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Reading Helen in Egypt - in Egypt

Reading HD’s Helen in Egypt while in Egypt is a special treat. Of course, how I got here is not nearly as fascinating as how Helen got here. 4,160 more words

Ancient Greece

32. Paride ed Elena - Christoph Willibald Gluck


Dramma per musica

By Christoph Willibald Gluck

Libretto: Ranieri de’ Calzabigi

First performed: Burgtheater, Vienna, 3 November 1770


Gluck, let’s face it, has a reputation.  1,016 more words

Italian Opera

ruins and laughs

a war drapes itself over troy and you let hollow apologies drip off your eyelashes.
the first time i saw saw you, i screamed something about blood, 166 more words


Word Cloud: ECSTASY


If you look up “complex” in the dictionary, you may find a picture of H.D. (1886-1961). Since most Americans and many people in the rest of the world have not had “the benefit of a Classical education,” a lot of the references in her poems need footnotes. 3,562 more words


Wonder Woman Warbringer


By: Leigh Bardugo

Grade: B

This Wonder Woman tale by one of my favorite authors was definitely on my most anticipated lists. So I picked it up immediately upon its release last week and I have to say I’m a little torn. 415 more words


Having a Whale of a Time

There are many idioms in our language designed to express the joys of a Happy Life.  I have attempted to use a number of these phrases in rhyming couplets, hopefully to emphasise the light-hearted joy of each idiomatic phrase. 167 more words


Siesta Key Recap: With Friends Like These...

“…the summer had just begun in Siesta Key and there was already so much drama…”

They say Helen of Troy had a face that could launch a thousand ships, well apparently Brandon has a dick that could launch a thousand fists. 1,516 more words