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Oaths and Hellenic Polytheism

Here’s my short essay on oaths. If you find anything that needs correcting please contact me.

Oaths Defined

An oath for the purposes of this essay is defined as a statement of fact sworn upon, ‘the head of Zeus’ or upon the River Styx*. 1,193 more words

Hellenic Polytheism

Theos: Boxed

Roll up your sleeves
my golden god
these clavicles ache
for the cracking.

Your bare knuckles scrape
but are not scraped.

My blood spatters.
You stay freshly washed. 17 more words


Steakhouse Hermes

Go with me on this: Hermes stole Apollon’s cattle, then we steal Hermes’ stolen cattle to eat steak. Since Hermes doesn’t have any cattle except Apollon’s stolen cattle, then we are also guilty of stealing Apollon’s cattle, as Hermes will have to steal more of Apollon’s cattle to replace the ones we ate. 9 more words


Zeus vs. Thor

Thor to Zeus: “Your crew is like the Clash of the Douches.” I almost fell out of my tree laughing. I adore my gods but, well, ain’t it the truth though?



Honoring Helios: Summer Solstice Bardic Circle

I’m headed to a multi-tradition bardic circle tomorrow.  Bardic really isn’t my thing, maybe it has something to do with how the fibromyalgia has messed with my processing language as I speak.   533 more words


GodMail from Hermes: Suspect Morality

Just because gods are more powerful than humans in many ways, (but not all), do not assume this greater power automatically equates to a higher morality, because I assure you it does not. 268 more words