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Nice People, Nice People Not

I seem to bring out the worst in people. I have watched people who are nicer to other people and then turn round and be rude to me. 388 more words


The World We Live In

This world is really weird. When children are small, they want to grow up quickly to do things adults do. But when these same kids grow into adulthood, they want to remain at a certain age and forgo wrinkles and hormonal changes. 386 more words


The Rank Stupidity of Modern Feminism

The basic ignorance of female sexuality among modern-day feminists is borderline appalling — not the kind that simply want legal equality, mind you, which is nothing more than good and consistent classical liberalism, but the kind that are somehow under the mistaken impression that males and females are virtually identical, gender roles being little more than an artificial construct imposed by the patriarchy. 533 more words


Rockstar Podcast 10.1 Take 2: Coachella, Barbie Bikes, and Other Insights from a 4 Y.O.

Warning: The first take of this edition of the Rockstar Podcast had to be removed for extreme language (AT), fits of extreme crying (JT), and because it was terribly boring.

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There is something about being baby faced and short that makes one feel the whole world is against you. Almost everyone who sees you pretends you are the smallest person they’ve ever met, and they make a big deal out of it. 121 more words


The Tall and the Short of It

I had occasion to engage in conversation with two younger women about their dating preferences. Both were relatively short. Both admitted that they liked tall men. 675 more words

Marion Lane

The Prison of Knowledge

Hello Readers,

So it’s been a while since we last spoke as I’ve been busy with work but here I return.

I’ve avoided this blog now because I’ve had nothing important to say.  3,269 more words