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First dates. There are good ones, but the number of bad ones greatly outweighs the staggering overall total. I can only make so many judgments (yes, I know calling them judgments sounds harsh, but let’s just call a spade a spade) about a guy prior to meeting him in person. 905 more words


Calling all Inventors, Designers & Manufacturers ......

Thanks to Kerry Chick and Maggie Kirkbride for inspiration for this post!

At 4’12” and not having grown since 13yo, I am living in a world where I don’t sit comfortably ! 392 more words


4 Month Checkup

At 4 months, Henri is up 4.4 lbs into the 80th percentile for weight at 16 lbs. 8 oz. and up 3 inches into the 97th percentile for height at 27 inches… 105 more words

Drinks To Increase Height

No offense if you were a Complan kid, but there are other foods than can help you grow taller. By consciously adding these drinks to your everyday diet, you could gain height (even if you’re an adult). 157 more words


Is this possible to Increase height with pills?

There are lots of people all over the world who would love to be a little bit taller and know what could be done to increase their height. 277 more words


Trials of a Weird Guitar Neck

I have a LTD AX-2E, which was a model available for only one year.  Despite the funky body shape, it’s a beautiful guitar and the U shaped neck profile is nice.   548 more words


Look Taller Through Your Dressing

When you were growing up, didn’t you go through a phase where you wished you were taller like some of your friends? I sure did but my growth spurt ended a little early! 365 more words