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Russian military 'harassed' US-flagged merchant ship in the Baltic ahead of exercises

WASHINGTON — The Russian military has been accused of harassing a U.S.-flagged cargo ship carrying equipment for an annual military exercise in the Baltic region that wrapped up Friday. 1,173 more words

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Jackie & Wilson

The rain had been coming down for most of the night. It was the morning of the wettest day for Perth in 31 years. As I got in the shower, I imagined traffic being backed up for kilometres, and tried to get in the right state of mind for a long morning of sitting in traffic. 1,359 more words


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Migrant hunter buys himself an armed helicopter to round up ‘potential jihadis’ after ‘being given immunity by Bulgarian government’

A migrant hunter who has had a bounty put on his head by ISIS has now bought himself a helicopter gunship to help patrol on the look-out for ‘potential jihadis’.

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Highs, Lows, And Adiabetic Lapse Rates

I remember sitting at one of the desks at the very front of the class. For some reason the teacher’s desk is on a little elevation, as if that gives him more leverage over the rowdy teens before him. 1,239 more words


Pilot Callsigns - The Epitome of Preposterous 

Just like I mentioned in The Iditarod post where I crowned the race the epitome of badass, I am lumping pilots into the epitome of preposterous. 1,481 more words


Acronyms And Abbreviations

“PNR?! What the hell does PNR mean?” I grab the scribble paper that has been left on my desk. I make a quick estimation of questions that could be wrong. 1,105 more words


Helicopter Landing

(Chicago, Illinois) I was waiting for an inbound Orange Line train at the CTA’s Halsted Street station on Sunday when I heard a whirlybird approaching from the northeast.   74 more words