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How do you get a dog to save the day from a power outage?

Our video on helium balloon safety featuring “Power Pup” is getting rave reviews. Other utilities have screened the work since it first appeared on Vimeo. 261 more words

A Balloon that Knew When to Quit

I love balloons, helium balloons to be exact. As long as there is any lift left in one, it stays in the house. My birthday comes just before Christmas. 98 more words

Helium Filled Balloon From Pak Shot Down by IAF in Rajasthan

A US-made helium-filled balloon that was shot down by a Sukhoi-30 fighter aircraft over Rajasthan had come in from Pakistan and could have been an attempt to gauge India’s response time, top government sources said today. 71 more words


She gets a glimpse every now and then of a blue room filled with stuffed animals, and she wonders if it was real or a dream. 506 more words


Long et haut (2015)

Long and high

Playing with the big open space in a park. I unroll a long neon string from around a tree to my body, walking to 100 meter far from the tree. 79 more words

Alice De Visscher

That's My Boy

That phrase is versatile, and I have used and will continue to use some variant of it over the course of my life time. It will be applied to the beloved boys in pads and helmets come kick off. 518 more words