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It is that silence that is most lovable

Higher than the body’s consciousness & higher than consciousness is the relaxation of consciousness. Those who love body must discover that they actually love consciousness and those who are in love with consciousness and to be in love with consciousness means to be in love with the mind. 388 more words


How to really love a human being?

Questioner: “Acharya Ji, if to love a human being, as Osho says, has become an utter hell, then whom to love?”

Acharya Prashant: If to love a human being, as Osho says, has become an utter hell then whom to love? 1,853 more words


Acts 2:38

God offers every person the same deal. He offers to take the penalty for your sins off of you and place them on Jesus.

All sin needs to be punished. 529 more words


George Carlin and the Luke 16 torment

This passage from Luke chapter 16 made me think of the famous atheist entertainer George Carlin. People who likewise hate the true and living God still revere this dead comedian, because Carlin became wealthy from his sarcastic, Christ-rejecting quotes which are widely spread across the Internet and other media.

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Secret Conversation

You are pure.

So, may your heart endure.

You are kindness,

Wrapped in the flesh.

So, may your rich devotion replenish

And refresh.

As for me, I desire gardens – 141 more words

Are people in hell repentant?

I’m currently teaching a Bible study on the parables of Jesus in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. A few weeks ago, we looked at the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus from… 562 more words

Am I the only one thinking this?

I hear so many stories from many people and I wonder if any of us really have pure intentions. Do any of us really do anything out of pure love and selflessness? 244 more words

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