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love made you held

through as its own cushion

as its own felt

and the feel as the moment

and told

as its own shadow

and dawn

as its own sky… 51 more words


held for love

touch as its own keeping

and learning

as when it was the mirror

and said

as when it was the cause

and before

and sooner as its own touch… 44 more words


Al Franken should be investigated, and he should be held accountable

(Source: www.vox.com)

The allegation that Sen. Al Franken kissed and groped a woman with whom he was performing a comedy skit is serious, and should be taken seriously. 548 more words


held as advance


as its own engine

and part as its own telling

and secure

and more

and within

and desire

and told

and follow

as its own keeping… 44 more words


advance as held


as its own use

and keeping

and frame

and install

as its own use

and making

and well as its own time

and whom as its own sight… 41 more words


feel as held

trying as its own use

and making

as its own handle

and turn

and capture

and sending

as its own aingle

and told

as its own having… 43 more words


held as feel


as the questions

and truth

and speaking as its own making

and time

and into the bother

and cause

as its own actions

and telling… 46 more words