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We Are Also The Two-Thirds Percent

OK, two-thirds isn’t a percent per se, but still.

Germans don’t want Angela Merkel to run for a fourth term, it seems. They just want her… 111 more words


"I can sing the Ode to Joy in German!"

Boris Johnson then added that “the French and German failure to get our jokes was a reason to vote Leave” the European Union (Brexit).

“There is simply no common political culture in Europe; no common media, no common sense of humour or satire and – this is important – no awareness of each other’s politics,” he said. 32 more words


Temporary Border Controls To Be Temporarily Extended Until Next Temporary Border Control Extension

Finally “getting it” at long last, Germany will now ask the European Commission to allow it to extend the temporary border controls it too has imposed in the Schengen zone beyond mid-May, “provided we are able to say that the European Commission said we could do this just in case anybody asks,” an unnamed German official said on Saturday. 66 more words


Bye American

And take those dopey google-goggle thingies with you when you go.

And don’t let the virtually real door hit you on your way out.

And… 32 more words


Tick Tock Tick...

Get ready for the Big Hurt Feelings Party (in more ways than one) next Sunday, folks.

The far-right Alternative for Germany emerged as the third-largest party in municipal elections in the German state of Hesse on Sunday, in a likely preview of the success the party looks set to score in three state elections… 25 more words


Germany Not Personality-Driven?

Not off the cliff yet, you mean? Let’s stay tuned.

One potential explanation for Merkel’s boldness is that the German political system offers more shelter from public opinion than some others, particularly the American one, according to David Art, a political-science professor at Tufts University who focuses on comparative politics. 87 more words


You Can Fool All Of The People Some Of The Time

Roughly half of Germans asked are dissatisfied with chancellor Merkel’s refugee policy. This has come out in a survey taken by the INSA Opinion Research Institute in Erfurt. 98 more words