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Leda and the Swan

Dear Reader,

this is one of my favourite mosaics among those I’ve seen in Paphos in the archeological site Tombs of the Kings.

In most accounts Leda is to be known as mother of Helen, however there are discrepancies on how that happened. 142 more words

Stanito In...

What a Heel!

Winners: Rosebud and the Driver

Things quieted down a bit from last week and our two Icelanders (Art and Daphne) returned with the original Icelandic spirit (Brennivin) and authentic local candies for us to sample. 370 more words

How are the concepts of beauty and sexuality important in mythology?

Beauty and sexuality are two traits designated to women in mythology as a way of increasing or decreasing their power and position, especially in relation to the male mythological characters around them. 977 more words

Women's Liberation

Deerstalker eagerly anticipating the reopening of the Somersetshire Coal Canal

This week Deerstalker has ventured deep into the heart of rural Somerset, where time waits for every man and owl pellets are still recognised legal tender. 596 more words

Was Helen of Troy Like the Beyoncé of Ancient Greece?


Helen of Troy is a famous character from Greek legend, renowned for her beauty – but what else? BeyoncĂ© is a famous singer from the present. 74 more words


Update Log - 6/13/15

It’s that time of year – 50-50 time! 50-50 is an annual juried art show put together by the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, CA. 168 more words


Disappointed in Research

Back in 2012, I was reading the Iliad with an online group, and I was amazed when I got to these lines about the famous… 1,341 more words

Historic Textiles