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Geraint - Wedding Prompts

Prompts from the selection of many – I am teaming each with a virtue to cover Beth’s prompt too. :) More will follow eventually.

—————- 1,437 more words

Which Fairy Tale Are You?

Maybe you have asked yourself this question for a long time…or maybe not. In either case, the answer can be revealed by taking the quiz below: 85 more words

The Fields of the Cloth of Gold - Beatrix prompts

Close Moments
Her hands stroking the velvet of his doublet or his fingers entwined with hers. Their antlers touching and clashing, her face buried in his shoulder. 1,177 more words

Love by James Russell Lowell

True Love is but a humble, low-born thing,

And hath its food served up in earthen ware;

It is a thing to walk with, hand in hand, 408 more words


Reading Material 01.22.16

Wilbur Scoville invented the way we measure hot peppers’┬áspiciness, Vox.

It is the 151st birthday of Wilbur Scoville. Turns out his scale for measuring the heat of peppers had nothing to do with food at all. 91 more words

Reading Material

I'm on Jon & Ted's Excellent Gamecast! :D

Jon & Ted have an excellent gaming podcast, and they invited me to talk about retro game collecting, but we ended up talking about a bunch of other things as well XD Like beer, IKEA, prison and virtual reality ^_^ 58 more words