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Perennial pieces

At times, it can be easy to forget the value of items we presently own. They’ll always be there, so why should we worry about them? 249 more words


Wall Flowers 

Occasionally I like to highlight my creative endeavours and today it seemed appropriate to feature the wall hanging that I gave to my mother.

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What Being a Hoarder Taught Me About the Art of Packing

By Susan Roberts

I’ve seen a lot of articles lately on how to streamline your life, organise your living space, and how to let go of all that junk you’ve been hoarding. 1,037 more words

Susan Roberts

Recovering What Can't Be Replaced

Disasters, whether naturally occurring or not, can happen with unpredictable force and consequence within a moment’s notice. While homeowners’ and automobile insurance can repair or even replace, what about something such as an art or family heirloom piece that’s one of a kind? 247 more words

Storm Drill

Economics of Downton Abbey: Selling Heirlooms

(Season Five, Episode Eight)

I have just a quick post for today, and want to touch on two things: the sale of the Piero della Francesca painting and the war memorial unveiling.   517 more words

Economics Of Downton Abbey

Photo of the day - Crimson

Crimson flowered broad bean (Fava) in my garden.

Photo Of The Day

Heirlooms passed down by Seed Savers Exchange | netnebraska.org

Heirlooms passed down by Seed Savers Exchange

by Sarah Boden
for Harvest Public Media, September 8, 2014

Like a dusty old photo album, heirloom seeds have been passed down through generations. 650 more words