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Rossana Podestà 1934 – 2013

Rossana Podestà: italian actress born 1934 in Tripoli (modern Libya), Helen in Helen of Troy (1956), appearing alongside Brigitte Bardot.


Through Immortal Shadows Singing

I’m very pleased to announce that Through Immortal Shadows Singing, my epic novella in poetry, is now available for preorder from Amazon, Barnes and Noble… 179 more words


D.C. Housewives: Petticoat Battles

Whatever your perspective, we’ve watched some capital (capitol?) controversy of late. I lightened up and dipped into history. Can you imagine “D.C. Housewives” as a reality show in the Jacksonian period? 271 more words


The Abduction of Helen

Before the fight to Ilium was brought,
And mad Achilles fearless Hector fought,
A lovely child was born to lasting fame,
So beautiful, and Helen was her name. 461 more words

Old Guy Fantasy: Dating History’s Most Famous Women

March is Women’s History Month, and this is my tribute to those of the fair sex who are honored. Of course, since my nominees have all long ago departed this planet, my trysts are purely (or impurely) imaginary: 214 more words

Slow Dazzle

In which the dada noodle of Wales re-teams with Messengers Manzanera and Eno (2/5ths of the original Roxy Music) for what is essentially Fear 2… 146 more words


Edy Vessel is Helen of Troy

Edy Vessel (aka Hedy Vessel): Italian actress born Edoarda Vesselovsky 1940; eleven movie credits between 1959 and 1963 including The Thief of Baghdad (1961), Sword of the Conqueror… 6 more words