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Uncertain Determinism

A quark within a particle
of the nucleus of an atom
in a molecule of substance
of a rolling snooker ball
is neither here nor there… 67 more words


HEISENBERG : the Uncertainty Principle Wyndhams, WC1


A quick quantum-mechanics lesson (though this is not a play about science). The Heisenberg principle asserts that there is a limit to knowing what will happen to the position of a particle, even if you know its momentum. 635 more words

Why Breaking Bad is a landmark in television

Television these days is considered the entertainment medium for grown-ups. There have been some really, really good TV shows in the last decade and a half with thematically strong content. 518 more words


One More Time

I shall once again refer to Lionel Trilling’s excellent novel The Middle of the Journey because it raises a fascinating question, one that so many of us have forgotten to think about. 775 more words

Hugh's Blogs

Breaking Bad: 5 facts

Today at Besties, we share the 5 facts about our favourite series Breaking Bad.


Breaking Bad is an American neo-western crime drama television series created and produced by Vince Gilligan.  290 more words


Time and its traces: scientists


===================== Charles Darwin Biologist 1809 – 1882 ===================== James Clerk Maxwell Physicist 1831 – 1879 =====================    J. Willard Gibbs Physicist 1839 – 1903 ===================== 21 more words