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10/23/16 - History Repeats

Sometimes the story repeats. Patrick and I are talking about tribes and my venture into the unknown over coffee. Then Ben shows up. Ben was my counselor during the divorce. 752 more words


Lighthearted G Prompts 2

If I were a yeoman for a day” by Earl Geraint

If I were a yeoman for a day I would organise the wine so the Earl could find what he needed when he needed it and not end up in the cellar for hours, searching. 1,500 more words

Sitting in Switzerland...

It’s good to sit down after a long day at work, or a hike through town. Or just because you want to treat yourself to a coffee/wine/chat with a friend. 200 more words

Clayton Susan Heidi Pinup Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen Medium

Clayton Susan Heidi Pinup Guitar Picks – 1 Dozen Medium

Steve Clayton Inc
Susan Heidi Pin-ups Pick Medium 12 Pcs

These colorful picks on Clayton’s durable Acetal material are sure to impress. 14 more words

GERMAN CURRENTS SAN DIEGO Showcases its Festival Offerings This Weekend

German Currents San Diego, celebrating its 6th Annual Festival of German Film, has unveiled a lineup of award-winning German feature films for this year’s festival. Presented by the German American San Diego Foundation, the festival will showcase five screenings in Balboa Park on October 22-23. 156 more words


Hau Hau

All domestic dogs bark – wild dogs, as a rule do not.

Why domesticated dogs should do so is open to speculation, but one suggestion is that they are trying to imitate human speech. 68 more words


10/17/16 - Trying To Let Go

Last night as I was hyper tagging my ex on all the posts on this site and then I got tired. The better part of me won out and I removed all the tags. 679 more words