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our lies our promises (for Hermes)

he comes in
a slow burn:
each drip of honey
down the inside of
my skull

the wings are
on his feet… 163 more words


Hermes Dotor Eaon

Since Thursday April 30 was my final day of exams for university, and I graduated that Saturday, I decided Thursday was finally time to hold a thanksgiving ritual for Hermes. 748 more words


Hellenic Subpantheons

  We are all pretty aware of what a Pantheon is, but I figured some might not know about some of the major subpantheons and so here are some of them. 274 more words

Hellenic Polytheism

Building kharis

One of my favourite things about Hellenismos is the concept of kharis. Kharis, in Ancient Greek, can be translated as joy, grace, and kindness. To me, it’s when your inner happiness is so radiant that it bubbles out and touches others – after all, aren’t the most contented people often the most generous? 539 more words


Rekindling the Fire in our New Home

So, Thom and I closed on our house this week.  First time homeowners, yeah!  It’s a been a crazy ride, and we’re so happy and excited.   594 more words


Thank Hermes I'm alive

It’s taken me several days to get around to writing this post. In doing so, I don’t mean to draw attention to myself, but as a devotee of the Gods, and the author of a blog dedicated to them, I felt the need to share my thanks. 568 more words


Looking at Experiences in a New Light

Throughout my life, I have explored and experimented with my spirituality and religious beliefs. I like to see that as positive, but I have always felt envious of those who could have steadfast faith. 239 more words

Hellenic Polytheism