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Yes, it was summer. No, it was not warm.

When Susan requested Calke Abbey as the venue for their shoot my heart jumped a beat. You see, as well as being a photographer I am mum to Jacob & Eleanor and Calke is one of our favourite haunts. 378 more words

Amie's Pumpkin pie chocolate chip cookies

My wonderful cousin Amie sent me this recipe at the perfect – and my favorite – time of the year, Autumn. A gentle chill in the air and the smell of pumpkin cookies coming from the kitchen. 265 more words


Curry Fried Potatoes with Heirloom Tomato Sauce

California was so relaxing, so invigorating! But I am now back home in Phoenix. The weather is starting to cool off here, and it feels nice to cook warmer stews and spicier dishes that wake up the palate. 442 more words


Dad's -should- be famous pie.

My dad has been making pies for as long as I can remember. Every time a family function was happening, or a holiday of any kind – dad would bake hundreds of them. 315 more words


Saving your own tomato seeds to grow

Summer may be over, but delicious tomatoes are still around. Don’t forget to save tomato seeds to grow next year! Here’s how:
Heirloom tomatoes are easy to grow at home and evolved to be infinitely tastier than store-bought ones, which are bred for long truck rides and shelf stability. 418 more words