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Review: Parker's Greek Gods Abroad

This is a short book review, as I’m (a) still a bit under the weather; (b) in the throes of the fall semester; (c) writing a scholarly bibliometrics paper on some physicists, which is really fun and takes up a lot of time in Oct-Nov every year; and (d) in the middle of writing short stories, epics, and the like. 1,154 more words


Some Reflections on Being Second-Gen Pagan/Polytheist

On the Noumenia, I started a journaling project. While I prayed to Apollon for inspiration before I touched nib to page, the core goal of the journaling project has not been religious devotion. 3,111 more words


Sunday Image: An Offering to the Mousai

This week, I offered an agalma to the Mousai, which I found on Etsy. I really love it — the artistry reminds me of my childhood because it’s in a similar style to  79 more words


Social Media and Mental Miasma

Snapchat was a #HellNo from the get-go to me.

I haven’t made a post about minimalism in a while, and this blog primarily treats it where it intersects with Hellenism. 1,156 more words


To the Erinyes on 5 Puanepsion 699.1

I wrote this poem last week, but wanted to petition the Erinyes with it this morning because it is their sacred day.

Hail to the goddesses with snakes in their hair, companions of Persephone who speak for countless souls. 396 more words


Are you in Connecticut?

During a prior post, I said that I was going to at least attempt to create local community over the next two years. The online world is great, but if we’re going to have temples and community centers by the time I’m 70, we’ll need to get off of the Internet. 332 more words


The Natural World, the Gods, and Ethics

I thought hard this morning about what my response has been to prior natural disasters, so I went back to the Old KALLISTI to see what I said there. 1,600 more words