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Gnostic Kimbanda and the Goddess Current

The main approach on Gnostic Kimbanda as a “new religion” is destroy, literally the domination of the patriarchal religious approach of faith, magick and systems of belief. 558 more words


Hekate's Deipnon

Hekate’s Deipnon of Maimakterion is today. The dark of the moon is the time of month when one settles accounts, pays debts, cleans house, and otherwise tends to things one does not wish to carry into the month about to begin. 341 more words



Tonight is Hekate’s deipnon, the ritual meal offered to the Lady and to the dead, and a time of atonement and purification. Who are the restless dead? 24 more words


When Your Working and the World Collide

In addition to my participation in Wild Gods, I am also affiliated with the Wyrd Sisters, (usually) a trio of women who for the past four years have put together and facilitated ritual events in the Pacific Northwest. 320 more words


Indians' Francona wins AL Manager of Year

NEW YORK (AP) – Terry Francona of the Cleveland Indians has won the American League Manager of the Year award after guiding a team beset by injuries and drug suspensions to a surprising first-place finish. 102 more words


When Lightening Beckons, the Waters of Darkness Come ! : A Requiem

Retrograde: Friday: September 16th Full Moon

As the participants prepared for ritual, the thunder could be heard in the distance. Right on cue as the intent for the evening was to send healing to the waters of Gaia. 1,164 more words