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gnashing teeth bloodied
on a tapestry of innocent emotions
the essence of evil’s spawn oozing
in the cacophony of pins and needles
freezing the slipped-disc spinal column of dreams turned nightmares as eyes… 35 more words

Let Me Break This Down for You...

Let’s get you caught up, shall we?

A few weeks back, I imported all my work from my deleted blog over to this blog so you’d have some idea of what I was talking about with this “Catholic Conversion” stuff. 1,342 more words



It is reported that religious people live almost four years longer than others; owing to cost saving in Heaven perhaps.

You turn up at the Pearly Gates, 188 more words

General UK News

Fire & Brimstone, Part 2.

We have already seen the reality of the judgement of God, that separation from God and His goodness is real and therefore hell is real. But what does it mean to “go to hell”? 1,554 more words

Shrunk Sermons

Fire and Brimstone

Do we need to bring back hell-fire and brimstone? Preachers don’t seem to preach on hell as often these days, and for that some people are very grateful. 695 more words

Shrunk Sermons

Staring Into the Abyss - Revelation Chapter 9

Why have the pulpits stayed away from teaching…preaching from The Revelation to John?  We seem to hear about Heaven in messages, but Hell…not so much, if at all.  1,738 more words

God's Word