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It is very sad and discouraging to hear stories of bright yet poor students are not able to join form one despite scoring high marks. Lack of fees being the only stumbling block. 474 more words


Crucial Clearance Documents.. 

​This must be stopped by someone!


Payment For: Not Being a Criminal

2) HELB CLEARANCE – Ksh. 1,000…

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What Silicon Savannah Needs To Be In The Next 10 Years

By Rodgers Gitau, Cohort 7 student

The local developer’s community in Kenya is changing rapidly. For a long time, it has been a secluded few active developers while the majority (mostly students and new developers) lurked in the background feeling left-out. 431 more words

Pennies Like Rain

There is a quote I have been looking for many weeks now. It speaks of acting in the light of knowledge that you gain. In other words, if I had a habit of watching movies on my laptop in the dark (I did this a lot in college) and then I find out that doing so is harmful to my eyes, then I should stop watching movies on my laptop in the dark. 2,012 more words

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Is two days before tomorrow,
The day after two days ago.
Haruki Murakami

Tomorrow I will be looking back at today wondering what good I ever was in making the world a better place. 503 more words

Social Media Realm, A sphere that obscures Reality

Drifting back down the memory lane, once upon a time, me, my folks and my bloodline had a life. That was till we got Internet connection,  and that was it. 1,881 more words


The rich and the poor truly are from different realms: one has adapted to become an expert in material forfeit; the other has forfeited all they are to material, and thus is enslaved, by it.” – Justin K. 1,026 more words

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