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weekly “the ancient world was fucking wild” post: in athenian courts one could sue over slander by people testifying at trial (something american and british legal systems obviously don’t allow, since, like. 172 more words


also good: that time the athenian democracy decided it was imperative to continue expending people and resources on gaining control of syracuse (for no real reason other than “if we’re supposed to be a powerful empire then we gotta KEEP CONQUERIN, right”) at the same time that sparta was invading attica and had in fact established a fortification at decelea… 130 more words


ancient history remains an absolute riot every single time, the reason athens lost the hellespont (the channel connecting the mediterranean to the sea of marmara, which in turn connects to the black sea via the bosphorus) to sparta is SO DUMB… 175 more words


5th century athenians: fuck, macedon is REALLY INVADING

5th century athenians: better start setting things on fire in the marketplace so we can convene the boulé to figure out what to do because there’s no way other than smoke to get people to show up from the countryside,


today i was presented the evidence as to why the trojan war never happened which is exactly the kind of meaningless ancient history i’m here for… 388 more words


Two Gay Witches- Kay's Introduction

Greetings! My name is Kay and I am one of the creators of JayKayWitchcraft. I’ve been practicing the craft for over a year now. My personal practice wraps mostly around weather, music, and green. 304 more words



Finally, here is part two of our ongoing book purging process, to raise money for medical expenses. A LOT of these are of special interest to polytheists, heathens, Hellenic pagans, witches, etc., and a few are out of print. 568 more words