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The Collector.

I am of mercy i am of bliss

I am the collector of pain that you will surely not miss

The vanquisher of agony

The keeper of harmony… 176 more words


A Horror Story

Make no mistake about it, when God created THE EVERYTHING, the world was perfect; Adam and Eve were immaculate. Before the first sin, it was as close to heaven on earth as we can imagine. 386 more words

Oh, Hell I Guess...

Dante has his seven circles
Homer his Hades, Isaiah his Sheol,
Jesus a Gehenna of unquenchable fires,
Muhammad a threatening Jahannam,
and John a Lake of sulfuric Fire… 260 more words


Halfway In Hell (A Love Poem)

When I wanted to write a love song, this is what came out. Dedicated to my partner, Alex.

Also, this is a song on my next album. 145 more words


Hell and Separation

Psalm 139:7-8

David asks a most remarkable question,”Where can I hide from your Spirit/Presence?” The immediate assumption is why would David want to hide from his God? 506 more words


Only Those Who Receive Love Can Give Love

So a donut shop in Portland, Maine – The Holy Donut- decided to help needy people in their town this Christmas. That is a nice thing to do and is pretty typical of businesses this time of year. 644 more words


Martian Muslim

My skin is green.

My hair is red.

My eyes are sometimes blue, sometimes yellow, sometimes a deep brown.

I breathe fire.

Some would call me a Djinni or Jinn. 521 more words

The Star