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Fire and Diamonds. (Jean Grey #8 Comic Review)

Jean heard the voice in her head. The nonstop pounding of someone desperate to be heard. That voice was in fact the long dead version of her older self.

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Hellions: RETCON Announcement

Hey, all! Yes, you read the title correctly: Hellions is receiving a retcon. Actually, it’s more like a complete re-formatting. I know that some of you are already plotting terrible, terrible violence against me. 344 more words


Hellions (2015) by Bruce McDonald follows the story of Dora, a teenager who find out she’s pregnant on Halloween. When she’s left all alone to give out candy, a pack of scary trick-or-treaters wants more than just sweets, namely her unborn baby. 119 more words

Movie Review

I Don't Want To Babysit Your Brats

Every average neighborhood seems to have those neighbors. You know what I mean. Trashy neighbors. They keep every holiday decor out year round, trash piles up on the front yard, and maybe they park multiple cars on their lawn as well. 1,031 more words

Mom Life


You can’t be skipping class to mess around with whatshisface?

Year Released : 2015

Director : Pascal Trottier

Cast : Chloe Rose, Rossif Sutherland, Robert Patrick, Emir Hirad Mokhtarieh, Adelaide Humphreys and Joe Silvaggio… 588 more words

Film Review

Hellions, Part 2

Original Story by Ronin Writing.

Genre: Action, Dark Humor

Rating: Extremely Mature

Read Part 1 here.

Hellions, Part 2

Dick Dantero popped a cigarette into his dry lips and crumpled the empty pack in one meaty hand. 1,440 more words

You Me At Six

Columbus, Hellions, & You Me At Six @ Eatons Hill 22.09.17

Review by: Gabby Savva

Photography by: Dana Hope

I always get these silly ideas of how perfect a night will go when I get ready to leave my house, regardless of the situation and tonight I didn’t imagine having to walk into a venue resembling a drowned rat but yet here we are. 1,060 more words