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Assembly Program Of Print a String

Data segment;
  msg db 'hello world','$';
  Data ends;

  Code segment;
  assume cs : Code, ds : Data;
        mov ax, Data;
        mov ds, ax;

        mov ah, 09h;
        mov dx, offset msg;

        int 21h;

        mov ah, 4ch;
        mov al, 00h;

        int 21h;
  Code ends
  end start;


It’s just hard to deal with right now.

Hello world

It’s time I had a place to write what I think, off the clock, so I’m making one. The topic is whatever’s interesting or on my mind, that I want to say out loud, but wouldn’t say to a random stranger. 60 more words

Hello World

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Welcome to my gaming blog

I’m pretty new to blogging, but I”m not new to view games! I’ve been playing video games for almost 30 years.

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