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German Of The Day: Starrsinnig

That means stubborn or obstinate.

Merkel, Juncker und Schulz – das starrsinnige Trio

When looking to find the guilty parties for Brexit, most of the British who voted to remain in the EU are quick to name the three names of Martin Schulz, Jean-Claude Juncker and, above all, Angela Merkel. 178 more words


Good Question

Could Germans vote to exit the EU?

In a word, no.

Germans could only vote on exiting the EU if they first change their constitution to include such “direct democracy” at the national level. 109 more words


US-Amerikan Election To Be Closely Monitored

Still reeling from the shock of Great Britain’s incorrect Brexit vote, the European and international community is now extremely worried that the result of the coming American presidential election might also not turn out as desired. 174 more words


German Of The Day: Verantwortbarkeit, Verantwortlichkeit und Rechenschaft

Take your pick, all three mean accountability. Sort of.

You know, like the kind of political accountability the British just voted to get back again? They soon won’t have to comply to the whims of unelected Eurocrats anymore. 82 more words


The Germans Don't Want Brexit?

Depends upon which ones you ask.

“The sworn horror scenarios are nonsense. If the Brits want to leave the E.U., they should go.”

Stay tuned or something.


Most Germans Don't Want Brexit

According to a recent poll, that is. 79 percent of those asked hope that the UK decides to stay in the EU.

This is interesting, I find. 190 more words


German Of The Day: Frontstadt

That means a city on the front or on the front-line. You know, like the Berlin of today?

Or at least that’s what certain people here in town seem to think about it. 162 more words