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Not Yesterday

I ended up not making any offerings to the Gods yesterday or making any attempts to contact them. There are a few reasons for not doing so. 364 more words

The Chaotic Witch

A Question of Pantheons

There are days when I don’t know exactly what I want to do with my faith. I’m drawn to so many deities. At one time, back when I was a “baby Wiccan”, I worshipped Ceridwen & Cernunnos of the Celtic Gods. 359 more words

The Chaotic Witch

Hellentic Polytheist.

So I have always been fascinated with ancient history. Particularly with Ancient Greece. It’s not that I loved the myths associated with it. It was the 12 Olympian Gods that I felt a connection to. 889 more words

New Pocket Devotional for Dionysos

Now available – Sacramentum: A Devotional for Dionysos. A pocket-sized book containing prayers, poems and essays.

Lycean Olympos,Turkey. True city of the Gods?

While Hittites lived inland and had no iron, the sea trading ports of Lycea grew. Cities populated by thousands living on trade off the agriculture bounty from the hinterland. 1,013 more words

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Noumenia for April

GFDI it is April, not March. I am terrible at this tonight. My brain is overtired, and I need to go to bed soon. Anyway. Noumenia is done. 252 more words

Shrine Kit - Greek God Poseidon - Sea Chest, Artwork, Prayer Beads - Gold and Blue

Artwork, beads, and chest for Poseidon

The kit laid out, sans beads.

The chest, in all its glory.

The Gates of Poseidon.

Beads made from turquoise, sodalite, and black onyx, with a dolphin charm. 300 more words