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Remember last night when I said,

Connections to this blog were dead…

While on the job–

My boss’ lob’

‘Cause I wasn’t using my head? 51 more words

A Caswell Limerick Poem

Held Accountable

We hear that NSA has the ability to perform fiber optic eavesdropping- spying on our communication¬† over the internet. This didn’t sit well with the American public. 103 more words

Can the Supreme Court Be Held Accountable?

NextNewsNetwork, 11/12/2014

The most powerful court in this country is also the most secretive. The Supreme Court answers to no one. Unlike the two other branches of Federal Government, they don’t share their public…
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He Will Buy Booze With It

You come to an intersection, stop in a line of cars, and you see him. His clothes are well worn, his hair and beard are unkempt, and his hand scrawled sign reads “Anything helps.” It’s not that you would miss a few dollars, it’s that there is no telling what he will use it for. 264 more words


Declaration Of Geneva vs. Dengue suffering and deaths!

Who will be held accountable– for the prolong suffering and deaths of dengue patients, and especially of

innocent young children?

Who will be held accountable– for the openly shared ignorance of medical professionals, who are ill-informed, or willfully become deaf, dumb, and blind, when indigenous patients attempt to stimulate their interest in existing indigenous cures for dengue fever? 738 more words

Children And Infants

Our Country Needs More Accountability

In business from time to time we see CEO’s or CFO’s held accountable for their performance. However, that doesn’t occur nearly enough. CEO’s and CFO’s are sometimes like politicians. 439 more words

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