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Take Me to the Mountains

Oh, Zeus.

I’ll be honest. I never felt close to you. You’re kind of intimidating, you know? As much as I love the wind and the rain and snow in my face I couldn’t seem to feel that kind connection with as I have with others. 442 more words

Before You Buy

A cloud of white vapor escapes my lips as I exhale, passing the hookah hose to my left. The three of us are all sitting on the same old, patterned couch. 1,127 more words

Happy Eumenideia 699.1!

Tonight, the Eumenideia begins, a holiday for the Eumenides.

While I wait for my rice cakes to steam for their offerings, I’m writing up a quick roundup of things about the Eumenideia, the Erinyes, and all things related. 79 more words


Essay: Why I am a Vegetarian

This is the second essay here on DD.

The moment I became a vegetarian was the moment I realized how gross it was. I was in the middle of eating a chicken drum when I realized what I was eating. 409 more words


Essay: Why I Changed My Religious Label

This is the first essay here on DD.

Words and labels are important to me. A lot of pagans I know and love hate labels and do anything to avoid talking about what words mean and what they don’t mean. 461 more words


Tweets from Anthesteria

Because I was somewhat serious when I said we needed to become effective hashtag users on social media.


B/t moving & life, I got a day behind on the lunar calendar & didn’t realize the…

208 more words

On Reading Plato

The first time I read Euthyphro, I downloaded the LibreVox audiobook, loaded it onto my old LG Touch, and went out on the trail near my mom’s house for a walk. 557 more words