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Mothers the latest weapon in U.K.’s fight against terrorism

Another UK initiative to reduce radicalization and extremism:

Now British police are hoping to tap into that mother’s instinct to protect her children. In April, they launched an unprecedented program to encourage Muslim women to contact authorities if they suspect their loved ones are planning to travel to Syria or have already gone.

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British jihadists are the most bloodthirsty in Syria says rebel commander

British jihadists make up the largest foreign contingent of one of the most violent terrorist groups in Syria, now infamous for beheading, crucifying and stoning to death enemies. 527 more words


Black girls urged: Don’t hide gangsters’ guns

Young women are being urged not to help gangsters by hiding their guns, in a bid to stem the number of shootings in London.

A new campaign is targeting black teenagers in London aged between 15 and 19 years, following a recent rise in the numbers of young women being arrested and convicted for possessing weapons. 355 more words