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Helium Filled Balloon From Pak Shot Down by IAF in Rajasthan

A US-made helium-filled balloon that was shot down by a Sukhoi-30 fighter aircraft over Rajasthan had come in from Pakistan and could have been an attempt to gauge India’s response time, top government sources said today. 71 more words


She gets a glimpse every now and then of a blue room filled with stuffed animals, and she wonders if it was real or a dream. 506 more words


Long et haut (2015)

Long and high

Playing with the big open space in a park. I unroll a long neon string from around a tree to my body, walking to 100 meter far from the tree. 79 more words

Alice De Visscher

That's My Boy

That phrase is versatile, and I have used and will continue to use some variant of it over the course of my life time. It will be applied to the beloved boys in pads and helmets come kick off. 518 more words


A Voyeuristic Balloon

We’re being haunted by a balloon. It’s the helium variety–one we got my son to celebrate his birthday, except the creepy thing follows you! Scientifically, it probably has to do with air currents, and the fact that I have a few different windows cracked to air this place out… but there is nothing more alarming than feeling something touch your shoulder and turning around to a head-level balloon! 111 more words

Designing my high altitude balloon

Hi everybody! I’ve just begun working on a high altitude atmospheric photography balloon. The project ideas and design are my own. Being new to high altitude UAV design, I was looking at some content online and some advice from amateur balloonists, all while treating my ears to Charli XCX. 796 more words


Sharks at the National Aquarium

Twenty-two years in DC, and I have never been to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland – a hour or two drive.  Friends have looked surprised whenever I mentioned that, but I just never get up there.  700 more words