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Kristopher and Elsa welcome Heidi

Kristopher hated kids and he didn’t want one, but when he saw the joy on Elsa’s face, and met his daughter for the first time, he couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with joy. 30 more words

Page 44 the the rescue // sooooo cheeseyyyyy damn stereotypes and first impressions

Page 44 The Easter bunny

// first I thought calling this page “the rescue” soooooo cheeseyyyy

March 10th 2018

Namid stepped into Noel’s view and look at him with tears in her eyes. 588 more words

Episode 28: A Wrinkle in Time


There is such a thing as a tesseract. Get ready for the film release of A Wrinkle in Time with Courtenay, Shannon, and special guest Heidi.  76 more words


READ THE WORLD – Switzerland: Heidi by Johanna Spyri

The edition of Heidi I read was translated by Elizabeth P. Stork.

The classic children’s story about a young orphan named Heidi who after growing up with her grandfather in the Alps, where she falls in love with the wide-open spaces, is sent to the city to be a friend for a sickly girl named Clara. 278 more words


Heidi & the Silver Skating Dress

For many viewers figure skating is the highlight of the Winter Olympics. Little Swiss Miss Heidi, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, is more into skiing herself–she had to get down those Alps some way! 176 more words

Heidi by Johanna Spyri Review

The classic children’s book Heidi by Johanna Spyri is a delightful story which I re-read recently. I was given this gorgeous Puffin in Bloom edition for Christmas (see picture). 284 more words


What Does God Smell Like?

It’s been six weeks since Heidi died. I have spent innumerable hours thinking about her in heaven. I like Revelation 7:9-17 best for a descriptive image of what she does with all her time. 1,205 more words