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The Oracle Within

Socrates was put on trial for introducing new gods into the Athenian polis, and the new god he preached was the individual daemon of the inner self. 921 more words



Hello, dear readers!

Queenie here once again to clear up a bit of that new-witch confusion. To all you witches who are just starting your path and discovering yourself, here is a post dedicated solely to making sure we clear up a bit of that confusion by answering common questions asked by new witches. 626 more words


Hello, dear readers!

Throughout this blog, I will go by the name of Queenie. I hope that you will join me on this adventure throughout this blog as I bring to you witchcraft in the simplest form I can. 374 more words

Offerings in the City

I live in a city. Not only that, but I never learned how to drive. I have a massive phobia of cars and have to use breathing exercises whenever I am a passenger. 504 more words


Womanly Herakles

Sometimes, it’s the fourth day of the month
When the moon is still a pale sliver in the thumb
Of blue day sky, but it’s always Herakles who gets the incense… 507 more words


Prayer Beads for Apollon

This is a set of prayer beads that I made a long time ago to represent the Homeric Hymn to Pythian Apollon.

For the purposes of the count, I omitted the part where Apollon lays the foundations of his temple, beginning instead with the part I found most meaningful and relevant (at the time I planned out these beads) to the devotional practice of counting the beads: the establishment of the priesthood and oracle at Delphi. 354 more words


God Against the Gods: Still a Great Intro Read

I’ve made a new tag called “you are new!” that will collect a series of posts that are of special interest to new polytheists. The first thing I would like to highlight is the book  1,083 more words