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Current Projects

I’ve decided to stop fiddling around with this whole “blog” thing, and simply get down to it. Life has been ever changing, what with the start of my first year in college and all, but really, that’s no excuse! 107 more words


The Medium - Ostraka

When I first looked at the Greek Alphabet Oracle, running through the various phrases and their meanings, my initial thought was, “This is too limiting. A lot of these are about agriculture.” But I was determined to explore it thoroughly, and it didn’t take me long to see that it wasn’t limiting at all, that the agricultural significance could be an excellent analogy for life. 388 more words


Explanation and Disclaimers: The Boring Part

I was looking for an image of the “plain Greek” tablet from which Heinvetter worked, but could not find one anywhere. I’m sure it must be in a museum somewhere, but perhaps I’m not searching with the correct terms. 337 more words


Yearly Update (Or, the Vacancy Sign)

So I had a really long post written for this update, and finally, I intentionally deleted it all. This is a bit of a yearly religious update, if we’re calling Wep Ronpet the new year (we are). 631 more words


Lifting the Aged Veil

And the boy is more beautiful than
she expected—
the old god more beautiful than
she wanted him to be.
Unworldly, unlined, glassy almost
sinister for the symmetry of… 40 more words


Hermes: "Will You Have Me Young?"

Poking around the Internet yesterday, I came across this photo and haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Usually, Hermes presents himself to me as somewhere in his mid-40’s. 259 more words