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Heisenberg | Walter White | Breaking Bad

10″x14″ Danger Sign

Walter White aka Heisenberg hand painted on a “Danger, Keep Away From Flame” Sign

Sharpie, Acrylic, metallic Marker, metal sign


Natural Science #5: Uncertainty Principle

In the last natural science post, we briefly discussed the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Considering that this principle laid the foundation for all of modern quantum mechanics, we could spend a little more time on it. 1,829 more words

Natural Science

Natural Science #4: Atomic Structure

Around 400 BCE, Leucippus and his pupil Democritus proposed that matter was composed of small indivisible parts called “a tomos,” better known as atoms. They argued that if we take any substance and cut it in half, and repeat this process again and again, eventually we will reach an object so small it cannot be cut in half again. 1,486 more words

Natural Science

#1. “He lies here somewhere.” would be a perfect epitaph for which famous scientist?

Answer: 8 more words

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Bryan Cranston signs on for the Power Rangers reboot

The “Breaking Bad” star has announced that he will be playing the Head of the Rangers in the Power Rangers reboot.

See what I did there? 92 more words

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breaking bad 4u

(SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t seen the Breaking Bad series yet!)

When we’re on fairs one of the coolest things is the fact that some titles remain extremely popular, eventhough it’s been some time since we’ve seen them on tv. 416 more words

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