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"You Can't Go Home Again" . . . (but we always try)

The holiday season is upon us. My knee jerk reaction to the first jarring jangle of a Christmas carol is always a groan, usually while running an errand in a dollar store, buying toilet paper or hydrogen peroxide. 650 more words

Art Student Memoir

A Post-TG Treat: Compostables

Sometimes compost awareness goes out the window with holidays. Under pressure to prepare lots of food, people forget to separate organic scraps and toss them in the garbage can or visiting cooking helpers might be confused about what to do and discard it all. 312 more words

Marlon Craft - Live From Hell's Kitchen [Ep. 3]

It’s apparent the dude’s hungry to make it in the game, and his raps speak volumes.

Ever since featuring Marlon on Working last month, there’s no lag in progress and the lyricism’s on point. 9 more words


"Hell's Kitchen" 11/18/16

TC #8: They cooked dishes that might make the menu for the special Dinner Service as part of the International Ballroom Invitational.
GJ: Jonathan Roberts & Michelle Johnston (she’s a dancer in “A Chorus Line”) 28 more words

"Hell's Kitchen"

The Russo-Souhan Show 75 - Russo's Mom, Dawn Mitchell, and angst


At Hell’s Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis, Russo barely pays attention to his own show, which is a shame because it was pretty, pretty, pretty good. Via Twillmn.com, Crown-Bank.com and MNSPN.com.

Jim Souhan

NYC in 24 Hours: Audio and Visuals

This weekend I spent 24 hours in the bustling heart of New York City. My friends and I took the bus each way, roamed through the streets, went to “bottomless brunch” at Hell’s Kitchen which included the performance of two Drag Queens, made some friends, and somehow made it back to the bus stop before heading to Boston. 15 more words