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Conservatism is dark.

There are no words that can appropriately describe its evil, because evil is its nature. And its perverse affinity, or rather, in fact, its desperation, upon appearing as light (as, in fact, its mere survival depends on it), is strong indeed; being so deceitful that it can fool those looking for milk and honey into drowning themselves in the river Styx, all the while praising God for quenching their thirst, as their souls burn the slow burn of anger, confusion, and, finally, hopelessness. 55 more words



The storm rages on while I circle you beneath the reddened moon with a confident glimmer in my certain eyes of sapphire sardonic hunger.The lust building inside for the taste of your warm blood upon my curved lips.The smell of your betrayal driving me mad with want..my breathe becomes ragged as I start to morph.My canines drip with the thickening saliva of passionate coveting.Anger in my soul for your crimes.Control slipping away as the beast fills my mind with the starvation of flesh.Immortal night bring me to life.The chains break while I snarl.Your fear undeniable.The trembling of your limbs as I pounce upon your shaking silhouette.My teeth tearing you open wide sending me into a frenzied feeding ritual.feasting upon your skin.feeling your lifes essence grow cold.Roaring in triumph over your snow covered corpse stained in scarlet.



The Earth is disembodied and I know your not supposed to be here on the crevace of no control because you have no clue how deep the contagion nestles in blue streams of isolated blood.You seem tough but your not but a fool if you think you can fit in nevermores miserable monstrosity.These demons will devour you and leave your tissue to maggots and even more mishaps.Run boy and run fast because you don’t want to go down this road where the lines between innocence and corruption has gone completely black and crashed against the sore shores of sure demise.See these scars and the wounds that still bleed written in death ridden eyes glazed over with false prophecies and crushing lies.In this hell,Sometimes there is no standing only falling further and further into that pit of pained coiling.You run from the answers and seek only the easy but this place is rough terrain.Turn Back now and answer before your trapped forever in Nevermore.



I have gazed out that window pane of pain for years and my heart has broken bit by bit.Tiny shards that slit slices of thinning flesh in my insistently punctured soul.Covering my wounds in shame because the past and the present collide.Nothing surprises me anymore as I lay here bleeding out upon the stones thrown years and years.Can I conceal another full on blow.Caring carelessly contradicts itself because I am battle born.Worn from years of dealing with the emptiness I have so long known.No matter where I seem to wander you have something to say about it but I am a prodigal girl.Traveling a rough path in which ends in this cell.Shackled.Sold into this familiar hell cut by your constant scorn.Can I do right by you or will I forever remain cast into the category of a demon in your strict coiling cursing eyes.Am I the monster you say I am or am I just the creature that lived by a different sword.One un-approved of.What I love was crushed and forced away because I protected them from you though it was I who paid the price as I mourned loss over and over until it was all numb but the rotting goes on.Myself you won’t let me find because eternally it seems I have been confided.My mistakes are my own and the way it seems I will always have to play perfect of die of the acid you use to burn me alive.I howl for a way to escape.Any place.Anywhere where I can rest my tired essence and live a life finally that is my own.I love you but you have to let me lead my own destiny or turn me into that nightmarish thing you dread.Though I have prayed so many nights to die …that cruel bitch they call fate won’t give me that reward.Forgotten would be nice.I cannot be what you want me to be.It is impossible.So take off the lock or watch me walk to a world hidden from thee.A sea undiscovered.Beyond your grasp.


Silent One

Silent one.The pin drops in silent floors flaunting gory horrors,haunting dreams,and hellish delusions.Creature crawling throughout my soul.Racking lies left me cold.Murdered by the unsounding knowing.Condemning waves roil thy quieting grave in which to hath your sorry flesh returned.Weakness limbers you.Bitten twice.My spell sings so close.Yet your beating,bleeding heart will I render helpless.Hollow fool I have been victorious again.Warned you what warfare would come when you went on betraying me again.She cannot compete with thy cruel vindictive cast come forth to carry you neath these crushing stones.Breaking your will shalt come so easy.The ripping sewn by threads strength allowed.Now it tis you begging here at thy feet but I comfort not this time.I will kill you with the very same sword you wedged in me.Turn from me.The shadows gather.Welcome to your sick world where you are the pathetic pile of shit and I am the witch caressing your wounds.Digging my nails deep enough to scar.Sickness stalking .Creeping ever closer to your functioning.Immobilized you seem by the grating gleem storming my skies.Run but you will fall.They will bury you in the very abyss you pieced together.I will turn a deaf ear to your strangled screams.Your end will be a celebration.Ending my agony all at once.Goodnight my prince.Slumber forever with the maggots you chose.For no man shall mourn you and I certainly will not.



In 2 Timothy 4:10 we read “For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world…” Paul was writing this during his second Roman imprisonment. During his first time Demas was one of the many brethren who was there with him. 697 more words

Bible Teaching

Gay Friends: Read this.

“I hope they all screw themselves and burn up in hell.”

My mother’s comment came this evening after my husband read aloud a news headline stating that Ireland as a country had legalized same-sex marriage. 947 more words