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Mountains are taller than Tall’s

Mountains are just Unique & even Taller than Tall’s…..

The uniqueness of Mountains makes it so different once we stand aside one such gigantic Nature’s gift & see it standing even Taller than it’s own height. 121 more words

You Have To Be This 💁‍♀️ Tall To Ride This Ride

There are some good guys in my life that I would consider dateable. Dateable by me? Nah. They’re not tall enough. Call it what you want, say what you will, but I don’t care. 555 more words

Minuscule Mick Jagger on Desert Island Discs (Rousse)

Seated next to me, Mick Jagger was able to disguise his height. However, the minute we both stood up I clocked that I was at least two inches taller than him.  60 more words

Can You Really Predict or Calculate Your Child's Future Height?

What’s the most common question most pediatricians get?

No, it is not about eye color, although that’s a common one too.

It’s about how tall a child is going to get when they finish growing. 696 more words

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Tall Girls' Problems

photo by me

Being tall is good. Strike that! Is great! From rocking long legs in the little black dress and looking absolutely stunning in a maxi dress to ‘long legs advantage’ when running for dear life during campus police party raids. 616 more words


The shorter the length of life?

As early as more than 100 years ago, scientists began to study the relationship between height and longevity. is a short man alive or tall? 585 more words