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not that kind of girl-lena dunham (part three)

“After all, desire is the enemy of contentment.” (143)

“We make up a few days later when, at a brunch potluck, I realize that I do, in fact, hate everybody. 262 more words

Like_minded Folks

confessions of an economic hit man-john perkins

“If any of my professors knew this, they had not admitted it-probably because big corporations, and the men who run them, fund colleges. Exposing the truth would undoubtably cost those professors their jobs-just as such revelations would cost me mine.” (32) 563 more words

Better Than Magazines

spotted this metrotextual (almost) week

-7.5 corgis

-a lady with a giant cart filled with churros on the a train

little lindsay for brunch at bareburger in astoria (is this what hanging out with TO people has come to?!) 148 more words


Soaking Up A Month of Music from Seattle to Manhattan

Oh what a month it has been to enjoy live music from coast to coast and I’ve enjoyed every moment with every artist. From Elvis Costello to Allen Stone to Griffin House to Hello Brooklyn to the Beatles cover band in the subway, we have been lucky enough to partake of their musical stylings. 716 more words


red hook'd*

on the way back from picking up our car for the weekend, hobo ken, we went to the red hook ikea, and i will now recommend this to anyone coming to new york who wants to see the statue of liberty. 243 more words


library tour-do or die

“please don’t die”

i have to get a driver’s license at some point, but i must acknowledge all the places my feet have gotten me in my better part of four decades. 404 more words


blue caprice-dir. alexandre moors

“i brought you here, gave you all this…”

“is that when he has relations with that young boy?”

i don’t know what gave my man this impression, but he moved it up in his netflix queue anyway so we could watch it together, and after an unsuccessful trip to jamaica for… 390 more words