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Zen Gardening

It’s the art of doing nothing, at least that’s what I’m calling it. For a few months I’ve been watching the weeds grow taller and taller and remained inside most of the time; too wet, muddy or cold.  294 more words

Backyard Adventures

Summer Gardening

I’ve never particularly liked gardening in the Summer as I’ve often had plants fry during heat waves or hot winds.  This way of thinking is slowly starting to subside after my 3rd Summer back in Victoria since spending many Summers in South Australia – the driest state in a very dry continent – those hot dry conditions were no picnic. 384 more words

Backyard Adventures

Around the vegie patch

I had heirloom seedlings growing in pots which are now thriving in gardens after being knocked over by strong winds not so long ago.  Some of these seeds were out of date but still grew (except for ‘lazy wife’ climbing bean – self explanatory).  393 more words

Backyard Adventures

Sharing the Bounty

One of the very best things about gardening for me is to share what we grew.  Our neighbors and friends are probably sick of tomatoes, squash and peppers by now but we love the exchange of produce and eggs that goes on along our street.   183 more words