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Ones to Watch: Better Call Saul Season 3

Written by Bijan Shahrezaey in Film

Good news for fans of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul as season three of the popular spin off is set to hit our screens soon! 74 more words


microreview & interview: Susan Lewis' Heisenberg's Salon

review by José Angel Araguz

Drawing inspiration from German physicist Werner Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, which “states that the more precisely the position of some particle is determined, the less precisely its momentum can be known, and vice versa,” Susan Lewis’ latest collection, … 1,325 more words

Quantum Physics Part 2 : Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle


In 1927, the German physicist Werner Heisenberg mathematically determined a formal inequality that stated the relation between the deterministic precision between the position of a particle and its momentum. 1,044 more words


fallacying with susan lewis

In my recent microreview & interview of Susan Lewis’ Heisenberg’s Salon (BlazeVox ), I discuss the ways in which the poems in the collection engage with the uncertainty principle and its take on the relation between position and momentum. 444 more words

Where Breaking Bad Season 4 is taking me!

So I started this blog several years, hoping to write regularly but nothing could make me get started until I started watching Breaking Bad and my mind ended up with more than it could keep to itself, hence I got forced to kick start my blog finally. 387 more words

Breaking Bad

Thoughts on Reality

Thoughts on Reality

Have you ever thought and wondered if what you see, hear, smell, taste and touch  is real?These are just some of my musings on why that is unlikely and that everyone probably experiences a different reality. 1,738 more words

Richard Kefford

The Return of Heisenberg - My Review of Breaking Bad: The Movie

15/03/17 EDIT: Just found out its been taken down because of a copyright claim from Sony Pictures. Shame :(

Spoilers for ALL 5 seasons of Breaking Bad follows… 599 more words