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Sniper Chris Kyle Did Not Live Long Enough

Walter Stewart (Major General, U.S. Army, retired)

Sniper Chris Kyle did not live long enough.  I don’t say this in the context of his and Chad Littlefield’s… 814 more words


To Russia with love: Thank you for Assad, the helicopters and the barrel bombs

Assad, the Russian helicopters and the barrel bombs are things to be grateful for.We recommend them to Russia, as they have proven marvelously effective in Syria. 8 more words


All Yesterdays Tomorrows

Have recently been experimenting with low key colours and monotones-black,grey whites-but as a pop artist (colourist) ive surprisingly found it quite difficult to exorcise colour..this is my 5th attempt,and colour has seeped in again,but it is improving albeit slowly..i’ll post the final black and white attempt when i succeed..but in the meantime i’m liking the subtle tones here. 70 more words


Arms Trade Treaty Approved at U.N. - NYTimes.com

The United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to approve the first-ever treaty to regulate the enormous global trade in conventional weapons, for the first time linking sales to the human-rights records of the buyers. 38 more words


CIA spies "smuggle 14 Stinger missiles into Syria so rebels can take out regime warplanes"


CIA spies have smuggled up to 14 Stinger missiles into Syria so rebels can defend themselves from air strikes.

The ground-to-air weapons have been delivered across the Turkish border to the Free Syrian Army and were partly paid for by Saudi Arabia, a security source claimed. 125 more words

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Syria sends out deployments to boundary line after Turkish armed forces buildup

A Free Syrian Army general has claimed that the Syrian administration has sent around 170 tanks to the north of Aleppo province, near the Turkish border, after Turkey deployed anti-aircraft guns, rocket launchers and other weapons along its border with Syria. 335 more words


Syrian troops 'using helicopter gunships'

According to the Britain based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the aerial assault has targeted the strategic river crossing of Rastan, a town that lies on the main highway linking Damascus to the north. 120 more words