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“let’s combine auras (auras)”

i had that conversation about being too old to connect with hip hop last week, with someone older than me who was having a hard time seeing it for… 167 more words

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unguarded-lenny wilkens with terry pluto (part too)

“I’m proud of the fact that when I came to new jobs in Cleveland, Atlanta and Seattle (both times), my teams either set or tied franchise records for the most victories in a season. 440 more words

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unguarded-my forty years surviving in the nba-lenny wilkens with terry pluto

“So I was traded to the worst team in the NBA that played in the worst arena with perhaps the worst fan support. I had a choice: I could pout and perhaps try to force a trade. 522 more words

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past and pre/sent: hashtag, mood.

(prove it).

“first and foremost, yo-know your place fam”

during one of our last closing shifts together, i actually thought that jerico actually brought some brownstone to the table, and it wasn’t that long after we were bumpin’ … 90 more words

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i don't care about your band (part won)-julie klausner

“Your twenties are the worst part of your life that you don’t actually know at the time is terrible. Being a teenager sucks too, but you’re aware of every last second of it. 595 more words

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the book of luke (part won)-luther campbell

“The history of black Miami is unique, different from any other major city in the South. There was no slavery here. Some landowners had tried to bring it down, before the Civil War, but the swampland was so brutal that for a long time every attempt to settle the area failed. 503 more words

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