Of Hibernation

After almost 7 months of refusing to go on walks and hiding in bed for most of the day, every day … it was great to see Heidi enjoy the field this morning like she use to.