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Praise of Imouthes-Asclepius: an ancient text

Today’s post is meant to be a tribute to our God Asclepius and an attempt to help a long-lost brother fulfil his promise. A brother who I’ve never personally met and who died thousands of years ago but his voice survived in the exact manner he predicted: through his writings. 1,720 more words

Hellenic Polytheism

Old Hollywood Hermes

Rogue of Rogues, apt to literally smooth-talk the pants right off you, Clark Gable is a perfect type for Hermes.



Old Hollywood Athena

Strong as steel, razor sharp intelligence, cultured, unflappable, Katharine Hepburn is a perfect type for Athena.



Hero worship

The practice of hero worship is not something that has spread widely among the modern Hellenic polytheist community, and this is not surprising.

You occasionally see the honoring of “epic heroes” such as Achilles and Odysseus. 522 more words

Hellenic Paganism

"Godspouses" part I: Why they made me change my views on "cultural appropriation"

My first plan was to make one single post that contains everything I have to say on the subject. After I reached five thousand words and read back on what I had already written, I decided that it was too abrasive and hostile. 2,748 more words


Hair and hair-binding in pre-Classical Greece

I’ve been doing a lot of research on hair-binding lately, as a way of exploring and strengthening my commitment. After discussing the subject with a few other Hellenic polytheists, I have decided to share the product of my study with you all! 77 more words


A more extensive take on Humanistic Paganism

Despite  having already dealt with this subject here and here, I don’t think I’ve been as extensive and thorough with it as I needed to be. 7,882 more words