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The Chthonic Hermes Card

It just occurred to me that I never posted the picture of this card, the Chthonic Hermes card, from the “Circus Freaks” deck I received last Christmas, (not sure how I feel about the title of the deck). 335 more words


On Hekate: On Attitude

As pop-ish as I realize this picture is, it’s the attitude that is most accurate—in fact, spot-on accurate. Hekate was, in my dream, as far as it is possible to get from the common fluffy assumptions about her. 230 more words


Do the Hermes Slink

Because slinky music is, by nature, Hermes music. There is none slinkier—none with quite the swagger, smooth as a twisted tendril of rising smoke.



Noumenia (New Moon Ritual Honoring Apollon)

(adapted from ritual found on Neokoroi.com)

-wash face and hands-


O Athanatoi, (Deathless Ones) Gods of Starry Heaven, broad Earth, and the Great Below. 778 more words


What do Hellenic polytheists believe, anyway?

If I asked you what Hellenic polytheists believe, what would you reply?

“Well, duh. You believe in Zeus and the other Greek Gods.”

Yes. Zeus, Apollon, Aphrodite, Athena, Hercules, Homer and the Iliad, Plato, Socrates – all those are part of the mythological and cultural background of our religion. 573 more words


Teogamia 2015

Para la celebración de la Teogamia, utilicé parte del ritual construido por el grupo Elaion, y sustituí el vino, que no tengo, por aceite de oliva. 28 more words

Hellenic Polytheism

Lover of War

She fell in love with War
and forgot her own religion,
her virtues laid bare
in a soldier’s tent
while offerings of hope
for her practical wedding… 8 more words