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Wedding Vows {Painting Progression}

Join me as I share the progression of Wedding Vows below.
Read about the objects and symbolism for Wedding Vows in this post.

Wedding Vows… 269 more words


My Canned Tomatoes

After spending two days canning tomatoes, I was washing the jars and admiring my work. I knew that one of the Ball jars was from 1923-1933 but, wondered (ok hoped) that maybe one was even older. 108 more words


Grandma's Gold plates and other ramblings from the Prairies

Well I was asked to take a picture of the dish set that I inherited , they were my Grandmother’s on my Dad’s side , they were given to her in 1913 as a wedding gift , I don’t know who gave them to her , I am guessing most likely her Mother , so if you have ever wondered what a gold plate looks like, I took a picture of one of the saucers to show you , I didn’t want to dig through the box and newspapers they are wrapped in too much as I have no safe place to put them yet, I will have to build a china cabinet over the winter just for them. 600 more words


A Gem of a Story

A story inspired by a piece of jewelry…

When I suggested this topic, I had in mind a very touching story that involved me in a minor way. 556 more words


eba106b The Story behind Junk.

The Art Fabian Company has a committee formed to try to preserve the estate and the Heritage of the Smiths.  (not their real name).  In the community where these people live there is a movement to declutter the house.   253 more words


Tomato Sandwich in a Bowl: Heirloom Panzanella

I grew up in the Southeastern U.S. where the heat and long growing season made for deliciously ripe tomatoes. In the summers, I ate many a fresh tomato sandwich. 667 more words


I'm no ring bearer...

Coming across this photo in my latest editing daze reminded me of the day I lost my wedding ring.

I forgot to slip it back on after washing my hands – rookie wifey mistake – and then darted out of a Starbucks restroom, elated at the fact that I was going to pick up my husband, Ricky, at the airport who had been away two days for job training. 200 more words