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More Heishi Fit Notes - Choosing the Correct Length

When buying heishi necklaces, first you need to know how the artist or seller measures their heishi necklaces.

Many heishi makers sell their heishi by length of material used, so 19″ of turquoise heishi might be sold as 19″ …………but with a hook and eye and the bit of slack incorporated in the necklace to make it hang right, the actual necklace wearing length might be closer to 19 3/4″. 199 more words

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Is the Turquoise in the Heishi Necklaces Real?

Hi Paula,

I received my package today. Thank you for such a careful and professional packing, fast delivery and beautiful necklace. I do have a question. 179 more words

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Pen Shell Heishi and Inlay in Native American Jewelry

When I was a kid, we vacationed on Sanibel Island in Florida and I was an avid sea shell collector. One of the most common sea shells I remember was a huge brown fan shaped bi-valve called a Pen Shell (also called Penn Shell but never Pin Shell). 87 more words

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Santo Domingo Heishi Cuff with Hallmark LC - Help Identify Please

Hi Paula,

I am trying to research a heishi cuff I own with the marking on the  inside on the silver of LC with fainting etching of MUZK close but smaller in size to the LC.  143 more words

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What Makes Turquoise Change Color?


My mom bought a ring and bracelet many years ago on a family trip and she wore them all the time, including when she did the dishes. 580 more words

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Turquoise Heishi Necklaces - Price Differences

Hi Paula,

Can you please tell me why the 22″ necklace is almost $100 more than
the 18″?  They are by the same artist, Ella Mae Garcia. 371 more words

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Native American Jewelry Techniques - Squaw Wrap

I’ve been researching to find the proper way to make a squaw wrap on necklaces to no avail.  How is this technique achieved?  I understand the type of thread/cord to be used, however, securing the cord at each end seems to be a mystery.  291 more words