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A bulletin announcement read:  “Topic for this evening–‘What is hell like?’ 7:00 PM. Come early and hear our choir practice.”  Jokes about hell abound. The truth is–hell is no laughing matter!   1,015 more words

Bible Study

Vegan Death

The dead walk on pathways. Millions of dead humans walk endlessly. Where pathways intersect, there is transparency to the land of the living. Still, they keep walking, always remembering their past, and finding no release. 799 more words


Swept Away

In this article, Rev. Jefferson Vann discusses a fourth Old Testament word for final punishment that implies literal destruction.

We conditionalists are often accused of using words like “destruction” in a simplistic, non-biblical sense. 1,952 more words

Old Testament Studies

..is that sulphur I smell..?

Once, a shining angel fell,
Becoming ruler and lord of Hell.
Does such a fate await me then?
Damned to fall, and fall again. 14 more words

Poetry Sketches


This Greek word, which sounds like bah-sil-lay-uh. Occurs in the GNT (Greek New Testament) 162 times! It is clearly important!
It simply means kingdom. It is most often associated with the kingdom of God, or synonymously, the kingdom of heaven. 606 more words


One Way Ticket to Hell

Hell.  We say “H-E-Double Hockey Sticks” when kids are around.  My kid calls hell the “H” word.

It’s such a scary place that you can’t even say it.  680 more words