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Rakesh on the Rocks - Scaling Fischer's Tower

I flung my right hand as far out as I could. My fingers opened out searching…desperately looking for somewhere to grip. A crack maybe, or a tight space between these smooth rocks. 1,459 more words


Running...Jogging start

Kenya Pt. 2
My first day of work at New Beginnings! The day started with a typical Kenyan breakfast of toast and tea (barely counts as enough for me) before waiting for the guy assigned to take me to the school. 1,468 more words


Hell's Gate

Biking. With ZEBRAS, GIRAFFES, PUMBAS, ANTELOPE, OH MY! I will let these pictures speak for themselves. 100% real life and still pinching myself to realize it wasn’t a dream.  113 more words


Climb BlueSky

Adrenaline junkies rejoice!  There is finally a rock climbing facility in Kenya that will challenge even the most skilled climber.

Climb BlueSky is East Africa’s first indoor rock climbing gym. 94 more words


Legends in the Rocks

Myths and legends are such an inviting way to learn about the landscape. It may not always been scientific, but that doesn’t have to matter. Often of great cultural significance, the story remains with us. 327 more words


Volcanic Cities

Have you ever had the chance to see a volcano erupt? From a safe distance of course! A few years ago, I was catching a taxi just before sunrise to Guatemala’s international airport, when I was surprised to see red lava flows burning brightly in the distance, intensified by the darkness of the sky. 455 more words

Hells Gate National Park

Geothermal Delights

How much further can we maximize the potential for geothermal energy?  There are challenges – geothermal energy is extremely localized and not always easy to harness. 556 more words

Hells Gate National Park