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Well, today marks my first full, post surgical, week back on campus.  The surgeon tells me that I’m good to go (more or less) but I think I’ll keep up the facade of a restriction on lifting for a little while longer  337 more words

"Captain America"- Richard Armitage Interview

Richard Armitage discusses his role as Heinz Kruger in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Richard Armitage: I play a character called Heinz Kruger who works for HYDRA.

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Richard Armitage

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My husband was watching a DVR’d episode of “Agents of Shield” recently and I decided to watch along. Most of the time I only half pay attention, usually occupying myself with something near by within hearing distance- it gets confusing trying to follow who is good, then bad, then good again. 157 more words

Richard Armitage

Heil Hydra

RA Character challenge

17.) Least Favorite Voice/Accent Used By a Character

Heinz Kruger

**I have no idea what the purpose of the little cartoon insert in this vid is for but it’s the only one I could find with Heinz’s voice… 41 more words

Richard Armitage


RA Character challenge

11.) A Villain You Feel Was Justified in Their Treatment of a Character

Since Heinz was the villain in his story, that would then Make Captain America the villain to him, wouldn’t it? 131 more words

Richard Armitage