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Tragedy Fixed

The broken tail of the A-10 was priority number one this afternoon and I did not disappoint myself. In all actuality, it was one of the easier fixes that I have had to partake in. 152 more words

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Tragedy Strikes Again

Maybe the six month hiatus from building models has done some good because I haven’t seen production like this in quite some time. The past two years have sort of been a struggle to find my way. 273 more words

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Sort of playing the role of Robin Hood tonight, I robbed from three of my stash kits to give to the three remaining builds at the workbench. 365 more words

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Wildlands Helicopters Apparently Just Do Whatever They Want

(Source: kotaku.com)


Ghost Recon: Wildlands received a complete overhaul to the helicopter controls last month, but that didn’t solve the frustration of weird and fatal landing mechanics. 331 more words


Dilemma Solved

My ongoing issues with my airbrush have been worrying me when it relates to the upcoming session with the Hind. The two basic colors for the top and bottom are of no concern. 229 more words

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U.S. Army Crew and Pilots Missing After Helicopter Disappears in Hawaii

The Coast Guard was searching for five people who were aboard a Black Hawk helicopter in a training exercise. It was the third crash in about a month involving U.S. 79 more words