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I see the end of possibilities Feeling the joy in pain

Travelling through the hell like boss

Searching for hope like insane
Clearing the desk to start with small win… 55 more words


The Call: A Villanelle

I made a bad call today.

I couldn’t have made it another way.

What is there else to say?


Much like Little Jack Horner

I too was forced into a corner, 44 more words


I’m braking myself being here for you. Years later my fascination come back to you who I believe I titled here journal entry girl number two. 259 more words


Hell and God's Goodness

A horrific crime took place this past weekend: reportedly 33 men doped and raped a sixteen-years old girl in Brazil. It’s hard to imagine something more cruel and disgusting than this. 833 more words


Fluffy, Sparky & Acceptable Idolatry

I promise, I’m not intentionally trying to offend you, but I might.  I don’t really desire to agitate or irritate people but I do sometimes. 936 more words


HELL IS REAL, I WENT THERE: Testimony of Jennifer Perez

At the age of 15, Jennifer Perez experienced
an out-of-this world event that changed her life forever—she went to Heaven and Hell. Jennifer was raised in a Christian family, but like most Christian teenagers, she rebelled against her parents and “left the way of the Lord”. 3,297 more words


TAKEN TO HEAVEN & HELL - Testimony of Abraham George

In 2005, Abraham “Iply” George, a Yup’ik
Eskimo, of Manokotak, Alaska, was mortally injured in a terrible snowmobile accident and died on a life flight while enroute to an Anchorage hospital. 3,059 more words