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On Hermes and Hekate

Well, I said I was going to write about Hermes, and Hekate, and that time is now, so. Strap yourselves in, this might get long and rambly wooo. 1,336 more words

Super, Blood, Lunar eclipse : Celebrating Khenty-irty

Khenty-Irty. Illustration is mine.

Last night was the super blood lunar eclipse. This sort of event does not come often. It caught me by surprise since I was only planning a small full moon candle prayer. 384 more words


Anointing with the Living Uraeus

Last night a student texted and said she thought she was having ghost problems. Not unusual for this person, but no less scary. They asked for my help and I arranged to meet them at their place that evening. 172 more words


Netjeri: wandering thoughts and events

It is strange to have a reprieve from the intense ‘must find’ hunt that the gods send you on. Not that I am complaining. This is a time I need to take advantage of. 263 more words


Devo's Burninatin' Celebration: 2015 Edition

With each passing year I have found that my Wep Ronpet festivities are less about the Epagomenal days, and are becoming more and more about Set and execrating things and calling it a holiday. 1,663 more words


End of the Year

As my Kemetic calendar is reckoned, today is the last day of the Egyptian year. The next five days then are the Epagomenal Days, the “Days Upon the Year” before Rep Renpet and the start of the next calendar year. 325 more words

Feasts & Festivals

Ancient Egyptian Ritual Magic: The Care & Feeding of a God

In ancient Egypt, magic and religion were indivisible. Priests were magicians and magicians, priests. Hekau was a general term for anyone who used magic, but the “ 1,277 more words