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Eye of God

This image of Helix Nebula (glowing gas from a dying star) is located in the Constellation Aquarius and is referred to as the Eye of God – the reason is obvious.


The Helix Nebula in Infrared

When viewed in IR by the Spitzer Space Telescope, the Helix Nebula shows a glow that suggests that the central star is surrounded by an unusual cloud of dust. 44 more words


The Eye of God and a Comet

Today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day features Comet 2013-x1 (PanSTARRS) passing “close” to the Helix Nebula (New General Catalog 7293) in the constellation Aquarius. Actually, the comet is a foreground object composed of left over material from the solar system’s formation and the Helix nebula is 695 light years distant, not so close after all. 255 more words