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She is patient. She has out waited me…

She let me fumble, let me reject, let me run from Her.

And in turn She let me return to Her at my own pace. 23 more words

On Using the Names of Gods

You know how people, some people, take up a “craft name”, or a practice name? Lots of time that makes sense. Tradition requires it, the coven all do it as part of coven practice…you just want to have a craft name for whatever reason. 1,856 more words


I have published!

Divine Beings, Earthly Praise is now available for purchase!

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So. I’ve had this Isis-Renenutet-Mary-Hekate thing going on for a while, which Quanyin joined a while back since I started doing regular practice with Her again. 382 more words


Pulling out weeds, gathering the last of the harvest, digging in the vegetable and herb gardens, cutting out what is no longer needed there and in myself…detoxing, taking time to be alone, to be centred, to consider this upcoming descent into the underworld as the cycle continues, to the void, within and without. 178 more words

Witchcraft Writings

MLB commissioner urging Indians to scrap Wahoo logo

CLEVELAND (AP) — Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has made his strongest comments on wanting the Cleveland Indians to eradicate their Chief Wahoo logo.

Manfred has been in talks with Indians owner Paul Dolan about abolishing the divisive symbol, which has sparked debate for decades. 397 more words


poem: prayer - hekate

and darkness walks

where darkness falls; splitting

light from horizon, and horizon from sky.

speak, mothers, speak to daughters loved

and lost, leering at Death from their wicker-cradles / or keep, to silence. 11 more words