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Festival of the Heroines

Today, August 22, the Attic deme Erchia (south of present Sparta) celebrated a festival in honor of the Heroines. Make time today to speak the names and make offerings to the heroines who are important to you, those from myth and legend, as well as those from history, that their memory will be eternal and their fame glorious. 28 more words

30 Days: An Introduction

Day 1: A Basic Introduction of Your Chosen Deity

Aphrodite is a golden smile.
She is the Lady of Laughter and the giggle that bubbles up out of my chest.

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Hellenic Polytheism

Libation to Hermes

Today, you are invited to join with people all around the world in making a libation to Hermes. In this way, whatever else we do to celebrate Hellenic occasions, we are united in doing the same action on the same day. 20 more words

Miasma (Pollution)

Pollution accumulates from everyday life, and this miasma can be washed away with basic purification rituals. This is a simple concept to grasp so I won’t go into that. 201 more words


DRS - Phoibos

Phoibos, even the swan wings a high song to you as it alights on the riverbank of the swirling Peneios. The sweet-sounding bard, with lyre pitched high and clear, always sings of you first and last. 53 more words


Asklepios Novena Book Available — Gangleri's Grove

The novena booklet for Asklepios, “To Rejuvenate and Nourish: Nine Days of Prayer to Asklepios, God of Healing” is now available at createspace here. I’m really pleased with this one, folks.

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