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Bigger is not better

Short men make better husbands, and make up in wisdom what they lack in stature – BBC News Article

Not that this is news to me, I could have told them with all my 5’2″ frame that being on the left of the height curve means I’m at the top of the bell for being awesome.

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Student with dwarfism creating animation to tackle social prejudice, body-shaming and ‘heightism’ | DisabledGo News and Blog

A student with dwarfism is creating an animation to tackle the social prejudice and unwanted physical and verbal attention he gets because of his height. Chris Amor, from St John’s, Worcester, is working on the short film Living Jokes which he hopes to show at festivals and could be used by disability charities. 139 more words


Why Chris is re-creating some of the worst things he's experienced

This story is part of 30 Under 30.

Chris Amor is a 27-year-old university student, studying animation. Chris has dwarfism and experiences regular harassment, making him feel excluded and dehumanised. 947 more words


Cannabis Behind The Wheel

The dominos are beginning to fall…State after state, country after country is slowly and gradually legalising cannabis and hemp for industrial, recreational and medical use. Long-term, high functioning cannabis users all over the world have confessed to their penchant for the lush green plant. 1,528 more words