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Hell Yeah to the Free Thinkers of the World!

I am currently a cubicle dweller by day.  This will not always be the case for me, as someday I fully intend to be writing as a full time gig.   623 more words

Hell and faith. 

I have a faith. I believe in God. I don’t believe in Big Angry Beardy Man In The Sky. I believe that God is good. More specifically, God is the capacity for good within people, enacted in their lives. 910 more words

Mental Health

After a long forgotten experiment a man wakes from cryogenic sleep to find all other life on Earth has died a millennia ago. Unable to cope with this extreme lonliness he commits sucidie only to discover that heaven and hell have been closed.


Return To Sender

Rocking along the crest of
possibility, a mountain of
air, holds what these

information portals contain,
ingredients for majesty, friendship
for fun and deliberation

among whatever airplane… 45 more words

Le purgatoire doctoral/The PhD purgatory

Je présume que ce que je m’apprête à vivre n’aurait pas été très différent, en termes strictement académiques, de ce qui se passerait à Notre Dame (ou UPenn/Columbia, si j’avais pu y être admis): des cours, le pré-doc écrit, des tâches de TP. 372 more words


Five Seeming Liturgical Abuses That Are Actually Legit

These five liturgical practices may seem unorthodox, but the Roman Catholic Church officially allows for each of them:

1.  Receiving the Blessed Sacrament Twice in the Same Day… 744 more words

Catholic Church