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In His Fathers Footsteps

“When the baking is done we’ll go and have fun”,

I promised, and ruffled his hair.

My  birthday boy clutches his newest toy,

a boat that he’s itching to sail, … 298 more words

Poetic Thoughts

Tomater på hagemarkedet

Eidsvåg hagelag selger sjeldne tomatsorter på hagemarkedet 13.mai.  Frøene kommer fra Tomatprat, en hageblogger som dyrker spesielle sorter fra heirloomsorter, nye spesielle krysninger og gamle typer. 2,690 more words

Reduce, Reuse, Regrow

I live in the Upper Mid-West which is zone 3- 4 for planting which basically means that if I want to grow anything that takes more than a couple of months to mature I need to do a lot of planning and prep work. 487 more words

Back To Basics

Gardening Tip: Green Tomatoes

Usually, tomatoes turn red when ripe, but some varieties stay green. Have you tried growing green tomatoes? Maybe is time you give them a try if you haven’t since are “among the sweetest, richest, most aromatic around”. 217 more words


Availability List & Pricing for Potted Plant Sale

Much of what is listed here will be available by the end of April.  Exact time/date of sale TBD soon!  We will be having a second sale with mostly tomatoes, chiles, and herbs in the beginning of May.   221 more words

Farm To Table

Hand-embroidered linens: a celebration of the unique gifts of mothers

I’ve got something you don’t have!

I say this gleefully, hand to mouth to hide my smile. But my treasure isn’t valuable in a monetary sense. 816 more words

Here's How I See It

Greens and peas

Sunny and beautiful today. Planted a variety of greens, shelling peas, and poppies. Also, soaked ‘painted lady’ sweet pea overnight and planted. Blacktail mountain watermelon and petite Gris canteloupe are soaking in a paper towel because they did not germinate in my seed starter trays.