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height of love

what is the  greatest sense of love

one can feel

without being in that enviroment

and how it endures and where it tends

and how it makes chance… 49 more words


Dare to be a confident, tall sexybeast, for I am.

I will be 17 years old on the 9th of April, and my friends and I at break have been talking about what were going to do to celebrate it.   428 more words


Body Positivity Challenge: Day 3

Day three: Write three things you like about your body

My eyes are this earthy green that, when I go out into the sun, have little flecks of gold and brown in them. 80 more words

Raising Skills to a Higher Level / Hausser les habilités à un plus haut niveau

Dernièrement j’ai vu un ébéniste travailler sur un petit établi déposé sur son établi principal pour effectuer des gestes délicats et précis sans toutefois devoir se pencher et se blesser le dos. 599 more words

Workshop Projects / Projets D'atelier

Being Short...

Being short. To say the least, it’s difficult.

Crowded places are an absolute no. I go to school, and for what? So I can run into gigantic sixth formers? 334 more words

Beauty and relativity

Just today as I was enjoying the cab ride with my lil one, I was looking out of the window for eye catchy stuff that he’d be interested in. 136 more words

Gmail as seen from a tank

Google is very good at making customers feel good — which makes their rare faults more prominent. Here’s the only one I noticed in a long time. 102 more words