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Friday Night Family Heirlooms: Grandma Ola's Lily

Friday Night Family Heirlooms

Grandma Ola’s Lily

These type lilies were always around my Grandma Ola’s farmhouse in Siloam, Georgia and all around the countryside. Even today I still find them in the area there around the older country homes and farms; they are truly just plain old country lilies. 852 more words

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Friday Night Family Heirlooms... telling their stories: Aunt Lena's Sewing Cabinet

Friday Night Family Heirlooms… telling their stories: Aunt Lena’s Sewing Cabinet

When “heirlooms” aren’t identified, and their stories never told, they often become items tossed or sold – as they have no history, no ties to the family. 1,423 more words

Daily Writings And Funnies...

The Doorman in My Bewbz

I spent my last full week in Madrid wearing yoga pants and singing Santana’s “María María” as I cared for a teenager of the same name.   246 more words



I dare say

of quill and quilt,

they both tell a beautiful story.

Ah, but when you nest with the quilt

and her many cozy chapters… 30 more words


Watch History: My Great-Grandfather's Watch

I lost my great-grandfather about 13 years ago. He was preceded in death 8 years earlier by his wife, my great grand mother. I was fortunate to have both of my maternal great-grandparents around for my adolescence and throughout my teenage years. 279 more words


Hang on to your plastic, it might be worth something!

I’ve been having a tiny declutter this week. Another five bags of assorted items to go to the charity shop, well, after they’ve sat in the hallway for a week or so, as I’m good at bagging and less good at actually dropping off. 417 more words

The burden and blessing of family heirlooms

Over the last two and a half years my sister and I have had two bigs jobs to do. We lost our mother and our aunt, and we had to sift through their personal items to identify what was worth saving, and what we could live without. 387 more words