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"The wrong plinth" and other stories: Our Mythical Childhood show and tell (part 1)

On Tuesday 19th June I attended a ‘Show and Tell’ event at Roehampton University, held in association with the Our Mythical Childhood project.  A group of interested parties (academics, graduate students, librarians) gathered in the Foyles Special Collections Room in the rather lovely… 1,000 more words


Women Of Legend-Classical Civilization

Women of Legend



  • First women. Talked about in Hesiod’s poem (Work and Days)
  • Zeus asked Hermes to give her a shameless mind and deceit.
  • 880 more words

Clytemnestra and the Chorus' exchange in Aeschylus' 'Agamemnon'

The Trojan War has been the subject of many debates over the years.  Many historians believe that it happened, others don’t. Some think Paris kidnapped Helen, some think Helen went with him willingly.   687 more words


'Playing' with Helen

Recently I’ve been ‘playing’ with Playmobil figures again, or ‘playpeople’ as my brother and I knew them back in the day.  No, I haven’t completely regressed to my childhood, I’ve been exploring options of representing Helen of Troy through this format.  765 more words


Twisted Tales - Trojan War

Twisted Tales
The Trojan war

A few thousand years back,
In the ancient land of Greece,
There lived a king named Menelaus,
Who didn’t believe in peace. 473 more words


How accurate is Troy: Fall of a City? Episode 8

Finally, we are here, the light at the end of the tunnel in sight! It’s been a bumpy ride so far: there have been a few pretty decent moments in the show, but overall, in terms of historical and mythological accuracy, it’s a mess. 3,359 more words