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My grandfathers pocket watch. He would sit in an old chair playing the mandolin. Almost blind he would pull this old watch out of his pocket and almost press it to his aged eyes to read the face. 7 more words

Fine Art

Successful Seed Swap

The 8th annual Santa Barbara Seed Swap went off without a hitch yesterday, despite the crazy weather. Young and old gathered in the Faulkner Gallery at the Santa Barbara Public Library for another wonderful community event. 171 more words

Grandpa Jose died three days ago.

It was a lung complication, they said, contributed by his age.

However, my Mom only scoffed and answered, “His addiction to cigarette tolled his life.” 4,244 more words


Why Don’t You? #94


Why don’t you all investigate the theory that Donald Trump is being paid by wealthy individuals to skew the election in favor of the Democrats? 479 more words


Heirloom Tomato, Zuchini Flower, Broad Bean & Ricotta Tart

We are having such a crap summer in Sydney this year. Is has rained most days, and the days it is sunny tend to be roasting hot and muggy and then storms roll in by the afternoon. 658 more words

Egg Free