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Cover Reveal: The Belial Warrior

So some readers have been kind enough to get in touch and ask when The Belial Warrior is coming out. (Others have suggested I forego sleep to finish it faster. 168 more words

Books I Love

The House of Atreus, Part 3

Previously on The House of Atreus, Thyestes and his son/grandson, Aegisthus, wreaked revenge for the cannibalistic consumption of their kin, by their kin. They exiled the royal heirs of Argos, Agamemnon and Menelaus, to Sparta. 958 more words

Ancient Greece

A dream

“Is this the face that launched a thousand ships?” she repeats

In her sleep, again. Watching herself draped in the finest silks,

Her flawless flesh adorned with diamonds and rubies and sapphires. 154 more words

A Note on Helen of Troy: History's Hottest Chick

Hey 3.5 readers.

So, how the heck I find myself writing this story?

It all happened really fast.

Tuesday, I was perusing some books when I came across a novel set during the time of Ancient Greece about Helen of Troy falling in love with a warrior. 684 more words


Helen of Troy: History's Hottest Chick - Chapter the Fourth

“Will you look at this?” Odysseus said as he walked towards the royal family. “The most powerful people in Sparta all lined up to greet me and….ughhh!” 752 more words


Helen of Troy: History's Hottest Chick - Chapter the Third

The sound of a blaring ram’s horn tore across Sparta before it finally made its way to the king’s ears.

“What?” the king asked.

Leda stirred. 1,919 more words


Helen of Troy: History's Hottest Chick - Chapter the Second

Tyndarecus, King of Sparta, sat sullenly upon his throne, ensconced in a crippling bout of depression so severe that even his three most ample slave girls were unable to break him out of it. 1,011 more words