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I am a Witch by Gerina Dunwich

I am a Witch
With rhymes and reasons.
I am a changeling like the seasons.
My mother is the Moon,
My father is the Sun, 87 more words


The Archetype of Baba Yaga

It has been three months since I last beseeched Baba Yaga for her dark healing and wisdom. After making a conscious effort to focus time and energy to making offerings and rituals to her, the meaning of her medicine has become more clear to me, and after these months of reflection I have been able to piece together how I have grown and healed since first contacting her for her unique method of healing in August 2014. 1,780 more words

Baba Yaga

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Old Hollywood Hekate

As supreme queen of the resting bitch face, Vivien Leigh is a perfect type for Hekate.

“Come to my crossroads. Come in the night. I dare you.”



Hecate's Deipnon

Hecate’s Deipnon

“Asteria of happy name, whom Perses once led to his great house to be called his dear wife. And she conceived and bare Hekate whom Zeus the son of Kronos honoured above all. 1,052 more words


Resignation From Covenant of Hekate

I’ve officially left the Covenant of Hekate and resigned as founding member and torchbearer. My sanctuary of hekate’s crossroads will keep going as it always has – autonomously. 58 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Insanity of mere mortals comparing to the Divine Immortal

Every day I hear mere mortals ask another mortal “What does she have that I dont?”

The question in itself speaks of jealousy and insanity and visual hallucenations as well as insane ideology, that a sinning ,evil greed stricken mortal, jealous of all things divine and righteous actually lie to themselves thinking they have something to be compared to with that of an immortal. 258 more words

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