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Heirloom Varieties

By Lawrence Davis- Hollander

Nothing quite says summertime gardening like the strain in your back after spending hours or even minutes stooped over rows of green beans. 1,294 more words


Of food for the planet and for our plates

The Third Plate by Dan Barber is a book that explores and celebrates a revolutionary way of growing food and of cooking and eating it . 1,081 more words


The Grow, Cook, Eat Festival

In search of compost, inspiration and a good lunch, I dropped in on this food festival in Bundanoon on my way back from Canberra last weekend. 1,440 more words

Community Garden

Nicklup Orchard


Yesterday we visited Nicklup Orchard to buy local stone fruit. We are on holidays again in Albany, the beautiful coastal town in the south west corner of Western Australia. 264 more words

Fruit & Vegetables

Bolita Beans an Heirloom Variety

I planted bolita beans that I bought from a farm less than 30 miles from here. They are hopefully the best adapted bean to use in my garden and the best candidate for experimenting with growing without supplemental water. 397 more words

Food Forest

The Winter Rose

In spite of one of the warmest Mays on record, we all know winter is on the way and with it comes some of my favourite things.   439 more words


Autumn planting

Every day someone asks me when is the best time to plant this, or that.   Autumn is a very productive planting time, while the soil is still warm, and particularly here in the Highlands, so moist.   295 more words

Country Gardens