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The Handwritten Word

The image and text come together in many different forms and so frequently that we usually view photographs in the context of accompanying text. Most commonly the text is external to the frame, a caption, title or a longer piece of writing but occasionally the most important text is internal, inside the frame, part of the subject. 1,851 more words

Research & Reflection


The course text suggests that I carry out some research into contemporary street photography.  Street photography is a branch of photography that I enjoy both to look at and to participate in so I have looked at a number of artists’ work before.   1,932 more words


Introduction to HE

I think I have managed to get this learning log how I want it, clean and simple, and I think I understand enough of the basics to muddle through for now, fingers crossed. 184 more words

Intro To HE Research Assignment

Since I’m inarticulate, I express myself with images.
—Helen Levitt

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Showcased Photo

Why I fell In Love With Photography?

The simple answer… Helen Levitt.

I first learned of Helen Levitt when I was taking my first photography class at Hunter College. I was drawn into her unique outlook on how she captured the life around her. 561 more words


Shooting the Mean Streets

Henri Cartier-Bresson… Garry Winogrand… Helen Levitt… Robert Frank… André Kértész… William Klein… Jacques Henri Lartigue… Marc Riboud… Raymond Depardon… Elliot Erwitt… Joel Meyerowitz…

I started this list as I thought of who all the great street photographers might be. 2,596 more words