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Restoring A Favorite Quilt: Basic Steps

It is so important to me that our family quilts be maintained.  The “Forever” in our name, ForeverQuilt, represents to us the heritage of your quilt.

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Planting Day

I’ve been putting it off too long, but it’s not entirely my fault.  The weather has not been cooperating at all!  It’s finally supposed to be dry for a few days in a row, so I finished prepping the garden bed from the state I’d left it in a week ago (above photo).   143 more words

Food Sleuth Radio Interview

This PRX radio interview took place last year and was released in March 2015. Some things have changed (like not currently having a farm in Virginia…) but it’s a nice listen overall. 


Pandora Bracelet

Ever since an acquaintance of mine showed me her Pandora bracelet and told a little story about every charm she had I have been fascinated by this bracelet. 480 more words


One project, two project, yeah!

The past two weeks have been a busy around the Micro Farm.  The first project was a new compost bin.  We have become the compost center for several households in our neighborhood.  412 more words

Spring, to the Lackadaisical Home Gardener

Can you believe it is just about May? I should say, do I believe it is just about May? I wouldn’t think so based on the cold front blast this past week that reminded me what it looks like when it both rains and snows at the same time (if you don’t remember, it usually looks like hail). 989 more words