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Will you PLEASE stop commenting on my height or asking how tall I am!

I wish people would SHUT UP about my height. Once again:

“I saw you yesterday and noticed how tall you were. How tall are you?” – random person waiting for the elevator… 123 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Yes, the weather is better up here 

Happy Monday ,

I’m that psycho who actually likes mondays , I get to start my week fresh and forget about all the awkward bad things I did on the weekend. 397 more words


Franziska explains why we must push down into the floor first before we lift 

And this applies to everything – tendu – jete – battement – developpé

One ligament has to go under the another ligament to lift the leg – that’s y we need to push down to lift up – said franziska… 37 more words


Living life in the short lane.

Where I am: Mi casa

What I’m listening to: The Beatles – Abbey Road

Bonjour and hello to you!

(I’ve been rewatching ‘Miranda recently, can you tell?) 824 more words


Hello once again! It’s been long – pretty long – since I last posted someting. Actually, I had my intermediate exams going on. And nothing could be scarier for a student like me than screwing up any paper. 360 more words

From The Writer's Heart...

Act Your Age

Honestly I don’t know why I’m surprised anymore that people can’t ever accurately guess my age. It’s happened my whole life, and it’s not the guess in the good way, where people think you look young for your age (which I guess in a sense is a bad thing if there are age restrictions and you look 12 instead of 20, but still). 828 more words


How To Increase Height Up To 3 Inches And Become Taller Naturally?

Your height plays a very important role in your appearance and looks. Everybody wants a good height as it enhances personality and offer you a pleasing appearance. 468 more words