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Capre diem...

This has been something I’ve been mulling over for awhile, I’m that sort of person that always second guesses everything I do. So in an attempt to get out off my comfort zone I decided to embrace the ideals of capre diem, and dive right on in… 118 more words


Hello :3

Hello :). This is the first blog that I’ve ever made or managed. So, to start it off. I’d like to introduce myself :). I am a 16yr old girl whose about to enter college and this blog is basically, about any random thing that I’ve done or thought of while in college. 111 more words


Dont forget I have an instagram account, and there i will be posting a lot of pictures of me, Dia and King Aslan :)  And I post more pictures there than I do on the blog! Follow me at @Sunnygsd ♥

German Sheperd

Day 26 [Friday, 3rd July]: Mr Tulk

The end of another working week has arrived and I visited Mr Tulk for a morning brew.

Mr Tulk has an old world charm with its vintage exterior, which is met with a modern funky interior. 48 more words


I'm Jacki, Nice to Meet You

Hello all. My name is Jacki and I’m from the South, Texas specifically. I am a Mormon and attend BYU in Provo, UT… a loooong way from home! 70 more words



Hello! My name is Abi. Welcome to my blog!