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Diffusion, Mental Agalmata, and How People Change

The first time I had a sublime impression of diffusion, as in the intermingling of gas particulates, I was thinking about nascent stars and their effects on the interstellar medium as they excite and diffuse the gas around them from their winds. 1,306 more words


So here I am. 

Recently I began to undergo a spiritual upheaval. For five years I practiced Heathenry, primarily worshiping Freyja, Freyr and Thor.

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact time I began to feel a disconnect with the religion. 135 more words

Hellenic Polytheism

considering Switching Teams.

Part of me feel really guilty about this because Roman Polytheism JUST doesn’t get enough love. However, after a reading on the issue I’ve decided to come out with it: The Theoi are calling and it’s getting stronger every day. 399 more words


Anthesteria 2017

One of the things I want to bring to this blog is a candid image of what Hellenism is like for a career person. The polytheistic blogosphere is much like the rest of the Internet: Many people are experts at doing meaningful ritual and have deeply awesome connections to their gods that they can wax poetical about for years. 1,329 more words


Fun Hellenic Ritual Wear

Hey everyone! I just thought I’d share my ideas for ritual wear. These are for everyone, not just one gender, of course. I hope you like them! 106 more words


I'm Back!

My family got extremely close to finding my tumblr blog, so I made a new one. However, I feel like I need to focus my efforts here, with some peace of mind that the people on tumblr who send me hate cannot do so here. 123 more words


Coda: Blood Crimes, Purification Ceremonies, and the Eumenides

The first time I encountered an awkward situation talking about social justice, I was somewhere around 10, and we were watching Disney’s Peter Pan (1953). A girl from outside of the home was there on this fateful afternoon, connected to either me or to my siblings. 2,488 more words