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Quiet is Sometimes Better

I kept quiet.

“Aww he’s scared Roast.”

“So adorable. You are free game until you earn being out that category. Eat.”

I looked at the trainers. 1,094 more words



Having seen two of the relative newcomers take to the headline stage of their UK career, Sunday saw the return of a band who was no stranger to the likes of headline performances. 1,377 more words


There is nothing that keeps wicked men at any one moment out of hell, but the mere pleasure of God

Their foot shall slide in due time (Deut. Xxxii. 35).

The observation from the words that I would now insist upon is this. “There is nothing that keeps wicked men at any one moment out of hell, but the mere pleasure of God.” By the mere pleasure of God, I mean his sovereign pleasure, his arbitrary will, restrained by no obligation, hindered by no manner of difficulty, any more than if nothing else but God’s mere will had in the least degree, or in any respect whatsoever, any hand in the preservation of wicked men one moment. 229 more words


Speak the Truth

“You certainly spoke the truth!” – 4:18b NLT

John 4:15-18 NLT

Jesus makes a statement that leads to this woman speaking the truth about her situation. 137 more words

Bloody Red Shoes

You stood me at the Gates of Hell and said lock me in.

The Damned were wailing, your serpent tail coiled around me and black stigmata wept from your wrists and all I could do was stare at the rotten empty orchard of your heart. 1,286 more words


For God's sake give me the gospel! - A call for less effective preaching.

A meditation on 1 Corinthians 1

An old fisherman walks into a pub and he’s downcast. He’s been out on the lake all the previous night and not caught a single thing. 2,684 more words



Is This Hell? by Kori | Written 8/9/17

Not as bad as I thought,
just a bit warmer than usual.
I mock god in my head. 89 more words