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What the heck-a is heka?

I am often asked to write about heka1. The problem with me writing about heka is that I really don’t do much heka. My heka work is limited to prayers, offerings, and the occasional execration. 1,082 more words


Devo's Burninatin' Celebration: 2016 Edition

If I could sum up this year’s Wep Ronpet in a succinct phrase, it would be “the year Devo went it alone.”

When it comes to Wep Ronpet, I usually have direction or a process to inform you guys about. 2,058 more words


Heka Living 400 ml Essential Oil Diffuser with Built In Clock

The Heka Living Essential Oil Diffuser comes with a built in clock but that is not the feature that sold it for me. The best part about this diffuser is the large tank so that you don’t have to refill it as often. 248 more words

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The Night Vigil

It was a bit of a different Night Vigil this year. Wesir asked for books, so I made books. One is for ritual, one is for heka. 504 more words


Oleh Sayf Muhammad Isa
Episode 1 – Menkheperreseneb

Peristiwa menghadapnya nabiyullah Musa dan Harun kepada Fir’aun adalah sebuah peristiwa besar dalam sejarah. Peristiwa ini disusul oleh pertemuran sihir yang amat sengit antara para penyihir Fir’aun dengan mukjizat Nabi Musa. 1,088 more words


Heka, Anxiety, & Confidence

I am a person that is unfortunately diagnosed with GAD (general anxiety disorder) and it has its effects in my overall life. The religious and magical part of my life is no exception. 561 more words

Experiences With The Netjeru