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Cast Away - A Tragic Love Story

Tom Hanks’ fantastic movie Cast Away has been described in a few different ways. A man vs nature movie, a desert island movie, one website even described it as an epic survival drama film. 615 more words


Ark II 1.11 - Omega

I was all set to point out that a young Helen Hunt is the main guest star of this episode, and then the show pulled the rug out from under us and presented this big plot twist. 213 more words


What Went Right With... Trancers?

A film doesn’t always have to be a high-brow, high-concept, award-winning masterpiece, sometimes a movie just has to be entertaining and nothing else. The 1984 science fiction movie Trancers is exactly that – it’s low-budget, it’s tacky, it’s rough around the edges, but overall it’s watchable and it’s fun. 546 more words


Cast Away


Review: This is about Chuck Noland, he is a Fed Ex executive and devotes most of his life to his job. His girlfriend Kelly is often neglected but on Christmas Eve he proposes to her just before embarking on a large assignment. 235 more words


Kiss of Death (1995)

“You fuck with the bull, you get the horns. That’s what I did.”

—Little Junior Brown