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Maimakteria Rite

Honoring: Zeus Maimaktes, or Blustering Zeus
Date: Exact date unknown, presumably held during the month of Maimakterion (late November-early December)
Season: The beginning of winter… 646 more words


Greek Pagan Basics: Finding a Ritual Calendar

For a modern Hellenic polytheist, a ritual or festival calendar is, while not strictly a necessity, certainly very helpful. You can clearly honor the gods outside of festivals; for many if not most of us, that may be the majority of our religious experience. 1,658 more words

Greek Pagan Basics

Anti-Christianity within Hellenic polytheistic communities

Remember that little thing you were told when you were just starting out as a Pagan? We’re an accepting bunch, we won’t judge you because of who you are and how you worship. 990 more words


Greek Pagan Basics: Honoring the Dead

For a lot of modern pagans, this is the time of year when it is especially appropriate to honor the dead. The Irish Samhain, widely observed in the modern pagan community, the heathen Winter Nights, even the Christian All Souls Day and secular Halloween are reminders that the dead are still with us, albeit in their own way and (usually) in their own place. 481 more words

Hellenic Paganism

My Eiresione

Here is my wildly inexpertly-crafted eiresione, made from a fallen apple branch, wound with wool I spun (also inexpertly :)) last year, with small vials of wine, olive oil and honey tied onto it. 97 more words

Hellenic Paganism

Current Projects

I’ve decided to stop fiddling around with this whole “blog” thing, and simply get down to it. Life has been ever changing, what with the start of my first year in college and all, but really, that’s no excuse! 107 more words


The Medium - Ostraka

When I first looked at the Greek Alphabet Oracle, running through the various phrases and their meanings, my initial thought was, “This is too limiting. A lot of these are about agriculture.” But I was determined to explore it thoroughly, and it didn’t take me long to see that it wasn’t limiting at all, that the agricultural significance could be an excellent analogy for life. 388 more words