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A blessing of awards for Australian crime fiction

In the interests of full disclosure I should admit that the collective noun ‘blessing’ apparently applies to unicorns but since I’m not convinced fictional creatures should get a noun all of their own I thought I’d borrow it for my purpose. 464 more words


Book Review -- Monkey Grip (1977) by Helen Garner

I have mixed feelings about autobiography passed off as fiction, works whose entire chronologies can be linked back to exact places, events and people in their authors’ lives. 955 more words

Swimming With Elephants


Take out the cliches.

Everybody knows “It always happens this way” or “I went in with my eyes wide open.”

Cut that stuff out.

Just leave in the images.

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Helen Garner is a legend.

I am only in my mid-forties but each year I like my reflection less. I have to remind myself, almost daily, that ageing is a… 785 more words

Monkey Grip

This Australian classic, Helen Garner’s first novel, is incredible.  Tight, poetic, rambling, confronting, beautiful and so sensuous.  This book grabbed me tight and pulled me in from the very first. 547 more words

Dystopia and Drug Gripes

Had a first for me at this month’s book club in which I flat out hated one of the choices. This was more controversial because the book in question is considered a classic on these shores, and my somewhat fervent criticism surprised a few people. 821 more words

Book Club

Tell it like it tis

An update, for those of you who were waiting with bated breath: That bookstore in the Poconos did not let me down. I’ll stop being coy about it now and tell you, the shop is called Sellers Books & Fine Art and it’s located on the main street (one of only two streets) of Jim Thorpe, PA, a tiny, unusual town of gothic Victorian buildings cut into the side of a mountain. 806 more words