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"all art... an intuitive process, drawing on all that the artist is rather than on anything he thinks"

“It would be mistaken to suppose that any of the best photography is come at by intellection; it is like all art, essentially the result of an intuitive process, drawing on all that the artist is rather than on anything he thinks, far less theorizes about.”

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Project 3 - Reportage

Alongside documentary photography, ‘Reportage’ is also difficult to define within this genre.

Reportage is defined as:

  • “3a – a technique of documentary film or photo journalism that tells a story entirely through picture”.
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Helen Levitt: Slide Show - The Color Photographs of Helen Levitt (powerHouse Books, 2005)

Helen Levitt (1913-2009) had her first solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1943. Levitt’s photographs appeared in Edward Steichen’s landmark 1955 show The Family of Man and in more recent exhibitions of great importance, including MoMA’s Photography Until Now and the National Gallery of Art’s On the Art of Fixing a Shadow in Washington, D.C., both celebrating the invention of photography. 173 more words


the beginning, the middle, and the end

They sleep early and rise in the dark. It is winter now. The nights are long but outside, where the leaves have fallen from the branches, the snowed-in light comes through. 135 more words


Photo I : Composition

Henri Cartier-BressonThe Decisive Moment
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Joel Meyerowitz Talks about composition.

Helen Levitt | At MOMA | At… 102 more words


Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt photographed in black and white from the 1940s, and later transitioned to colour. She captured everyday street life in poor neighbourhoods in New York. 113 more words