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I thought we were past this.

The earth is not flat.
If you disagree then you’re
A fucking moron


Reasoning Reason

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When I asked* for validation of claims regarding Geocentric** models, I was given this image along with the question “Does this help?”***

..which is obviously doesn’t. 320 more words


Have you ever wondered what stars are made of?

How could mortal men ever hope to match the infinite majesty of the sky? 

How many of you have ever taken the time to look up in wonder at the velvety blanket that envelops us when the sun takes its leave? 1,181 more words


Stevieslaw: Trump Tweet Trashes Heliocentrism

Stevieslaw: Trump Tweet Trashes Heliocentrism.

Donald Trump today declared the earth does not revolve around the sun. Trump, cited as evidence the views of his poker buddy and friend Harvey Collins—“who is really a very, very smart guy.” Trump went on to clarify his position as, “My landslide victory has shown—really it was the hugest victory in the history of mankind, if you eliminate the phony, illegal votes for crooked HIllary, I am the center of the universe. 214 more words


Presented with comment

The bible can be completely trusted, or you can trust the rulers who teach you that the earth is a globe. If you are a Christian, which source of information should you trust? 49 more words

Trade Enragement Syndrome

Trade makes us richer, not poorer. The anti-trade rhetoric spouted by neo-mercantilists like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders is about as sensible as a boycott on goods produced in the next town, or for that matter, on anyone with whom one might otherwise choose to trade. 998 more words

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