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sleepless in ny (dir. christian frei)/cake (dir. patrick tobin)

“that’s the thing about love-the person who cares less, wins”

it turns out that the only thing messier than trying to eat a burrito on the streetcar is crying while eating a burrito on a streetcar. 306 more words

Wacktose Intolerant

liquidating lovers

always a fan of packing light, i decided that i didn’t need to bring my now very old and out of date NYC guidebook back across the border, so i tore out my favourite mementos and left it on the… 338 more words


journal throwback #1

from a list compiled on november 21, 2007, “100 things that make me special and unique”:

#4 i read poles

#26 i am surrounded by hot women so i must be doing something right… 215 more words


power-the first season

i don’t think i’ve ever missed a show. not in the way that i miss a book after i can’t read it fast enough ( 204 more words

Better Than Magazines

....we on it

“but with you as my daydream, i never want to leave”

i had the brilliant idea to wake up at 6am to get the sprints in (since sprinting clothes and underwear was all i packed), but i could not be moved until 11am. 669 more words

Like_minded Folks

the whispers' 50th anniversary tour feat. stephanie mills

“i told you i’m a hot tamale”

i’ve never been so great-full to will.i.am. had he not taken a sample from “something in the way you make me feel” for my favourite hip hop love songs in 1997, i never woulda known who… 670 more words

Like_minded Folks

the four agreements-don miguel ruiz

“Action is about living fully. Inaction is the way that we deny life. Inaction is sitting in front of the television every day for years because you are afraid to be alive and to take the risk of expressing what you are.” (82) 564 more words

Like_minded Folks