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Feelin' Nostalgic: In Your House 14, REVENGE OF THE TAKER

This week’s edition of Feelin’ Nostalgic keeps with our theme of Wrestlemania fallout and revenge. We’re time-hopping back to 1997, to an In Your House Show  2,156 more words


Grappler's Choice #11: Shane McMahon Vs The Authority

Since Wrestlemania 32 Shane McMahon has been in control of Monday Night Raw. In a decision made by Vince McMahon which essentially dismissed the earlier stipulation made in the ‘Hell In A Cell’ match that Shane McMahon would only gain control if he beat the Undertaker, WWE appears to have ignored this stipulation, opting to give Shane O Mac control regardless. 298 more words

Grappler's Choice

Prison Break

So the day is here… Freaking Wentworth Miller has finally broken out of prison. I thought we’d have learned last year when he pulled himself up and over the top rope and crashed down on the floor like Shane-O-Mac flying from the top of the hell-in-the-cell. 65 more words

WWE Hall Of Famer Blasts Shane McMahon's HIAC Jump

WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham blasted Shane McMahon for his Hell in a Cell jump at WrestleMania 32 in a Facebook post saying: “Only fools put their life on the line for a stupid wrestling stunt.” You can check out his full post below.


WWE Hall Of Fame Criticizes Shane McMahon's Hell in The Cell Leap

WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham went to Facebook and posted a message criticizing Shane McMahon’s Hell in a Cell jump at WrestleMania 32: 141 more words

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I'll Review Anything: Wrestlemania 32 (2016)


Yesterday, I posted all about my love for the biggest pay-per-view the WWE hosts each and every year, Wrestlemania. Like I said, the WWE has been pretty consistent with making each year’s Wrestlemania very special. 2,874 more words

I'll Review Anything

A Few Thoughts on Wrestlemania 32 (aka Stop being a smart mark and just enjoy yourself, doofus!)

I hate smarks and think smarky behaviour should be punished by being German suplexed into a pit of angry, AIDs infected tigers.

I don’t know what it is about this generation of wrestling fans these days, maybe it’s the anonymity of the internet or maybe it’s just that kayfabe is well and truly dead, but everyone seems to want to be a douchebag these days. 1,075 more words