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Hymn to Hestia Upon Lighting the Morning Fire

Hail Hestia,
Ancient Hearth Mother,
Goddess of the Spiritual Flame,
Come and dwell here—
make of our home your home,
make of our hearth your hearth, 106 more words


Face Claims of the Gods

So… face claims of the gods. I don’t think that I’ve ever put a whole lot of effort into thinking about what the gods look like – any of them – ever. 674 more words


All the Glorious Tale of His Own Begetting

This is enchanting in every way.

I know the musician in this video meant his performance to evoke scenes of King David, but as a Hellenist, it puts me in mind rather of a young god, golden curls shining, blithely at his tortoise shell—a new toy to bring the sacred joy of music into the world. 25 more words


The Plutonic Graces

My one beauty
my one pure thing,
I can’t heal you.
I can’t.

The fever’s in your girlish mind.

My hands fail me—
are clawed up by morning. 136 more words


Conversing with Gods: You Eat Ambrosia with that Mouth?

I sat at the head of the glass-topped coffee table in The House on Doheny—a common setting for meetings with Hermes. He sat on one of the gray couches in the living room behind me so I had to turn in my chair to see him. 399 more words


Understanding Zeus as God of Reason

Zeus is calling.

I have not had a lot of experience with Zeus. He has shown up in my dreams only once, though it was a pleasant experience. 1,155 more words

Hellenic Polytheism

Hellenic Polytheism and Religious Tattoos

On my tumblr I received a question about tattoos and this is what I found in response to that. Here is the question :

“I was wondering if there was any opinion when it comes to tattoos and the like? 459 more words

Hellenic Polytheism