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Casual Devotion and Inexact Terminology

I was on Tumblr this morning and found an interesting thread about casual religionists. The original post seemed to be using casual as a synonym for atheistic or noncommittal polytheism in its first paragraph, but it’s possible that I misunderstood the person writing it. 890 more words


What the Cards Say


Today, Hestia gave me Temperance. Hecate gave me the Seven of Swords. Hermes gave me the Seven of Wands.

Hestia chose Temperance to show me that I should balance out my life. 260 more words


Some Links to Twitter and a Hymn Paraphrase to Hermes

You might know that I’m on Twitter, but there are a few things that I have microblogged there recently that I would like to highlight. 516 more words


Epithets of Zeus [Infographic]

Note: This is nowhere NEAR the true breadth of The Father’s epithets. I simply chose some of my favorites, the ones that have meant the most to me in coming to understand Zeus and my personal worship of Him. 34 more words

Hellenic Polytheism

Metageitnion; Part I

Hello lovelies, I hope your day has been abundant in blessings!

A new Gregorian month is here, the sun is shining strong on Lammas, and a new lunar month began mere days ago. 595 more words

Hellenic Polytheism

Blog Update

I’ve been so inspired by what I’ve been stalking reading in the blogosphere lately, I’ve decided to once again embrace the trials & tribulations of faith blogging. 551 more words

Hellenic Polytheism