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Tomatoes on the balcony

I have great news!!! Our balcony cherry tomatoes started ripening last week-end. And this week is very hot in Düsseldorf (the weather forecast announces up to 38 degrees – now the climate change sceptics should start believing it is all for real). 61 more words


Legacies & Heirlooms

When most people think of legacy they think of wonderful gifts or heirlooms passed down from generation to generation, keeping family traditions alive.

Traditions are to be treasured, like my great grandmother’s collection of jewelry from the roaring twenties and my grandfather’s collection of classic books written by literary icons like Shakespeare and Mark Twain. 109 more words

Old Traditions Make New Memories: My Family Adventure In The Great Outdoors

There’s an heirloom of sorts sitting in my garage. It’s not a necklace or a quilt, but something less traditional: a 15-foot Coleman canoe. It was my family’s boat when I was a child growing up in the Midwest, and I have memories of paddling with my parents and sister, fishing in the lush state parks of Northern Wisconsin or in the deep clear lakes of the Sylvania Wilderness in Michigan. 892 more words

Onion Review

For the first time in nearly 20 years, I grew onions from seed. Back then I lived in Hollandale, Minnesota where there were acres of onion fields. 234 more words


Squash Leaf Identification

I love my Winter Squash, and each time I plant, I find beauty in their shapes and sizes, but as I get more seasoned as a grower, the nuances in the leaves also calls out to me. 119 more words

...now with antiques!

I’ve finally begun selling antiques alongside my art! After all, not all old things are fit for destruction and incorporation into other things. With the arrival of a really exciting… 107 more words


Roasted Beet Salad

by Heather Harris Brady

I know, a whole lotta people hate beets. But if you’re one of them then you’re probably skipping this post anyway. 272 more words