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But Where's Orion's Head?

This post originally was originally published in a slightly modified form in the newsletter of the Westchester Amateur Astronomers. If you’re looking for a great bunch of people to amateur astronomize with, check them out. 667 more words

PLAYLIST: March 2018

England’s finally defrosting after the visit from ‘The Beast From The East’, and us Get In Her Ears girls are ready to embrace the springtime. To get us in the mood, we’ve compiled our favourite new March tunes in to one fresh playlist. 1,049 more words


Get In Her Ears w/ Heka

This week Tash and Mari played the usual array of fantastic new music, including tunes from Dream Nails, LibraLibra, LIINES, Hero Fisher and RYD.

They also had the lovely… 26 more words

New Music

The Fight For Yourself

Before I start this post, I wanted to thank everyone who gave me feedback from my last post. It’s great to see that I still have a readership despite being awol for the past year or two, and I’m glad to hear that people like my less informative posts, and were still down with seeing more of my shadow work stuff. 1,764 more words


Approaching the Magical Book of Gates

I thought it timely to introduce the Book of Gates: the mystical initiatory text of the Underworld and stars from Ancient Egypt.  The Book of Gates is a complex, enigmatic and coded book that acts as a signpost and guide to those who seek to evolve in life and also in death. 1,847 more words


21 Days Kemetic Challenge  - Day #19

Do you use heka in any way? How do you use it?

Most of the heka I do is political. I execrate isfet a lot, and I curse fascists.

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21 Day Challenge

21 Day Kemetic Challenge - Day 16

Are there any rituals you regularly perform?

Since I am a very disorganised and busy Kemetic, the short answer is no, apart from offerings.

The one I have performed more often is the execration of A/p/e/p, mostly by drawing on a banana to make it look vaguely like a snake and then mashing the shit out of it and eating it.

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