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Movable Faith

While it is true that the variations of ancient Greek religion and its practice were in many ways each unique to its era, culture, and region it is also true that that religion could change when one of those factors changed. 638 more words

Hellenic Paganism

Calendar Guilt

Hellenic Calendar. More like 6 concentric circles, half finished color coding, and crying.

This may be a dramatic text message, but it’s more than fair for how I feel in relation to a calendar of modern Hellenic worship.

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Hellenic Polytheism

Highway to Hellas

Surprisingly, I’ve never really delved into Hellenic polytheism until recently.

It’s surprising because it was reading books on Greek Mythology as a kid that first really turned me on to polytheism. 221 more words

When the moon shone, Artemis was present, and the beasts and plants would dance.

-Carl Kerenyi



My god winks when the light catches Him, like silver, like steel. The white of His smile my only guide as I chase Him through the shadows, blind, reaching out to catch Him in the blackness. 195 more words

Hellenic Polytheism

Betwixt and Between

As March draws to a close and gives way to April, the Autumn air grows crisper. Frost has started appearing on the cars and clouds hover about ominously as I decide whether or not to take a jacket to work. 586 more words

Roses and Rituals: Spring Equinox with the Fellowship

This past weekend, I made my way down to Maryland, to celebrate the Spring Equinox with members of the Fellowship Beyond the Star. The Fellowship is a wonderful initiative, powered by two of my good friends, … 843 more words