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The bible can be completely trusted, or you can trust the rulers who teach you that the earth is a globe. If you are a Christian, which source of information should you trust? 49 more words

Trade Enragement Syndrome

Trade makes us richer, not poorer. The anti-trade rhetoric spouted by neo-mercantilists like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders is about as sensible as a boycott on goods produced in the next town, or for that matter, on anyone with whom one might otherwise choose to trade. 998 more words

Don Boudreaux

Do you believe Jesus saves[Part 1]?

As per English dictionary, the word ‘Believe’ means:

  • to accept or regard (something) as true
  • to accept the truth of what is said by (someone)
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Earth by Numbers - Modern Heliocentric View

Orbit Size Around Sun

Metric: 149,598,262 km
English: 92,956,050 miles
Scientific Notation: 1.4959826 x 108 km
Astronomical Units: 1.000 A.U. 135 more words


Image showing the accepted view of things

I found these excellent graphical representations of the scientifically generally accepted view of the world. So all the facts below apply to the Heliocentric Globe model of Earth. 23 more words

Scientifically Accepted View