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The Jessica Jones Running Journal

Like a lot of people who walk in same media circles as I do, I watched all of Jessica Jones over the last week. Just like I did with… 872 more words


'Jessica Jones' Review: Noir under a Superhero Alias

“The big green guy,” “the flag guy”; Earth’s mightiest heroes are casually dismissed by Jessica and her colleagues like bums on the street. This apathy suits the world of… 930 more words


I LMFAO last night

Last night I happened to be in Hell’s Kitchen for the first time in 6 months. I went for a birthday for someone I don’t even like. 551 more words

1st Annual - Toy Swap

1st Annual Kid Swap Park Clinton 2015

1st Annual

Park Clinton Kid’s Stuff Swap

Where: 535 West 52nd Street, Backyard

When: Saturday, December 5th, 2015… 42 more words


Residents Want To Join The Mercedes Club?

Mercedes Club

Hello friends! I’ve reached out to the Mercedes Club about a group discount for our building residents, the information is below. Please contact me if you are interested. 109 more words


Jessica Jones

Hell’s Kitchen, New York, a camera reveals images of decadent infidelity.  Jessica Jones, a freelance private investigator, stalks a perp for her client, Jeryn Hogarth. 547 more words


Jessica Jones-A-Thon: AKA 99 Friends

Tonally, Marvel’s Jessica Jones is heavier than Marvel’s Daredevil, but that being said, it’s somehow more watchable.  I can easily see myself re-watching this relatively soon, while I am just getting to the point that I want to see the devil of Hell’s Kitchen’s first season again. 88 more words