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My mother, deathless Rhea,

must have loved me best;

why else endure the devouring of three daughters

and two sons

before finally deciding “Enough!”

Why not act sooner? 511 more words


Ethics 1

1) Find and provide an appropriate definition, discuss your understanding, and provide illustrative examples for each of the following seven terms: morals, values, personal bias, professional boundaries, confidentiality, right and wrong (100 words each minimum, not including definitions) 5,343 more words

Clergy Training Program Essays

General Bardic Studies for Liturgists

General Bardic Studies for Liturgists

1) Write two poems of at least 16 lines each appropriate for performance at a High Day ritual. One poem may be in free-verse form, but one must employ some form of meter and/or rhyme. 5,188 more words

Clergy Training Program Essays

Craic, Colloquy, and Poison (PantheaCon)

It looks like I can only muster a brief note on this year’s PantheaCon, perhaps there will be more later, perhaps not.

Really, I’ve had more trouble than usual in trying to wrap my thoughts into words about the 2015 PantheaCon. 441 more words


Habbalah Reads: The Book of Gods and Goddesses

I have an awesome haul post coming up for you guys, but I haven’t had time to take pictures.  So instead, I have for you what this blog was mostly supposed to be about: a review on a book about spirituality. 334 more words