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Gotta bark

Some days you just gotta let rip. . . .

and have a good bark..

yep, that feels sooo good 6 more words


Her Ladyship's Notebook: Face Things First

Today’s quote for my Ladyship’s Notebook comes from Johanna Spyri’s classic story; Heidi.

I remember as a child being very upset about something just before I was about to go out to a friend’s birthday party. 256 more words

Her Ladyship's Notebook

Now, Stop & Admire the Scenery, for a Change

Yesterday, my daughters and I drove from Vermont and crossed over the White Mountains,  in a route I love and have travelled for years. This time, though, with a daughter’s friend, we stopped at a place in the mountains I’ve always rushed by, at fifty or sixty miles per hour. 278 more words

Why I love Heidi so much

There’s an art museum on the outskirts of Melbourne that has changed and informed the way I live my life. In many ways, it has set the trajectory for the my life, this life, the one I’m breathing in now. 368 more words


Remembered Glory, Faded Loyalty - Part 2

When the morning light touched her eyelids, Heidi’s first realisation was that she was cold.

She reached out a hand and found the bed empty, the linen cool beneath her touch. 2,114 more words

Remembered Glory, Faded Loyalty - Part 1

After his party, when the last of the wine was consumed and everyone had departed or gone to bed, Geraint was at last able to take Heidi by the hand to his chamber and make love to her with the passion that had been building all night, stoked by so many desirable visitors – and the interminable hours of waiting until he could release her hair from its quite inexplicable number of braids. 1,482 more words