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BREAKING BAD-Hail Heisenberg

Imagine you live a normal life with a normal job and have a family.Everything is going well and one day you find out that the bad guys are making more in an hour then you make in a year but that doesn’t deter you and you keep on going with your normal life.Then suddenly you realize you wasted all your potential and got nothing to show for your life and the moment you plan to do something you’re struck down with a disease that’s not curable and you have a very short time to live and you have left nothing for you family.What will you do?Welcome everyone,i know that the introduction was a lot sad but that’s the starting point of this show which shows us the reality of what would happen if good guys try to do bad things.Let’s talk about the life of Walter White(Heisenberg). 883 more words

Tv Show

Capítulo 1: Los ladrillos de la vida. (Átomos y moléculas.)


La química, una ciencia especialmente creada para el siglo XXI, es la ciencia que estudia la materia y todos y cada uno de los cambios que ocurren en ella. 1,217 more words

Primer Parcial.

Knowing and unknowing

Knowledge can be a beautiful thing, and a wondrous thing if you stop and think about it.  How do we “know” something?  We go to school and get fed  information that we… 545 more words


WATCH: Walter White Is Named Head Of The DEA On 'SNL', And He Promises To "Make America Cook Again"

With the hysteria over the election receding into the rear-view mirror, Saturday Night Live didn’t have as much political fodder to work with this week as it has most weeks this season. 140 more words


Custer and Gall, Jellicoe and Heisenberg and the Monkey Wrench

This week’s musings are a little more esoteric than usual, but there it is.  While we note the birth of Martin Van Buren on 5 December 1782, of Clyde Cessna in 1879, of Walt Disney in 1901, the patenting of nitrocellulose in 1846, and the end of Prohibition in the United States in 1933, today your intrepid researcher chooses some more closely related persons to expound upon…and things like pipe wrenches that your intrepid researcher and consistently failed plumber owns but cannot use. 1,228 more words



If the name “Heisenberg” has frightened you into thinking this is a dense play about quantum mechanics, never fear.  It is, rather, about the most everyday of occurrences: two dissimilar people getting to know each other and determining the substance of their relationship.  471 more words