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Religion in Daily Life, Part II: Hermes is KlepsiphrĂ´n, Athene is Apatouria

For Religion in Daily Life, Part I, see this post.

Building a kharis relationship with professional patron god(s) is an essential part of Hellenic practice. All professions have at least one deity. 1,405 more words


The Path Shall Continue

There is beauty in loss; a peace reserved for those that let go of the grief and cease clinging to something or someone no longer theirs.


The Gods Choose Us

I know what some of you might think when you read this post because I am thinking it too. Writing something really big about oneself during Mercury Retrograde doesn’t seem like it would be the best idea. 1,324 more words

Hellenic Polytheism


It is a warm, humid day. I listen to the soothing sound of silence as I walk along the path.

The breeze is damp, but cooler as I approach the altar, precious bundle in hand. 508 more words



You gave birth

To all that I am.

You breathed life

Into me.





You are the Birther,

and the Seed.

You gift me… 23 more words



Oh, send Your blessings,

Lord Plouton of Riches.

Bless me with the riches of the earth.

Bless me with the riches of love.

Bless me with the riches of joy. 23 more words


He Yearns

Your soft words,

Your cool touch,

The lust You inspire.

My precious gem,

My beloved jewel,

Who comes from beneath the earth.

How You press, 47 more words