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The Value of Belief Systems

I love YouTube’s transcript feature. It makes grabbing interesting quotes from speakers so much easier. Here is a transcript of the interview between Brett Weinstein and Rebel Wisdom about the recent Weinstein v. 3,870 more words

Religion & Atheism


An illustration of a huge man-eating worm from the depths of Hell itself!

For any fantasy-themed role-playing game setting.


"A Few Will, Most Won't"

Recently one of the listeners to my talks wrote to me expressing her concern for her father who is an unsaved man. Obviously, she wouldn’t be concerned about his spiritual condition if she believed in “universalism” which teaches that eventually everyone goes to heaven. 785 more words


Campaign Hook: Lock Away the Sun

Thank you Bryan Gustafson for the song suggestion.

A force of demons led by a powerful if relatively unknown servitor of Mammon (and backed by… 250 more words

In Nomine

What Happens After Death? Part 3

We have learned we have a spirit, a soul and a body. We have also learned, before someone gets “saved”, “born again”, their spirit man is dead unto God because of sin from Adam and Eve. 1,454 more words


cardboard coffee cup part I of III

my mind starts to work at the most inconvenient conspicuous times. leave behind that which hinders use your old life like tinder. burn but there must be substance. 62 more words