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The Loveys

From my kitchen table I can see that lamp. That floor lamp I finally came up with an excuse to get rid of (it really is far too puny for our oversized family room, and I had no other place to use it) and temporarily replaced with a bigger, more… 2,170 more words

The Clutter Project

        I‘ve been trying to clear the clutter from my life. The other day, I was walking around the house in which I live, the one in which I grew up having returned to care for my parents before they died and I was thinking about those things that I have, things that I own, that I have collected through the years, and the things that have been passed down to me from generations past. 145 more words

Of Lesser Things

My Favourite and Easy Way to Save Tomato Seeds

Simple and effective are adjectives that describe my gardening preferred style.  I am not retired.  I have a business and I am a Mum to an active toddler.  228 more words

Growing Fruit & Veg

78/365 Photo Challenge 2015

Family heirlooms (mostly). Now our Shabbos dishes. :-)

365 Photo Challenge 2015

another NEW heirloom collage

Happy Wednesday!  I created this collage a few weeks ago, but must have forgot to post it.  I’m trying to take photos of all of my heirlooms…little by little.  51 more words

Chiffon cake made with Magic Manna Flour Corn

Friends with celiac disease will enjoy a delicious cake now and then. Keeping track of all ingredients is a paramount health concern. Carol Deppe, artisan corn breeder has introduced us to her versatile and flavorful… 487 more words


Introducing... Calls Landing

Leeds-based four-piece Calls Landing will release their debut album ‘Heirlooms’ on 11thMay, 2015. 356 more words