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Freedom and Responsibility in Health-Conscious America

“When a man who is happy compares his position with that of one who is unhappy, he is not content with the fact of his happiness, but desires something more, namely the right to this happiness, the consciousness that he has earned his good fortune, in contrast to the unfortunate one who must equally have earned his misfortune.” 2,914 more words

Freedom & Fate & Fortune

Resist grid logic

Sam and I find common ground in our suspicions of modern technologies. We have no need of most electrical appliances others take for granted: hair dryers, electric blankets, can openers, blenders, pencil sharpeners, vacuum cleaners, clothes dryers, etc. 1,196 more words

Off-The-Grid Memoir

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

The last night of our first visit to Maine, we bellied up to the bar and decided to indulge on the only local fare we had yet to try — fried clams. 292 more words



Do you get up from bed like a young colt?
Charged up, refreshed, and ready to embark?
When daybreak dawns, you should wake up and bolt! 298 more words


Living with Purpose, Determination, Thanks. Remembering Helen and Scott Nearing

In early 1980’s I wrote to Helen Nearing. Her reply letters are tucked away in a box of memorabilia I keep intending to go through- … 364 more words