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10 Word Review - Ride

Hunt. Relationships. Control. Sweet. Subtle. Painful. Angsty. Ramon. Predictable. yes.

10 Word Review

52 Weeks of Directors: Helen Hunt

Despite winning an Oscar for her lead role in As Good As It Gets, Helen Hunt wasn’t getting offered roles. Whether it was due to the infamous Oscar curse or whether she was simply a victim of Hollywood’s bias against women “of a certain age,” (she was not even 40 at the time of her win), she decided to try her hand at behind the scenes work. 871 more words



This review was not like to happen without the humble request by one Samie G. and her support of the site. Shout out to Samie and this is for you! 502 more words


Twister and the I WANT TO SEE IT Moment

The One-Line Summary: Two competing tornado-chasing science teams head to the mid-west United States and face massive twisters, as one team, lead by near divorce couple Bill ( 393 more words


Film Review: Trancers (1984, dir. Charles Band)

Back in the 1990’s there was a show on TNT that would play cult films. I don’t remember the name of it, but it was like what TCM Underground is today. 1,451 more words


Ride - Helen Hunt's narcissistic attempt at being all things to all people.

I give her credit. Writing and directing and starring in a movie cannot be easy.

Its watchable. At the end of the day, i guess that’s the best you can hope for on your first try. 170 more words

Don't Stop me. I'm on a roll

Do you or don’t you? Do you leave the next person high and dry? Er, well, you know without? Apparently I am the only one to change the darn thing in my home, and just about everywhere I, well, go! 302 more words