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“ I never had a “project.” I would go out and shoot, follow my eyes—what they noticed, I tried to capture with my camera, for others to see.” Helen Levitt, an American photographer who was particularly noted for street photography  around New York City, and who has been called “the most celebrated and least known photographer of her time”, was born on August 31, 1913.


Helen Levitt's Snapshots of New York Street Life

On the 31st of August 1913, American photographer Helen Levitt was born in Brooklyn, New York. Alongside Berenice Abbott and Ruth Orkin, Levitt tried to document the changing life of New York. 674 more words


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is one of the cardinal creative forces in the universe…It is true that most artists, though they know their own talent and its gifts as luck, work as well as they can against luck, and that in most good works of art, as in little else in creation, luck is either locked out or locked in and semi-domesticated, or put to wholly constructive work; but it is peculiarly a part of the good photographer’s adventure to know where luck is most likely to lie in the stream, to hook it, and to bring it in without unfair play and without too much subduing it.

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The Handwritten Word

The image and text come together in many different forms and so frequently that we usually view photographs in the context of accompanying text. Most commonly the text is external to the frame, a caption, title or a longer piece of writing but occasionally the most important text is internal, inside the frame, part of the subject. 1,851 more words

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Research on Helen Levitt


“A lot of my early pictures are, I think, quite funny. And these days I tend to look for comedy more and more.” – Helen Levitt…

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The course text suggests that I carry out some research into contemporary street photography.  Street photography is a branch of photography that I enjoy both to look at and to participate in so I have looked at a number of artists’ work before.   1,932 more words


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I think I have managed to get this learning log how I want it, clean and simple, and I think I understand enough of the basics to muddle through for now, fingers crossed. 184 more words

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