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Scientific Truth from Werner Heisenburg

Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976) became well-known as the Father of Quantum Physics after being awarded the Nobel Prize for creating quantum mechanics. He received the prize in Physics for 1932. 126 more words



Spies & particle physics. Not natural bedfellows to most people – but then, Tom Stoppard isn’t ‘most people’. This revival production of Hapgood has been tweaked ever so slightly from its original UK run in 1988, though mainly to change outdated jokes, plus one scene has been moved to make things a little clearer for the audience. 723 more words

Breaking Bad Fan Dresses as Heisenberg to Rob Starbucks

He is The One Who Knocks, people!
Look, we never condone violence or criminal acts here at The Hollywood Gossip.
It's just not our policy. We are all for the country's legal system. 19 more words

"But I Do Not See"

I’m at Full Heisenberg:

all around me speeds away

and I sit and watch.


Why Fallout 4 is flawed greatness

Bethesda’s love child is a bit of a mess really. This is game number four and it has barely changed. The bugs have become an… 867 more words


Post coming tomorrow


Our members were busy on their own terms, couldn’t kickstart as we planned. However, our main man has risen from his dormant position between being sick and active. 22 more words


Confusing Clickbait

Well The Godless and Irreligious are at it again. I honestly think I can just check their page once a week for my fill of bizarre, error filled memes. 443 more words