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Heirlooms (finally!)

After much anticipation, we’re finally seeing tomatoes!

We love the “sausage tomatoes” at bottom in this foto… Great for sauces, salsa and “pico de gallo” 18 more words



Covering the golden dish is a crown of dazzling majesty,

Embroidered in velvety rose,

And glossy threads of all kinds,

Inside the shade of its coned covering lay bracelets and jewels, 181 more words

Random Musings

IT’S NOT SURVIVAL, BUT LIVING WELL: Notes on Thoreau’s Walden, Nickel and Dimed, survivalist T.V. shows, and the recent trend of man’s digital “return to nature” by Jason Kish

  1. When I saw the first episode of “Alone” on television, I wasn’t outraged or offended by the concept (I will admit, I even like the show), but wondered why the producers opened it with Thoreau because, though it seems relevant, it just didn’t fit the genre.  
  2. 1,961 more words

Bacony-Cheddary Heirloom Jalapeno Poppers by Jason Kish

You can leave out the bacon or use a vegan-friendly substitute for this recipe:
Everyone I know loves this recipe!  It has a little bit of Mexican flare, but is still pretty American all around. 478 more words

In Memory of Audrey: Rustic, Creamy Tomato Soup by Jason Kish

There are many tomato soup recipes online; however, I found a number of them to be lacking in flavor.  They were too tangy, too red (like a tomato sauce), and without complex creamy tomato notes.  865 more words

Sooooo Many Tomatoes! STUFFED, ROASTED TOMATOES by Jason Kish

Today, I was wondering what to do with a ton of “Way Ahead” Heirlooms by Jung.  These tomatoes have a lot of juice in them!  I decided to make a stuffed, roasted tomato dish to serve with crusty bread.  320 more words

Zach and Megan’s “Perfect Summer” Salsa: Recipe by Jason Kish

When my friends from high school finally tied the knot, I (excitedly) decided to cook a celebration dinner for them.  They’ve since been happily together, and almost every time they visit, Zach mentions the salsa I made that night as the best he’s ever had.  691 more words