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More ick in my life

I was hoping this week would be better. The new prairie dog is doing great, so that’s definitely a plus. However, due to crazy drama yesterday I am no longer speaking to my parents. 214 more words

Pagan / Witchy Things


I feel myself being pulled to learn more about Hekate. Given how my life has been turned upside down lately, there’s probably a craft change on the horizon. 109 more words

Pagan / Witchy Things

Hekate (Hecate) Prayer Beads and Necklace at my Etsy Shop

Since tonight is the new moon, or dark moon, I am listing two new pieces honoring Hekate, who traditionally receives offerings at this time and whose realm includes the darkest of dark nights. 214 more words

Hekate in the PGM

Few deities have forged the intimate link with magicians, witches and magical practitioners that Hekate has in her various manifestations. As the bonafide patroness of magic and witchcraft and goddess of liminality, Hekate has represented and embodied the sacred mysteries and arcane arts for millennia. 2,468 more words

General Metaphysics And Philosophy

Prayer to Hekate

Through three realms you walk

on two feet with six arms

your three heads and six eyes

all-seeing in light or dark

your two torches raised and lowered… 144 more words

In Practice

Lucid Encounter

I lay aware of my state, but unable to reach myself from this wooded land of my invention

Amid the unnatural Darkness of my Shadow I struggle along the path. 593 more words


Division of Labour 

The new devotional schedule is roughly as follows.

First week of the month is reserved for Odin and/or Hermes. The rest of the month is now reserved for Poseidon. 40 more words