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End of the Year

As my Kemetic calendar is reckoned, today is the last day of the Egyptian year. The next five days then are the Epagomenal Days, the “Days Upon the Year” before Rep Renpet and the start of the next calendar year. 325 more words

Feasts & Festivals

Ancient Egyptian Ritual Magic: The Care & Feeding of a God

In ancient Egypt, magic and religion were indivisible. Priests were magicians and magicians, priests. Hekau was a general term for anyone who used magic, but the “ 1,277 more words


What Today brings

Morning came, though dawn’s light had little bearing on King Twerg’s cave buried so deep within the rock.  Aerin, Orpheus and Fjalar rose from their hard beds rejuventated and spent an hour or so rummaging around the small hidden treasure cave once more to find food and drink.  808 more words


Heka Error - No registered plugin type: SandboxOutput

When working with Heka if you get an error similar to the following;

2015/04/28 16:12:03 No registered plugin type: SandboxOutput

then that means you might be using an older version of Heka which doesn’t support the particular plugin in the error message. 35 more words


What is Heka? (heka part 1)

Mozilla Heka is a useful and very fast tool which can be used for data gathering, data analysis, reporting and also monitoring data. It is called a pipeline since it kind of works as a pipe where you input the raw data and it will do all the transformation on that data inside and will output the processed data. 234 more words

Heka Pipeline

Poopocalypse 2k15

It’s funny how things can snowball. One small occurrence leads to another occurrence, which leads to another and another- and next thing you know, things have happened… 1,186 more words


Devo Magix: Spoon Heka

Ever since I learned about Spoon Theory, I have had a thing for spoons. I think this is because it gave me an image to latch on to that represented so much of what I was going through, and in the process, I have collected quite a number of spoons. 863 more words