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As Divination begins...

Apollo Mantikos, Prophetic One,
I seek to know of omens.
Let your truth be told through me.

Apollo Aphetor, Oracle Giver,
I seek to know of gifts. 21 more words


The Palo Diadem

Here is the so-called “Palo diadem” a golden diadem manufactured by Greek goldsmiths who worked in Taranto in southern Italy (in Apulia–Italy’s “bootheel”) in the 3rd century BC.  218 more words


Orphismos and Hellenismos

Hellenismos refers to the native religions of Ancient Greece, whereas the term Hellenism refers to a love of or study of anything Greek.  Orphism is a mystical tradition or traditions within Hellenismos, based on the teachings of Orpheus, the famous musician who was said to have calmed wild beasts with his music, even lulling Cerberus the guardian of Hades, and charming stern Queen Persephone and mighty Plouton, the Goddess and God of the Underworld.   1,249 more words

Mini-review: The Serpent Seal @ Metal Bandcamp

Andy Osborn wrote a little something for the Greek black metal scene and mentioned our latest EP too. It goes like this:

A band who has mastered the art of short releases, Lord Impaler have been going strong for 15 years yet only have one full-length under their bullet belts. 62 more words



I love Herakleitos. Here are some quotes.*

Fragment 5: Our understanding of the greatest matters will never be complete.

57: Many people learn nothing from what they see and experience, nor do they understand what they hear explained, but imagine that they have. 88 more words