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Bricking Bad

Breaking Bad is, according to everyone who’s ever watched it (including this TLCB writer), the best thing that’s ever been on TV ever. The Pontiac Aztek however, is widely considered to be one of the worst vehicles ever made in the history of the automobile ever. 220 more words


Scientific Fundamentalism

Following up from our previous installment on Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principal, Sir Arthur Eddington reminds us (from his book “The Nature of the Physical World”) that “our particle can never have simultaneously a perfectly definite position and a perfectly definite energy…. 462 more words

PREVIEW: Basement

A lot of people think that AMC‘s Breaking Bad is one of the best shows out there. With that in mind, allow me to pose a question: have you ever thought about being like Walter White (minus the terminal cancer, of course) and becoming your own self-made drug lord? 711 more words


My Heisenberg A.D.I.D.A.S.

A brief explanation of proximity…a German university lecturer named Werner Heisenberg came to a seemingly paradoxical conclusion…
Stating that the more we know about the position of a particle in physical space, the less we know about its momentum, 269 more words

Random Things

When Breaking Bad met Istanbul - TWICE

Istanbul is a city that is filled with cafes, restaurants and food stalls. From the casual tea carts in Taksim to the fancy restaurants in Sultanahmet and the quirky cafes in Karaköy, it is clear that Istanbulians share a fascination for eating and drinking. 559 more words


What we observe is not nature herself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.

– W. Heisenberg

Science Quotes

The Big Bad List: 40+ Must See Breaking Bad Fan Art

There’s no better good-guy-turned-bad-guy story than Breaking Bad. This week’s Big Bad List is dedicated to one of the most badass shows ever! Go ahead and treat yourself some Breaking Bad swag. 363 more words